Issue #14: 7 Ways to Win Back Your Mojo & Keep Doing What You Luv!

Are You Letting Your Fear of Not Being Able to Serve Your Ideal Client Hold You Back from Serving Your Ideal Client?

I recently had an absolutely sweetheart client present me with her #1 obstacle- which turns out actually being a pretty common challenge I hear from new entrepreneurs. And par the course as I do with all of my clients, I asked what was her #1 motivating factor- the reason she became an entrepreneur in the first place and she replied...

My #1 obstacle is "Not wanting to ask for an appointment to showcase my business" so I can "help my church by increasing my tithing and supplement my income during my retirement years" Bertha Mohler

Let's take a look at how to overcome this obstacle

First things first, realize it's absolutely normal and OK to feel this way. It's just your fears taking control of your destiny....But, you have to change that -QUICK!

Know you are worthy of all the amazing gifts God has aligned for you to receive from the universe- because of your...

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Issue #5: 3 Simple Steps to Motivate You to Kickass!

motivation Nov 01, 2018

Being an entrepreneur and/or author is one of the most amazing events you could ever experience in your lifetime- having more freedom to travel, time to spend with your family, community admiration, client satisfaction, more money in your bank and most importantly the feeling of finally achieving success. You know the feeling I'm talking about- being able to wake up (when you want-not by a clock) every day and live your best life doing what you love.

But, along with the amazing success is the lurking energy vampires that are daily trying to suck all the motivation out of you. When I first started my business, I was crazy tired working from literally sun up to sun down; sometimes with only bathroom breaks. I was so passionate about my dream that I forgot about the most important self-care process...learning to self-motivate myself.

One down fall I continually see all new entrepreneurs and authors get caught up in is being eager to serve and make the world a better place (not a bad...

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