Issue 48: How to Be Confident Making Money for Your Biz


"Don't allow your biz fear to stop your Girls Trip to Success. Instead, tell them to KICK ROCKS- turn biz fear into a profitable business opportunity"-Gwendolen Wilder

Hi Ya Sis,

I hope this blog article finds you living your best blessed life these days. I've just landed back to reality from a high of doing a super fun high-energy 3 Day Challenge called, "Girls Trip to Six-Figures" where I shared my step-by-step Client Attraction Strategy that I used to make $25k in one month as a female entrepreneur- without paid ads! 

I created the challenge because one of the things I always told myself as I was becoming more and more successful as a female entrepreneur was to remember to reach back and empower other women that may be feeling as if they are struggling or feeling overwhelmed- and remind them they are not alone and I'm here to face the fear together with them.

I actually talked all about it during Day 1 of the "Girls Trip to Six-Figures" 3 Day Challenge. It was so much fun sharing my signature client attraction biz strategies that I used to land a $5M joint venture contract, $1500/HR guest speak and $2-10K private clients. Until now, I only shared these strategies with my private 1:1 clients to help them with REACHING a wider audience and MAKING MORE SALES in their business but, inside my 3 Day Client Attraction Challenge I dropped all the details!

I hosted the challenge over 3 days and kept it available to view for free for 2 weeks inside our Impossible to Possible Women Facebook Sistahood; But, I'm taking the videos down May 2nd and will add them into our $12.99/week Love Collection where I store all of our Planner and Strategy videos. I'll share a bit more about the challenge in this article and hopefully you can go enjoy the content for FREE before it's paid. But for now, I'll share with you some of what happened each day BUT go check out the 3 Day Challenge - it was so much fun and ladies were seeing instant success after using the strategies! Here's a sneak peek inside what happened three days of awesomeness 🀩

[WARNING: For those ladies that like perfection...I'm about to post unedited pics so I can be a bit imperfect today 🀣]

During the challenge, I simply wanted to chat with ladies...

Chat about what was the #1 Biz Fear that was holding them back from starting or scaling their business to the next level.

Sometimes, when we're on our Girls Trip to Success we feel like we're out in the middle of no where, in a desert, with a broke-down vehicle and no cell phone reception... just A**out.

That's why I wanted to EMPOWER ladies like you with not just comforting words; but with sold-proven biz strategies that led to tangible results you could see instantly after watching the daily videos.

We get so hyper-focused on the fear that's holding us back that we forget to focus on enjoying the journey to success, the future of success, the impact of success...

And all we do is just stay stuck in fear!

This 3 Day Challenge was all about telling your biz fear to KICK ROCKS- so you can become more self-confident and financially independent. 

And even if you fail and it takes you a few tries; it's OK sis because no one is perfect and it's absolutely normal to be fearful of failure, success, be doubtful and all the things in-between...just know I'm right here with you! 

Here's What I Want You to Do...

Sis, I'm soo excited for you to watch these 3 days of videos; but I'm also excited for you to use all the challenge bonuses- so go right now to grab these extra goodies I made for you like 3 daily workbooks, 30 FREE Facebook Posts and awesome daily homework assignments based on the 3 days of training outlined below:

DAY 1: I shared with ladies how to finally figure out HOW to turn your biz fear into a profitable biz offer so you can attract more clients and start making money in your business.

DAY 2: I chatted about the biggest mistakes female entrepreneurs make when it comes to sharing their brand story and HOW you can make money by simply telling your story (the right way)
DAY 3: This day was probably the most popular because I shared HOW to reach a wider audience of potential leads, HOW to use Know, Like and Trust to attract more people to your business and HOW to create the right client attraction strategy that's best for your business

Let's Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Challenge


During the workshop you will create your success goals and take immediate action to make the impossible-possible. [WARNING: You will become more confident facing your biz fears] 


Gwendolen will help you to identify your #1 biz fear that is keeping you from attracting the right audience so you can make the money you want.


Unlike other 3-day biz challenges, you will leave with step-by-step actions.


Gwendolen will give you the behind-the-scenes look at how she created a six-figure business using her biz fears.


Learn the biggest secret to Gwendolen's Wonder Woman ability to scale her business, no business degree or certifications necessary.


Know the exact next steps to take when you leave the training to start using your 3 Day Challenge strategies and hearing more Cha-Ching $$$.


You will leave the workshop with your very own Biz Fear Strategy outlined so you can confidently start creating your own success posts.


Learn how Gwendolen filled her Members Club with brand new ready-to-buy leads that led to $3K+ in one week- all without paid ads.


Hard Truth Moment

Yes, the challenge was awesome, successful and all of that.  But look sis, one thing I'm not going to do is lie to you about my own struggles. How silly would that be to teach you about biz fear and then I don't face them 🀣

So here's my recent struggle; as I was dealing with the launch of our challenge- I had to deal with a Wild Fire that was threatening to burn down my home, allergies increased by wild fire smoke, electrical fuse outage, toilet clog, lost my main external hard drive, deleted by accident the 242 power-point slides for the challenge presentation and my laptop crashed (all within 2 weeks). I felt angry, depressed, ashamed, embarrassed, like a failure, like was going to let you ladies down and I even questioned whether or not to just not do the challenge-- the imposter syndrome was riding front seat on my Girls Trip to Success... #strugglebus #overwhelmcity 🀦🏽‍♀️

But, I got thru it!

After having a melt-down and crying (that ugly you got your butt spanked cry) I fixed my crown and activated the Impossible to Possible Women 3 basic principles that I coach you ladies on (#step1 of how to Face the Fear Together)...

  • Strong Spiritual Foundation (I prayed for guidance like it was going out of style)
  • Solid-Proven Business Strategies (I used strategies from Girls Trip to Success)
  • Supportive Sistahood (I reached out to my Biz Bestie, Biz Coach and Girlfriends)

As I tell you ladies all the time; there are 7 main biz fears we face at any given time along our "Girls Trip to Success" and sometimes we face more than one at a time; well that is sooo true because I think I was dealing with all 7 during those 2 weeks πŸ€£ I can typically navigate my biz fears pretty well but, I believe because I was so invested financially and emotionally into the success of this challenge that I took the biz fears that tried to derail my success a bit more personal.


I faced my fears like a Boss Babe! And how good did it feel activating our biz principles, Facebook strategies and Client Attraction strategies (all taught inside our Girls Trip to Success) which pulled me out...not only out of the darkness but, propelled me in front of a wider audience and lead to 600+ new Facebook Members, 2 new private clients and 2 new joint venture collaborations.... so how good did it feel... #awesome #blessed!!

And I felt so proud of myself that I faced my biz fears and didn't let them keep me from my success. But, moreover that I learned so much about how to avoid as much as possible these things from occurring again (I mean minus the Wild Fire; you can't avoid that). I literally executed exactly what I coach you ladies and guess what- it works in any situation that negatively affects your biz!

So here's a glass of Vino to us ladies out here making it happen🍷facing our biz fears, not getting it right every single time but, still believing in our purpose, gifts and enjoying our Girls Trip to Success because we know we're going to make the impossible POSSIBLE!!

Any wooo- here's a few more pics and the comments shared over the 3 days of awesomeness- can't wait to hear how these videos have helped you and your biz sis- make sure to tag me on Facebook!

πŸ’ž πŸ’ž πŸ’ž


Thanks for taking the time to get to know our sistahood a bit more...

Hope to see ya soon sis,

πŸ’ž πŸ’ž πŸ’ž

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