Discusses the relationship between childhood abandonment, domestic violence, sexual assault, workplace violence and how we interact with others as adults. THIS IS NOT A MALE BASHING BOOK!! It's full of action plans, checklists, resources and more [Click Here].

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WATCH EPISODE #6 Why Your Business Needs (Deserves) Professional Branding Photos

Gwendolen interviews her personal Branding Photographers Hayward and Shannon Gaude, from Hayward Gaude Photography to get the insider secrets of why every entrepreneur needs (deserves) to have professional branding images.

Upcoming Segments

Upcoming Episode: Jennifer Vaalor Gwendolen has a ball chatting with the Simplified Home Office CEO as she explains how she helps entrepreneurs to understand the importance of how to reflect on individual values and priorities; especially as you learn and grow personally and professionally. Discovering how saying "NO" becomes easier so you can focus on and schedule things that align with your individual goals.

Past Kickass LEADS

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This TV Series will be LIVESTREAMED via my [Gwendolen Wilder] Instagram and [Gwendolen Wilder Author] Facebook Fan Page where I motivate, inspire and support my 35K+ Amazing Facebook Followers. The objective of the series is simple...highlight individuals and industry leaders that are living Gwendolen's passionate mission of ending abuse using awareness, entrepreneurship and community engagement. The series is an opportunity for local and international authors and entrepreneurs to share their business and how they support awareness to STOP ABUSE. This series is based upon her actionable concept, "BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ABUSE AND BUSINESS!" The series is a supportive avenue for entrepreneurs of abuse to learn how to become self-confident, self-aware and financially independent, It's a unique space for Key Decision Makers to learn how to Turn Domestic Violence into an Opportunity by developing positive corporate behaviors and a chance for both parties to uncover the value of increased community interactions. Each week, immerse yourself with mind, body and soul fulfillment conversations between Gwendolen and leading thinkers, industry go-getters, physical fitness gurus, authors, and spiritual advisors that help Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success by telling their stories of how they, "BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ABUSE AND BUSINESS!"


EVERYONE!! Because abuse is a global community issue; not an individual, police or shelter issue! This series is a one of a kind, unique and fun environment for Kickass Survivors and International Community Leaders to "Tell Their Story" of how abuse has impacted their lives as individuals and business owners...It's a means to highlight Trendsetters who identified their "Hot Ass Mess" and figured out how to turn the negative into a positive for not only themselves, but for their community. Guests are not only survivors of abuse, but Kickass business professionals that are positively impacting our world.

Sharing individual and business struggles and accomplishments will help with building an international community connection using awareness, prevention and intervention in the ongoing battle against abuse. It's a resourceful and creative way to spotlight, encourage and uplift entrepreneurs on a global scale. If you want to learn how to start, run or grow a business-WATCH!! If you want to discover how to develop more positive corporate behaviors in your workplace-WATCH!! If you want to learn how to be more involved in your community-WATCH!!

It's OK to Tell My Story The TV Series

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Catch Gwendolen LIVE & In Full Speakers Mode

Gwendolen was a guest speaker at this luncheon benefiting Battered Women and Children's Shelter at this annual fundraising event hosted by Family Violence Prevention Services.

600+ Attendees had the opportunity to listen to her story, meet the author, and enjoy opportunities to receive an autographed book and special coaching offers ONLY available at the event.

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