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I help Key Corporate Decision Makers and Non-Profits learn the value of developing positive corporate behaviors and how to use our individual talents by telling my story and offering techniques to increase Team cohesion, productivity, organizational vision and more.

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Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

It's Time to Turn Domestic Violence into a Business Opportunity! I assist Non-Profit, government agencies, key corporate decision makers, educational institutions and small business owners with developing positive corporate behaviors, assess the work place for possible abuse and violence matters, provide compliance training and more. Guest speaks range from over 200+ categories focused on three main areas... abuse, business and self-management which includes becoming an author and transitioning from being a veteran to an entrepreneur.

Benefit 1

Discover the keys to transition from being a veteran to become an entrepreneur. Find out how to use the skills you learned to help you start, manage and scale a business.

Request information on Abuse Definitions, Terms, Categories, Resources, etc. to Avoid Common Leadership Mistakes.

Get Help with Detailed individual processes to Identify and Monitor Workplace Environments.

Learn improvement processes that lead to Developing Positive Corporate Behaviors by using Specific Management Strategies for Awareness, Prevention and Intervention.

Benefit 2

You are in for a treat! I can intelligently speak to over 200+ topics founded upon business, veteran, self-awareness, abuse and more...If you can think of it, I can speak to it based upon 36+ years of professional expertise, personal experience, training and certifications.

I'm going to give you a fabulous guest speak, books, training and a ton of other goodies...all designed to help you improve your workplace environments.

While working with me, you may feel a bit pressured to understand the basics of domestic violence before moving forward to learning awareness, prevention and intervention strategies... (That's because... I'm intentionally pressuring you...lol)!




Benefit 3

Non-profits receive a standard special rate to experience my guest speaking appearances and packages. I also offer their guest attendees a special price points for all my coaching, books, etc. 

Discover how to show your team of Kickass employees how to trust your organization, seek help (use it), decrease company profit loss, and how to teach individuals to stay gainfully employed, functional and not fall apart crying every 5 seconds while at work.

About Me

I "Tell My Story" to help non-profits, businesses and entrepreneurs to create healthier workplace environments and to Live, Laugh and Love! I help entrepreneurs, authors and corporate key decision makers develop their skills in Business, Writing & Self-Management so they can scale their business growth, increase financial profits, gain self-awareness, become assertive and develop positive corporate behaviors. [CLICK HERE] to learn more about my signature coaching programs, products and services.

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Guest Speaks Designed For Non-Profit & Businesses Of All Engagement Levels

Regardless of the audience size 1--1,000; I utilize my 36+ years of professional expertise, personal experience & education in Psychology, Social Services, Conflict Management & Business Management to motivate change in the way people think about abuse in the workplace, individual self-management awareness, transitioning from being a veteran to an entrepreneur. I also guest speak on the value of hiring survivors and veterans. I use my humor, resilience and passion to deliver serious discussions focused on abuse, empowerment and transformation for individuals and businesses.

For organizations wanting a quick training designed to boost awareness, prevention and intervention, I have guest speaks built specifically for learning, accompanied with hands-on activities and that sets the foundation for individual roles and responsibilities. This guest speak combined with my expertise is the fastest way to help reduce the risk and expense caused by unethical, illegal or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace.

Take your workplace environment to the next level with guest speaks designed to improve your ability to recognize warning signs using realistic scenarios, discover how to support your employees to tell their story to develop positive corporate behaviors, and ding out how to empower your Team.

I go above and beyond just offering guest speaking. For the larger audiences I have guest speaks designed to get your listeners engaged on the next level of participation while developing positive corporate behaviors.

Guest speaks are accompanied by Corporate Solutions. I can incorporate packages for leaders which consists of three distinct interactive and statistical management tools to assist key decision makers to discourage and correct negative workplace behaviors.

The programs are  conducted in several phases, assess the Organizational Climate and repairs workplace relationships. Varying packages are accompanied with on-line surveys, briefings, status updates and a series of reports.

Are you looking to hire me just to talk about domestic violence solely?

Well lucky for you I'm also a representative from the National Non-Profit Break the Silence?

This organization's mission is to provide community resources and support services to victims, survivors and families affected by domestic violence.

I'm honored to be exclusively selected for the National Speakers Bureau and I travel the world on behalf of the organization to educate your team on the dangers of abuse?

Break the Silence generates over 3 million daily visitors to their online platforms and their efforts have been featured on prominent national platforms such as: People, Glamour Magazine, HuffPost, Investigation Discovery, ESPN and more.

Click the action button below to  request me as your next amazing exclusive speaker.

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Available Guest Speaking & Training Opportunitites

Even though I tailor each Guest Speak to my client's request. I always cover the following: Abuse Definitions, Terms, Categories, Resources, etc. Detailed individual processes to Identify and Monitor Workplace Environments Specific Management Strategies for Awareness, Prevention and Intervention Common Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

For Profit and Non-Profits

I offer Guest Speaking and Training opportunities to For-profit and Non-profits. The only difference is the price point is less for Non-Profits.

Also, for each guest speak booked; I will donate 50 Books to a designated domestic violence shelter in both our names.


Break the Silence National Speakers Bureau

If you want me to represent Break the Silence as a guest speaker; you must request me using this link ONLY.

In this capacity, I will still provide awareness, prevention and intervention strategies and resources.

But, I will also share the mission of Break the Silence (BTS) and it's resources and upcoming events.


"Thank you for being an incredible ambassador to Family Violence Prevention Services! We are reaching more victims and changing lives because of you."

Linda Marie Canizales,
Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

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Bridge the gap between between your organization and the community so you can learn to increase morale, cohesion, engagement, productivity, and profits.


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