Your Future is Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable!

ATTENTION: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am no longer offering Private Coaching or in person Guest Speaks. You can still book me for Virtual Guest Speaks.

As a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author, I empower female entrepreneurs to become Impossible to Possible women that know how to Kickass past their fears (top 7 business obstacles) to turn their dreams into a money making business so they can become more self-confident, financially independent and finally start to live their best life.

You should work with me IF…

  • You are a someone that wants to start a business, scale a business, write and sell your story, live healthier after surviving abuse or want to stop abuse in the workplace...  
  • You want to partner with me to increase your brand visibility, create a healthier workplace, make money from doing what you love, get paid to share your story, have more freedom to travel and live your best life…
  • You are ready to finally get serious about success and find out the actual step-by-step strategies to have what you deserve and desire (Live Your Best Life!)

Who should NOT work with me IF….

  • You are not yet ready to take immediate action and seriously commit…
  • You are not ready to invest your time, value my time, trust my processes or invest money into yourself to improve your life and business...You're not going to be a good fit.

Here Are 2 Options of How We Can Face the Fear Together:

Option #1: Impossible to Possible Women FREE Facebook Group [Click Here]. Available to Women Only. Join our FREE online community to share with me your "One" fear (biz obstacle) you have that's blocking your success. I will create a livestream to share one of my quick action strategies which will be able to help you start to Make ALL Things Possible or if it's outside my purview; I'll offer you a recommended referral to one of my many trusted referral partners. Instead of receiving a bill; you'll be asked to give me Facebook Review on my official business page based on your experience and share what you learned with others on your social media pages (word of mouth is the best advertisement I say) ...easy, simple and real steps to success.

What's Included: 

  • Private Online Facebook Community (Women only access)
  • Video Training (Livestreams and pre-recorded training with solutions created based on your submitted #1 fear)
  • Daily Motivation (inspirational, spiritual and gratitude focused post aligned with business strategies)
  • Supportive Sistahood (Like minded female entrepreneurs building each other up)
  • Special Offers (First dibbs with special low rates for all new offers)



Option #2: "Signature Coaching Collection" [Click Here]. Receive 4-8 weeks of unlimited access during a Group Coaching or Mastermind experience which includes private training portals, supportive coaching sessions and more. Re-watch videos when you want on your schedule. Access granted as long as membership remains active. Payment options are available and you receive the following:

What's Included: 

  • Wilder Client Transformation Blueprint (Assessment and recommendations used to outline your unique entrepreneur transformation journey)
  • Weekly Training Videos (Quick 30 Min videos with proven client attraction strategies. I'll show you exactly how to transition your business from a sales slump making no money to making all things possible with purpose, power and profit) 
  • Group Coaching Calls, Twice a month I'll host Live Group Calls where you can share your fears, get solutions and we can celebrate your wins. 
  • W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy Masterclass (1 Month Access to Pre-recorded training teaches you the 6 building blocks of business and how to move past obstacles to achieve success)
  • World Class Support (Unlimited Access to Connect Directly with Gwendolen and Team Wilder)
  • AND MORE!!

Bonus Collection:  

  • Limited Access to Members Club (Receive Monthly Masterclasses on how to Build a Solid Biz with 6 Key Foundations, how to Scale Your Biz to 6 Figures, Ways to Attract Wilder Clients and more.)
  • Private Online Portal (Stores all of your digital training, documents and is accessible by Men and Women)
  • Wilder Toolkit (Planners, Workbooks, T-shirt, etc.)
  • Book (It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence)
  • Wilder Music Collection
  • AND MORE!!

IMPORTANT TO NOTEMy Group Coaching and Mastermind slots are extremely limited; so don't delay joining when you see it. Coaching is available in but, not limited to the following areas:

  • Writing (Becoming an Author)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Awareness Management
  • Spirituality in Business
  • Gratitude Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Management
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Book Marketing and Sales
  • Social Media Marketing

*Collaborations: Looking to chat about a possible joint venture [Click Here] to book an appointment to chat.

Let's Meet Now FOR FREE...

As the proud founder of the international community of Impossible to Possible Women....I Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success by Learning how to have PEACE-PURPOSE-PROFIT!

I mentor women on how to start and scale your businesses and learn how to Tell and Sell your books.

Using my signature coaching, I streamline your personal and professional goals, business planning, mindset and daily habits to eliminate time-wasting activities that are draining your creativity and budget.

I show you how with results-driven strategies how to outsource tasks which allows you to get laser focused on doing what you love and start to see a major return on your investment.

My goal is to help you build your brand credibility, visibility and personal self-confidence so you can finally have more time and freedom to Live Your Best Life.

Join YOUR sistas Today!

The Signature Coaching Collection is Designed for all Engagement Levels

Available Group Coaching and Masterminds are listed on the Homepage under "Signature Collection".

These coaching experiences are so unique and will make you feel like you're having more of a private coaching session (but without the super pricey dollar sign).

My availability slots are extremely limited; so don't delay joining so  I can help you ...

  • Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Clients/Readers without Chasing Them Down
  • Create Irresistible Offers 
  • Make Extra Cash While Spending Less Time on Your Computer
  • Use Relationship Marketing for Connections, Client/Reader Loyalty and Grab Your Coins
  • Learn Wilder Marketing for your business and book by planning programs, content, events, promotions, etc.
  • Become an Industry Influencer by leveraging media and publicity
  • Write Your Book in 30 Days by using publishing, Kickass topics, outlines, plans and more.
  • Create Wilder Book Launches with amazing content, lists, advertisement, etc.

Learn About Signature Coaching Collection

Are You Ready to Receive Group Coaching with Gwendolen that feels more like a private 1:1 session? Click Image to Learn More on How to Access Your Success!

Are you ready to MAKE ALL THINGS POSSIBLE...

I know you're ready to BUILD A BUSINESS BASED ON YOUR PASSION...are you finally ready to TELL YOUR STORY your way?

Hi Ya Luvs, I absolutely feel you... if you're screaming YAAASS!

I literally turned a few hundred dollars into a $5M Contract, Published a Book and Built a Business based on my book so I could live the dream I've always wanted....Helping others by doing what I love and enjoying financial freedom traveling where and more importantly; when I want.

But, I totally remember when my life was not so stress free.

Maybe you can relate; does this sound familiar...

  • Have to learn how to start an online business due to the unexpected Coronavirus - just to put food on the table and pay the rent?
  • Want to create and sell something that gets you out of debt?
  • Ready to Kickass with proven strategies to make you an industry influencer?
  • Already published a book or started a business but, just not seeing the income you thought you'd see...


I use my signature coaching programs to teach you how to say, “I  Can Make ALL Things Possible!”

I’m creating an 8 Figure Business built on proven business strategies, strong spiritual foundation and a supportive sistahood and I’m taking you with me on this journey! Utilizing the strategies inside of my signature coaching programs such as the V2 and W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategey; I will help you, your family and your community to Attain Wilder Success.

What's Included inside My Signature Coaching Programs and Members Club Experiences?

You’ll find module release training, live video webinars, private group coaching sessions, top industry expert training, bonuses, freebies and more… all designed to help you to connect with other like-minded individuals which are up leveling their personal and professional brands.

Between myself, my experts and the entire Wilder Tribe, you are in great hands to improve your 4 Total Aspects of Self (Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional) so you can explore your wildest dreams and discover the true meaning of ME Time.

So, with as much enthusiasm as I have to offer; I want to invite you to connect with me and my signature coaching program to experience for yourself how amazing your life can be as Impossible to Possible Women.

I invite you to visit my beautiful city, resourceful business guest experts and to partake of the opportunities to work together and know that together we can Tell Your Story to Build a Business Based on Your Passion.

Let's get to work!

Join our FREE Facebook Group to Receive Help RIGHT NOW- If the Following is True for You: 

  • I want Gwendolen to show me how to Tell My Story so I can Build a Business Based on Passion
  • I need your help designing unique offers that attract my ideal clients and are based upon my God Given Gifts
  • I'm confused by websites, videos, social media, email writing, (anything digital and want a simple strategy to increase followers and get clients
  • I want to learn Gwendolen's signature frameworks like the W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy to craft my story, create amazing content and rock out successful sales and content plans that lead to wilder prosperity
  • I want to discover how to write books and create engaging content, emails and posts so I can grow my social media and email list following to get more clients
  • I want Gwendolen's personal resources, checklists, blueprints, etc. for how she's growing her Facebook Page to 35K+ Followers, Receiving 20K+ Views on single Facebook Videos, how she made $6K in one day off of a book and how she receives invitations to be an in-demand local and international guest speaker
  • I want to have peace, find my purpose, and receive profit, from my guest speaks, selling products and offering services that will positively impact my community

What to Expect from Your Signature Collection

I will talk with you about your, "#1 Fear". I meet you where you are on your success journey. In other words, we'll video chat for about 30 mins about your challenges which are keeping you from attaining Wilder Success i.e. not working with your ideal clients, selling your perfect E-book or creating healthier workplace boundaries, etc.

I will give you a Kickstart to your success consisting of my top recommended strategy which will support most female entrepreneur obstacles. These exclusive coaching programs will support you to reach success at a pace that is comfortable to you. You will be able to use The Wilder Success Blueprint I created and bump it against your fears as a map to help you attract the ideal client and create necessary programs, products and services to excel in both your personal and professional brands.

Towards the end of each group coaching chat, I will assign you a Kickass goal (homework assignment) which will be due prior to our next session. The goal is designed to help you further Attain Wilder Success in between sessions.

After all of that, there will be a time to celebrate. I want you to share your wins with me and your sistas and I'll share them with the world (AKA: FREE Marketing) as I feature inside our new platform, "She Made it Possible" to showcase women making the impossible-possible!

I'm looking for my next Impossible to Possible Woman and the opportunity to work with female entrepreneurs and authors ready to make positive changes.

I receive over 100+ inquires a month from people wanting me to guest speak, conduct team building, private coaching, Group Coaching programs, etc...

I take each inquiry very serious! But, I do recommend you act quickly because my time is limited.

I'm 100% dedicated, passionate and believe my signature coaching programs are uniquely designed for serious key decision makers,  entrepreneurs, authors and survivors that are ready to live, laugh and love with other like-minded professionals of high-achievers, guest experts, and my mentors that are positively impacting the world.

What Are the Results I Can Expect From the Signature Coaching Collection?

  • Understand the real hidden root cause of your problem keeping you from success
  • How to develop a WILDER creative problem solving process to attack your challenges
  • How to generate SMART ideas for solutions to sustain a successful future
  • Learn how to connect with unbelievable resources to implement solutions
  • When to evaluate and adapt solutions to your reality so you can create clear visions
  • How to leave each session more re-energized, motivated and inspired so you can start to live, laugh and love what your doing, with whom you love and where you love!
  • and more!

About Me

As a Certified Business Strategist and Published Author, I help struggling female entrepreneurs Kickass past their business fears so they can become more self-confident, financially independent so they can FINALLY start living their best life. [CLICK HERE] to learn more about my signature coaching programs, products and services.

"Gwendolen is a servant leader who is personally invested in the success of her community. No support is too big or too small. She took time out of her busy schedule to provide a solution to a tiny problem I had. Now, that's real leadership!!"

Kimberly Elahab
Kimberly Elahab Coaching, LLC

"Thank you for being an incredible ambassador to Family Violence Prevention Services! We are reaching more victims and changing lives because of you."

Linda Marie Canizales,
Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

""Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves." "

Laura Ann Campbell
Truth Evolution LLC

"“Gwendolen's ability to apply her mastery of effective listening during client engagement ensures she fully understands their needs, desires & ambitions...she accomplishes this in a way rarely encountered in business today”."

Erick Anderson
EEO Director, Retired USAF Capt

"You have definitely cracked the code. I loved the Masterclass! It explained how to increase followers, the importance and value of being able to increase followers as well as conversions to paid customers!! No one is sharing how to grow Social Media followers..."

Andrella Pusha
Power and Pathways, LLC

"Phenomenal coach and mentor, my performance in business has seen a great increase."

Guillermo Miller
New York Life Insurance

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