Issue #5: 3 Simple Steps to Motivate You to Kickass!

motivation Nov 01, 2018

Being an entrepreneur and/or author is one of the most amazing events you could ever experience in your lifetime- having more freedom to travel, time to spend with your family, community admiration, client satisfaction, more money in your bank and most importantly the feeling of finally achieving success. You know the feeling I'm talking about- being able to wake up (when you want-not by a clock) every day and live your best life doing what you love.

But, along with the amazing success is the lurking energy vampires that are daily trying to suck all the motivation out of you. When I first started my business, I was crazy tired working from literally sun up to sun down; sometimes with only bathroom breaks. I was so passionate about my dream that I forgot about the most important self-care process...learning to self-motivate myself.

One down fall I continually see all new entrepreneurs and authors get caught up in is being eager to serve and make the world a better place (not a bad thing); at the expense of self (that's a bad thing). And when that happens, it gets crazy difficult to learn how to separate your time from work time from family time and from ME time.

This is why I recommend for my clients to learn how to set healthy boundaries and tell toxic people to Kick Rocks. You know the peeps that are constantly asking but never giving in return, or always coming around with the negative vibes.  If you learn how to do just this one step- your motivation will kick into overdrive!

You can't do all of this alone- get your butt a coach to help you stay accountable and motivated so you can achieve the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual shifts you need (I know a really Kickass Certified Business Strategist -just saying- lol). You create some Kickass products, programs and services but if you're too tired to sell them; how can you motivate your potential leads to buy? Because I want to see you super excel in success- Here are my top insider motivation secrets that keep me ready to Kickass everyday:

  •  Step #1: Identify Your 7 Keys to Time & Productivity

At the beginning of each week you have to identify how you will use your time and become productive to attain your wilder success. It all begins with choosing whether you will focus on your work or home projects; you can't do both and be effective. You must segment your time to focus on one at a time. Next, organize your tasks and focus on what's really important first. Equally as important is to develop a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur Mindset; build solid routines and foundations to eat healthy, gain restful sleep, have fun and enjoy your ME Time. Those steps prepare you to do what I refer to as Chop Block and Tackle (break down & set goals) your crazy ass to-do list. This allows you to focus on Batching Your Work so you can work on like items. The most important step in this process to keep you motivated is to learn how to use Automation to make your work load easier. It helps you to have enough solid time to focus on your true passion and giving valuable content to your clients/readers.

  •  Step #2: Tell Toxic Peeps to Kick Rocks!

Before you can tell Toxic Clients (or family or friends) to Kick Rocks; you really need to decide what is it that you really want. To get yourself pumped up and crazy motivated- try taking about 30 minutes a week to really get laser focused on think about how you can live your best life (no dream is to BIG!) And be 100% honest about what you DON'T want. Really give yourself permission to say no to what (or who) you don't want to be bothered by; this allows you the opportunity to make room for what really matters. Set healthy boundaries for yourself that allows you to not waste anymore time on things that drain your energy. Create policies like setting office hours to keep your clients, friends and family in line and out of your hair (or scalp if you're hairless lol). Revert back to Step #1 to help you with identifying your time wasters so you can only focus on what's important and what really excites you. Make sure you're charging your self-worth and not over extending crazy discounts; if you don't believe your product, program or service is worth what you're charging and no one is buying (that'll kill your motivation quick). Learn to use my favorite word- NO. Remember, not all money is good money and sometimes working with the wrong client will decrease your motivation. Journal your feelings everyday (or at least weekly) so you can recall when you were most motivated, why and how to keep that momentum flowing.

  •  Step #3: Hack Your Self-Care

 A lack of motivation is founded upon burnout. You can avoid burnout by hacking your self-care routine (like seriously gut it and transform it). Focus on all the success that's out there waiting for you by nurturing what I call the 4 Total Aspects of Self during your ME Time. Make super easy tweaks to your routine so you can ditch your crazy destructive habits and instead design new habits that'll keep you healthy. Pay attention to this one- stop trying to please and save everyone! When you do this you end up making terrible business decisions which negatively impact your personal brand as well. This is why setting boundaries for you and others is essential to your success. This helps you from turning into a "Hot Ass Mess" or get stuck working with people or jobs that don't motivate you. The #1 self-care motivation hack that works for me is loving my creativity- it hypes me up every single time. I learned how to focus on wilder creativity and make time for only the things that motivate and feed my spirit the most.

I'm telling you Luv, you'll be super surprised at the amazing transformation you'll experience when you decide to finally use these simple motivation steps and see what a huge positive impact they'll have on your business and life. Listen superstar, I'm here with you and for you- all you have to do is reach out and connect with me and I'll help you dive deeper to boost your motivation.

Which Strategy Do You Feel Will Be Most Helpful to You?

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