Issue #11: 5 Ways to Push Past Procrastination

procrastination Nov 13, 2018

I Know All You Want to Do is Kick Your Feet Up After a Long Day. I know you’re busy building your super empire and managing your busy life...and sometimes things fall by the way wayside and you forgot to book your Free Kickass Discovery Session to chat...that's why I created this article on procrastination.

If you find yourself thinking the same thing below as one of my amazing Wilder Tribe members...You'll want to Holla at your girl pretty

"I want help with procrastination so I can Build an empire through my own business. I want to empower other women to live their life to the fullest." Juju Rafii

If this sounds like you...keep on reading Luv

How many times have you created a ton of to-do lists, only to NEVER follow-thru with everything on your list?

And you know what I'm talking about...that huge business list that has 100 items consisting of everything your clients need and want that you really enjoy giving, but just never have time to do...

Why is that?

It's because you get busy with scheduling, emailing, creating social media posts, networkng events, designing programs, invoicing, livestreaming, the one client you adore but demands too much attention and everything else that goes along with being a stellar entrepreneur.

Then BAM...Life Happens Right?

The kids soccer game, your spouses work thingy, the pets unexpected doctor appointment, and everything in between that pops up and detours you from completing your list.

And, Then What Happens?

You don't finish your list, and you see your Fab idea on another entrepreneurs Facebook or Instagram Page or the person you thought would be your client is working with someone else (sad face) and you're like...

WHAAATTT the Freak just happened??!

So, then you're left to sulk in your tears as they fall inside a glass of your favorite adult beverage.

All of those disruptions I just listed are what I refer to as procrastination variables. They are in and of themselves important, but when they distract you from your appointed tasks at a specific time...they then become items that distract you from completing your Kickass goal.

I'm not saying all variables are bad either i.e. going into labor while at work, a death occurs while at work, surprise birthday celebration, etc. You simple get the joy of placing them into an urgency matrix to help you segment the priority of the variables.

Trust me- I've totally been there Luv.

And this is why I'm writing this article for you. I know it feels freak-n bananas when you want to take over the world, but you can't even take over your own to-do

But, I'm here to ease your mind and let you know this is not the end of the world!

You are not alone! There's a billion other entrepreneurs and authors out there that are struggling with the same issue. And the best part is...I have the perfect easy tips BELOW to help you push past your procrastination!

It all boils down to having structure which helps keep you laser focused and not back sliding to your old ways of, "I'll get to it later" (because, let's be honest... you never will!)

Tip #1: Hire Your Wilder Tribe

Ask any successful entrepreneur whether they are authors, fitness experts, chefs, artists, authors, etc...ask them how they were able to successfully scale their business and I guarantee you- all of them will all say something similar to- "I couldn't have done it alone" or "I couldn't have done it without my Team".

Pay close attention Superstar! There is absolutely no way you will become a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur without having a Wilder Tribe (Team). Regardless of how much passion and commitment you want to provide the world with your amazing product, program or service- you can't do it all by yourself.

Lucky for you, I happen to know a badass Certified Business Strategist and Virtual Assistant- just

You and I are human beings and as such; we get easily distracted. Even when the things distracting you are serious items on your to-do list. You need someone to help you with accountability and hold you accountable (trust me these are 2 different things).

As a minimum, hiring a Certified Business Coach (like yours truly) or a Virtual Assistant such as my badass Virtual Assistant Sandi, will help keep you laser focused, organized, consistently moving forward, motivated and inspired to Kicakss! Outsourcing your list with a Team member will help tremendously when it comes to creating social media posts, following up with clients, creating more effective strategies, etc. - this will help you to Attain Your Wilder Success and reach your goal-FASTER!!

And I don't know about you but, I can always use a bit of motivation and more success as I'm building my 7 Figure Business. Once you hire your Team, you'll start to see more time to be creative, with your family and doing what you love- living your best life!

Think about it...Even Oprah has a Team!

Tip #2: Do The Work

OK Superstar! No matter how awesome Sandi and I are...we can't drive to your house and make you do the work that will lead to your success. So you will WANT TO take responsibility for your own success- put on your Big Boy and Big Girl Panties and Do the Work!

Start each day in your perfect office environment- this will determine the success of your day significantly. Create a calming, peaceful, clean and supportive office environment full of inspiration and motivation from your favorite motivators. Watch the livestream 2 Ways to Manage Time and Productivity to find out about the tools you might need in a successful office environment. For me, it's having windows in front of my desk as I look at nature and my vision board so I'm constantly reminded WHY I'm creating and committed to my dream/passion/purpose.

The easiest way to do this is scheduling your day (including your personal time) to make time to do the work. I always remind my clients that YOUR day is not the same as any other entrepreneur/author.

So, don't let someone tell you that your day HAS to begin at 7 am, 9 am, etc. Your day starts when you feel most productive- that could be 12 pm, 2 pm, etc.

Whatever works best for you.

But, I will highly encourage for you to take your time -seriously! Treat your time as one of the most precious slots on the planet (100 complete attention!)

Check out my livestream- 2 Ways to Manage Time and Productivity to learn more about scheduling and my "Chop, Block & Tackle" method to help you organize your day to help you STOP procrastinating.

Or you can Book a Free Kickass Discovery Session with me so we can chat about additional ways to help you get laser focused with a process that will help you push past your procrastination.

Tip #3: Get in Your ME Time

Here's a little secret- My Business Success Starts with a ME Time Routine.

[1] Spiritual: Give Thanks to God for another day of allowing me to serve my ideal audience with the talents and gifts he's blessed me with

[2] Physical: Get Moving by walking or doing exercise to build my energy level so I can give the most energetic motivation possible to my Wilder Tribe

[3] Mental: Stimulate My Mind by practicing meditation, mantras, reading inspirational quotes, books to place my mindset into a positive vibe so when my clients come to me frustrated- I can uplift them with words of wisdom

[4] Emotional: Prepare My Vibe by listening to high energy music that makes we want to "Wonder Woman" the world and inspire my clients to Live their Best Life

Your ME Time Activities can be as diverse as you are i.e. riding roller-coasters, dancing, writing, taking walks, going to a book store, meditating at a yoga studio, etc. The point is that the activity refreshes and re-energizes your mind, body, soul and creativity which helps your procrastination blocks.

The Key to a successful business is having a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur Mindset which is built during your ME Time.

* Everyone says they have a " ME Time" routine.
* Everyone claims they're being preparing for success.

But realistically, as soon as they're faced with the 1st bad reader review, negative client testimonial, or go weeks with no sales they flake out in stress, frustration and worry-


* It's super simple to become a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur. Just start practicing YOUR new mantra, "Success Begins with ME!"

* I challenge you for the next 7 days to spend at least 1 Hour each day connecting 1 ME Time activity to your business success.

Tag at least 3 other entrepreneur besties you'd like to take the challenge with you!


Post on each other's pages as support to discuss the days outcomes and how their business was positively impacted by incorporating ME Time into their business routine.

And FYI, Yes I do This Everyday and Twice on Fridays:.)!!

Watch my FREE Training: Back to Basics 6 Step Business Blueprint on how to get a strategy to Build a Business Based on Your Passion- start, manage and scale your dream business so you can finally- Live Your Best Life!

Tip #4: Work in Your Vibe

This is the shortest but most important tip to end procrastination- work when you feel most energetic to work during the week. This was a tough one for me to learn initially years ago.

I thought I had to work 10-12 hour days in order to become a successful entrepreneur...


I figured out that most successful 6-7 Figure business moguls worked less than 5 days a week and they gave themselves time off not just once a month, but each week as well. 

So, I tried it and guess worked!

I learned that when I only work 3 days a week with clients and treated myself to 1 day a week to do NOTTAA- that system really boosted my productivity. I was more eager to meet with my clients, had more time to create content and I was more laser focused.

Instead of frantically tripping over what to create next, who to see, where to boost sales, etc. And my VA loved it as well...less

Come one now...don't pretend I was the only

Tip #5: Learn to Love Yourself

What is the first thing you say to yourself when you start your day?

When I start my day, after my ME Time activities...

I do for myself exactly what I do for my clients...I motivate and inspire myself with positive affirmations...


Get into a routine that constantly reminds you that your success begins with you and only you. And also along the same line- it's OK for you to share your message with world and get paid to tell it.

How many times a day do you love yourself?

When there is NO ONE around to motivate or love us to do more and push harder- we have to do it for ourselves. And you can't push past your procrastination if you don't know how to love yourself.

Trust Me- Learning to Love Yourself Leads to Clients

I teach an entire class on this topic. Here's a phrase you'll want to try to remove from your vocabulary. I'm still working on it myself.

“Have to and Should do.”

These phrases scream procrastination and negativity. I don't know about you, but when I feel like I "Have to or Should do" something it reminds me of a requirement and I don't want to think of my business that way.

I want to think of all tasks associated with my business as joyous, fun, loving and exciting ventures I WANT TO or GET TO. I'm serious about this- so much so, I'm literally going back thru all of my coaching programs and unwritten novels planned for 2019 to ensure I'm using correct verbiage to motivate my Wilder Tribe.

Try it and watch your day become more productive.

What to learn more about how to navigate your time, understand what your procrastination variables are (and urgency), how to plan your day for success, how to make the most of your schedule, how procrastination is negatively impacting your productivity, how to set healthy boundaries and more- Book a Free Kickass Discovery Session so we can chat.

Which Strategy Do You Feel Will Be Most Helpful to You?

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