Issue 43: "Operate Beyond the Chatter" with Sheryl L Mays


When it came time to announce I was re-launching our SHE MADE IT POSSIBLE speaker/feature platform this beautiful sista wasted no time positioning her biz for success...

Sheryl L. Mays, Rise and Shine CF Consulting and Coaching Firm Chief Learning Officer, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Success Coach. Sheryl is described as as a student of what she teaches. She is an expert in the field of positive thinking. She is witty and her anecdotal stories are thought-provoking. She practices the concept of "edutainment". Spend time with her and you will learn to think differently.

Sheryl has not been a part of our community long. She heard me speak during one of my Clubhouse talks, where I chat with female entrepreneurs and empower them with strategies on how to "Turn Biz Fears into Positive Profitable Opportunities". She thought my talk was interesting and thus, decided to look into our sistahood a bit further and that's...

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Issue #42: Do Something Dumb for Your Biz

As female entrepreneurs, we have to make the decision EVERYDAY to become Impossible to Possible Women.

  • When to do this or that,
  • How to do this or that,
  • Who will do this or that...

But, if you make this ONE decision that some people would consider dumb; you will attract abundance to your brand!


This is the thing that some people think is really dumb to do. But that's because they don't have the confidence and strategy to do it. Decide to kickass past this biz fear by telling your story about your failures; even though you don't know what the outcome will be.

I want to share with you the #1 marketing secret you MUST be using in 2021 so you can start attracting more clients to your brand!

This is EXACTLY what I used to go from 0 Facebook Live Views to hosting a 45 Min Live that resulted in 1.4K views + New Group Members + Paid Clients

And all I did was share my story ($0 Adspend!) >>click here>>

I believe that each of us has a...

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Issue #41 4 Essential Ingredients to Write a Blog People Want to Read

I'm so freak-n blessed that I love writing.

Here's the think about your blog should work for YOU, bring in traffic and new eyeballs to your website and into your sales funnel. If your old posts are just taking up space, then it’s time to repurpose that content to attract readers and prospects.

I absolutely love and look forward to Mondays Mama! It's like a party day for me, because this is my planning day. I dedicate 30 minutes to creating my blog plan and writing one blog article that will motivate, inspire and empower my ladies to kickass past fear (Uh Yea, It Lights Me UP !) My goal is to have enough stored content and articles ready to rock on scheduled release -so I don't have to worry.

But, there are pop up posts that I must write to address my members #1 biz fear that they share with me via the Face the Fear Together Quiz or inside my Impossible to Possible Women membership club or to address real-world situations i.e. increased racism during the...

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Issue #40: 3 Ways to Attract Clients (Just like 6 Figure Boss Babes)

How can the 6 Figure Boss Babe effect help you attract more clients and get you more money in your bank account?

Let me explain.

At the beginning of December last year, I started looking to see if Marie Forleo, and Rachel Rodgers had started their 2021 brand awareness efforts. At the time, those were a few of the 6-figure Boss Babes I followed (I switched that up for 2022- tell you about my Intuitive Marketing Coach later). But, I digress. Even though I hadn't done much biz marketing in 2021 (took time off due to health and relationship challenges); I'd always wonder what those lovelies were up to.

Marie and Rachel as you can imagine, have a superstar team of copywriters, ad experts, affiliate coaches, publicity experts, lawyers, etc. that probably started working on their brands way back in February in 2020. I could almost imagine seeing each collective huddled together around a super cozy fire place with a nice glass of...

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Issue#39 4 Questions to Kickass Past Boss Babe Fear



The achilles heel of every female entrepreneur AKA Boss Babe; regardless what stage of her journey (2020 proved what I'd been saying for years about fear).

This keeps us beat down, it keeps us hopeless and it keeps us from reaching our goals.

This year left a lot of you asking what do those 6 figure Boss Babes have, the ones that are killing it online?


> Peace around their purpose
> Peace in their story
> Peace with their offers

Without it our brand is a house of cards, we don't attract the customers we want and our biz dreams fizzle out.

I learned 4 simple questions that I keep on the ready (I later turned them into a quiz) and take it when I feel blocked and unsure of the next direction to take or feel myself falling out of alignment with my peace. 


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Issue #38: What's Your Biz Fear?


Do you know why you're stressing all the time building your biz?

Do you know why you aren't making any money in your business?

Because there's one thing every female entrepreneur has in common (even the most successful ones) that it could be and I see it all the time. 


And what I mean by this is your unwillingness to not identify your #1 Biz obstacle (fear) is keeping you from being successful as a female entrepreneur.

And there are six things you can do about this right now, to Kickass Past Your Fear to become more self-confident and financially independent in your biz.


Unless you're a rockstar online marketer like Marie Forleo and can make a Billion teaching others how to start and scale a business, you need to let people know you’re serious about your business and how you will be an advantage to them with experience, expertise and benefits. I love...
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Issue #37: "You're Next!!" Racism in America

anti-racism racism Jun 02, 2020

These are some scary, uncertain and ever evolving times happening not only in the United States (US), but in the world. A friend of mine checked on me this morning and asked me if I was OK....and I was not afraid to say, "NO, I'm Not OK!"

I'm absolutely lost with emotions ranging from hope, sadness, faith, anger, hurt, grief, love and everything in between. Also this morning, I had to try to comfort three of my girlfriends in business on what and how to talk about racism in their communities.

I'm tired...

Last week, I commented on a CNN post where they were chatting about how one of their Black reporters was arrested on national TV. I commented how sad it was and for viewers to take into consideration all the other Blacks arrested unjustified but were not captured on film...A White man replied to me saying, "You're Next!!"

  • What am I supposed to do with that?
  • How would you feel if someone said that to you?
  • What would you do if that was said to your child?

For my White sistas...

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Issue #35: Barbara Maisonet, She Made it Possible

Everyone knows I'm on this Client Attraction kick more now a days due to the increase of online entrepreneurs as a result of the world-wide pandemic. And I also know you might get tired of hearing me express the importance of client attraction during this time...

This is why I'm super stoked to introduce you to Barbara Maisonet who has a passion for partnerships that pursue growth, awareness and transformation… which made choosing to become a Life & Business Coach a natural fit!

Her coaching clients for the past 12 years have included doctors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEO’s… all of whom committed to Barbara’s coaching process of taking a look at “what wasn’t working” in order to make a powerful and impactful shift towards re-creating their professional environment and career.

I know it all sounds unbelievably awesome, this is why I want you to learn more about this awesome lady, her upcoming guest speak, business and...

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Issue #37: 5 Ways to Crush Sales Objections

Before you became the awesome Boss Babe that you are today, can you recall ever listening to a bad sales call?
You know what I'm talking about...that call where no matter what you said to the person, it seemed as if they just talked over you, bullied you, sounded scripted when you tried to share why you didn't/couldn't move forward with the offer and basically they made you feel like, "just another sales call" and when it finally ended you felt as if you'd just chatted with an icky weirdo from the Twilight Zone?
Eewww, right?!
Trust me sista, it happens to everybody and yes, it was icky and weird.
And sadly, some female entrepreneurs relate that personal experience to what they believe sales calls should look like....and this is how they end up sucking at them, hating them and loosing potential leads (money.)
Don't stress out to much sista, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to hate sales calls! I want to show you how to ...
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Issue #36: Benefits to Using Virtual Book Tours in Quarantine

You know how people say they were just born to write or be an author?

Like, they were seriously writing their first manuscript at the age of 6, working with publishers on substantive editing (I didn't know that term until age 43 lol) and releasing a best-seller before loosing their first baby tooth.

Yeah, that wasn't me

It took me 3 years just to write my first book, much less publish it and another year after that before co-authoring a book which became a best-seller and was featured on CNN.

It wasn't so long ago however, that all I wanted to do was journal, tell my story, chillax on the beach, and listen to music while sipping on my favorite adult beverage (I still do that, but now with much less worry and stress!!)

The first time I ever made a book sale was in a virtual book: $2000 before the manuscript was even written.

Now, that book is literally sitting "on the shelves" inside not just online with some of the nations biggest retailers...

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