Issue #6: 4 Dating Tips that Rock in Client Marketing

marketing Nov 02, 2018

People Date People They Know, Like and Trust.

The same goes with people buying from you as well. In case you've been under a rock and don't know who I am- lol. I'm Gwendolen, a Published Author, Certified Business Strategist and United States Air Force Veteran. But, I'm also a Kickass Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Since being single and forced back into the dating world; I learned quickly how to be super selective about who I wanted as a potential mate. I knew exactly what I didn't want; but wasn't so certain of what I really wanted (initially).

Little did I realize that finding a client would mirror this process (alot!)

The fancy process I'm chatting about is referred to as Relationship marketing. Basically it means you need to effectively market yourself in a way that gets you seen and known quickly through real connections with real people–like colleagues, influencers and potential and past clients.

But beyond that, relationship marketing puts a high value on customer retention and creating repeat buyers: loyal, long-term clients who love what you sell and (ideally) love to tell others about you, too.

My mission is to make it easier for you to make an impact on the world and be of service to your clients, in the most powerful and aligned way possible. I get asked all the time from my business partners, "How do you find your individual and corporate clients" and I get asked my besties, "How are you finding all of these guys to date"? and the answer is the same- I design effective strategies founded upon building a solid relationship first and then go for the goal.

In dating situations, I refer to it as "Dating with Intention" when I ask for date and in business situations I refer to it as "Relationship Marketing" when I ask for the client sale....same exact process- different names. It's just that simple. So, Here are my super easy 4 Dating Tips that help me to Kickass with marketing to my ideal clients and readers.

  • Tip#1: Build Strong Relationships Before Going All In. This is so simple it's freak-n scary. Just connect with the person like a person. When I was dating I didn't know who to be but me. So, I told my dates right out the gate I was a Kickass Survivor; and except for one person that couldn't handle my past they all accepted it. The same goes with clients. They know you're not perfect and you're trying to find your way- just be you; be genuine and vulnerable. The key is to not make them feel as if you're coming right out the gate in the first meeting to sell to them and ask for thousands of dollars, book signing, a guest speak, etc. Just talk and share- not ask!
  • Tip#2: Own Your Vulnerability. You can achieve this by learning to turn your "Hot Ass Mess into Wilder Success". And trust me, we all have something that we're not particularly proud of- but that's the good stuff. Market the heck out of the Hot Ass Mess by focusing not on the mess itself but, instead on how you overcame it and turned it into a Wilder Success. When I was dating my dates really respected how resilient I was at overcoming my trauma and making something positive out of it. There are a ton of Entrepreneurs and Authors out there that are still stuck in the old way of thinking of how to attract their ideal client...STOP! THINK WILDER!! You don't have to be afraid to be vulnerable, share your story and use it to leverage your connections. I'm telling you- the more you place yourself in some uncomfortable situations the more your clients will like you, want to know you and buy from you.
  • Tip#3: Turn Your Peeps Into Raving Fans. Let's be honest about this. Not every client relationship is going to work out to your advantage no matter what awesome process you use. Not all of my dates went the way I thought they'd go. And both are absolutely OK! But, when you do get that one super awesome fabulous can't wait to work with them Mr./Ms. client ...promise me you that you'll do this: give what you say you're going to give. The fastest way to loose a client is by NOT delivering what you promise. So really go above and beyond (within reason) and focus on retention, loyalty, value and etc.
  • Tip#4: Spend Wisely. When I first started dating I created this rule where I always kept myself as my #1 focus and my date as priority #2. I never wanted to over stretch myself on time or money just to please my date. If I didn't have the time or money to go out...I didn't go out on a date. And, I always made sure to have at least $50 cash in my purse and a girlfriend on standby to pick me up- just in case the date went left after I had a few tasty adult beverages, I couldn't drive home and I had to make a fast get away- lol. I used that same wise concept with my clients; focus on spending your time and money wisely. Put your clients first while giving them multiple, on-going options for working with you and it will give you multiple, on-going streams of revenue flowing in which will allow you to tweak your offers, increase your rates, etc.

Which Strategy Do You Feel Will Be Most Helpful to You?

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