Issue #13: 3 Key Questions to Ask Your Graphic Designer

branding Dec 11, 2018

3 Key Questions to Ask Your Graphic Designer

Finding the right graphic designer to handle your company’s branding and any other smaller projects is extremely important but also daunting unless you know the right questions to ask. Even if a designer comes highly recommended by a business associate or your bestie, always go through the interview process because your needs may be very different from those who offered the recommendation.

Certainly, write down a long list of questions to ask in the interview but be sure to include these top three questions:

  1. How much experience do you have?

The old saying, “You get what you pay for” is accurate and many times graphic designers will charge less or offer a discount when they are just starting out as a way to drum up some early business. Sure, they may know design basics but do they have the experience of actually putting those principles to work for other clients? Do you want to pay a discounted rate for your company...

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Issue #10: 2 Ways to Be Confident in Business

confidence Nov 16, 2018

Be Confident in Your Business and Always Ask for the Sale

Let’s state the obvious: you’re in business to earn money. Yes, you want to help others as well, but you want to make a profit with your business, am I right? In order to make a profit, you need to sell your products and services. But is it enough to just create products and wait for people to make a purchase? Not at all. I like to call that “wishful marketing” and it simply doesn’t work. That’s a very passive approach to running a business as opposed to a proactive approach, which includes finding people in your target market, forming a relationship with them, introducing them to your business, and then asking for the sale.

Find Your Confidence

It sure is discouraging when people say “no” when you ask for a meeting or for the sale but there’s also a popular thought in the sales community that you need to hear 100 no’s before you hear a yes. Your business and your...

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Issue #12: 7 Keys to Become a Successful Consulting Coach

coaching consulting Nov 14, 2018

To Someone Out There...YOU Are The Perfect Coach!

I absolutely FREAK-N LOVE being a coach to my Wilder Tribe of Entrepreneurs and Authors and being a consultant to my Corporate Key Leaders.

As a high-end consulting coach, I offer invaluable insight into helping my clients resolve their biggest obstacles...I get to the root cause of what's missing and help my client to Kickass on their success journey so they can begin to Live Their Best Life!

And Guess What?

You have this ability as well! You have it within you to help individuals that are struggling, overwhelmed and lacking in knowledge to grow their business.

If you're already a leader and providing amazing content online in group forums on social media; becoming a coach is the next progression and I'm here to help you with that's super easy and FUN!

Becoming a Coach and/or Consultant Doesn't Have to be Scary!

I find coaching as with all things, fear is the #1 Obstacle new coaches/consultants face when starting...

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Issue #11: 5 Ways to Push Past Procrastination

procrastination Nov 13, 2018

I Know All You Want to Do is Kick Your Feet Up After a Long Day. I know you’re busy building your super empire and managing your busy life...and sometimes things fall by the way wayside and you forgot to book your Free Kickass Discovery Session to chat...that's why I created this article on procrastination.

If you find yourself thinking the same thing below as one of my amazing Wilder Tribe members...You'll want to Holla at your girl pretty

"I want help with procrastination so I can Build an empire through my own business. I want to empower other women to live their life to the fullest." Juju Rafii

If this sounds like you...keep on reading Luv

How many times have you created a ton of to-do lists, only to NEVER follow-thru with everything on your list?

And you know what I'm talking about...that huge business list that has 100 items consisting of everything your clients need and want that you really enjoy giving, but just never have time to do...

Why is that?


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Issue #9: 4 Ways to Show Your Personality on Facebook

facebook personality Nov 09, 2018

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Personality on Facebook

There’s so much more to life than working, don’t you agree? I mean what about enjoying McDonald's Ice Cream That's my new fav thing to eat. It's OK to be goofy sometimes and it's equally OK to share not so good news as well (all in moderation).

So if you do nothing but post about your business and become a pushy salesperson, you’re not doing yourself justice and your followers will soon get bored and abandon you. Instead, show them what a well-rounded life you lead and pique their interest with other “lifestyle” type photos and posts.

Sharing parts of your life is just one way to develop a relationship where your audience will get to know, like, and trust you enough to make a purchase. These photos and funny stories will make you appear more approachable so your followers won’t hesitate to send you a message to ask questions about your products.

Here are just a few fun ways to...

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Issue #8: 7 Ways to Face the Fear Together!


Who are you to dream amazing dreams?

Who are you to tell your Kickass story?

Rather, who are you not to.

Because when you believe you can, you’re already more than half way there…

It’s something I know to be true from my own experience, and it’s something I teach my clients too.

I’ve been in the place where after years of emotional and physical abuse, my own self-worth, self- confidence and self-esteem were totally shot.

I’d been labelled as “Victim”, who had no hope of ever achieving anything amazing with her life.

My dreams were shut down as a child when I was told to focus on things which were more reachable for a “poor black farm girl from North Carolina like me”...

And my dreams were shut down again as a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault when I was told to focus on just being grateful to have lived past the experiences and hearing friends and family ask, “Why would you want to write about...

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Issue #7: 3 Super Simple Focus Tips

focus Nov 06, 2018

I’ve Got 3 Super Simple Tips to Help You Get Laser Focused

OK how many of you have had one of those days where you wake up in the morning and you're like, "CRAP"...I've got 500 things to do today (that are from yesterday)

Ever Feel This Level of Frustration?

Here's a few of the challenges my Wilder Tribe shared with me recently...

"I come up with great ideas and plan the heck out of them but then when it comes to follow through I get side tracked with the next idea." Eileen Gillis

"Doing a lot of things and feeling like none of them are done properly." Jana Hotarkova

That was my life for real when I first became an entrepreneur; until I learned 3 super simple tips that freak-n changed my life.

Are You Desperately Trying to Find...

"Freedom, live life on my terms and help others achieve their dreams."

"I want to be a speaker and help other people become the people they want to be."

In order to get laser focused on your passion, and move past your frustration so you can...

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Issue #6: 4 Dating Tips that Rock in Client Marketing

People Date People They Know, Like and Trust.

The same goes with people buying from you as well. In case you've been under a rock and don't know who I am- lol. I'm Gwendolen, a Published Author, Certified Business Strategist and United States Air Force Veteran. But, I'm also a Kickass Survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Since being single and forced back into the dating world; I learned quickly how to be super selective about who I wanted as a potential mate. I knew exactly what I didn't want; but wasn't so certain of what I really wanted (initially).

Little did I realize that finding a client would mirror this process (alot!)

The fancy process I'm chatting about is referred to as Relationship marketing. Basically it means you need to effectively market yourself in a way that gets you seen and known quickly through real connections with real people–like colleagues, influencers and potential and past clients.

But beyond that, relationship marketing puts a high...

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Issue #5: 3 Simple Steps to Motivate You to Kickass!

motivation Nov 01, 2018

Being an entrepreneur and/or author is one of the most amazing events you could ever experience in your lifetime- having more freedom to travel, time to spend with your family, community admiration, client satisfaction, more money in your bank and most importantly the feeling of finally achieving success. You know the feeling I'm talking about- being able to wake up (when you want-not by a clock) every day and live your best life doing what you love.

But, along with the amazing success is the lurking energy vampires that are daily trying to suck all the motivation out of you. When I first started my business, I was crazy tired working from literally sun up to sun down; sometimes with only bathroom breaks. I was so passionate about my dream that I forgot about the most important self-care process...learning to self-motivate myself.

One down fall I continually see all new entrepreneurs and authors get caught up in is being eager to serve and make the world a better place (not a bad...

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Issue #4: 3 Ways to Kickass in Self-Publishing


Most Authors write day after day, post on social media about their new fabulous writing journey they're beginning, maybe even send a few emails telling people they plan to self-publish their book, and then wonder at the end of that am I going to self-publish?

You don't have to be like most authors.

Is your manuscript is almost finished? Do you know how or where to get started with self-publishing? Did you know you could've started the process faster, easier and saved some money if you used Self-Publishing?

Thinking back to my first few months of writing, I was freak-n clueless (which is so funny now after publishing my first book, co-authoring another published book and currently writing my second

I was just having fun writing and living in the process of creating characters, settings, themes, etc. and I was loving it. When I finally got to the point where I felt as if I was ready to find a publisher...WOW...that's when the anxiety set in and it started...

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