Do you want to get past your business fears—so you can have a lot more peace, profits finally know your purpose—without sacrificing your family time, going crazy or stressing out?













Here's a Sneak Peak Inside the 2021 Lineup

This membership community uses Livestreams, Challenges, Masterclasses, and Masterminds combined with group and private coaching to empower female entrepreneurs to turn their dream into a profit making biz using easy-to-digest detailed strategies based on strong spiritual foundation, solid business strategies and a supportive community- so they can create a quick, but impressive online presence, become more self-confident and financial independent.

Here's How We Help You Make the Impossible- Possible

If You Want to Face Your Obstacles with Confidence and Start Earning More, We Have the Strategies and Resources to Help You!

Hello Beautiful, we're super stoked that you're here. This is the international community for the Impossible to Possible Women. We're all about empowering female entrepreneurs to transform from Impossible to Possible Women that Kickass Past Their Fears (biz obstacles) using easy-to-digest detailed strategies based on the 7 main fears female entrepreneurs typically face during the entrepreneurial journey (money, mindset, sales, systems, support, visibility and lifestyle) so they can create a quick, but impressive online presence, become more self-confident and financially independent- AND now we're here to help you too!

Regardless if you just started your biz and looking for the basics of how to get started with a sprinkle of support OR you've been in business for years and you're looking for proven strategies with a dash of mentorship to scale your biz to the next level- we've got you covered chica. We've got a ton of resources waiting to help you Face the Fear Together to Kickass Past Your Biz Fears and Make the Impossible- Possible!


This quick quiz will help you to identify your #1 Fear (Biz Obstacle) and we’ll share which area inside the members club will best help you start to Kickass Past Your Fear...

Who Are We?

Our female guest experts are ladies literally from around the world and are ready to help you make the Impossible- Possible!

I Bet You're Wondering What Happens Inside Right?

W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategy + LIVE Coaching

What sets our membership apart from the rest - is our Founder, Gwendolen not only teaches some of the masterclasses but, she actually takes the time to connect with each and every sista that joins inside our private online communities and membership portal as new members share their personal fears. Gwendolen uses that information to personalize short but powerful coaching experiences founded upon one of the six steps from her signature W.I.L.D.E.R. Success Strategies. Gwendolen gifts all Founding Members the opportunity to join her Facebook Livestream Sista Chat Live Q&A to ensure you're on the right journey that's best suited for your business goals. Sistas inside the Level 3 Membership (6 Month) have the exclusive access to meet with Gwendolen in Group Coaching Calls Monthly. The most awesome part is you don't have to feel pressured to meet with her the day you join- you can look around our members club and use your free group coaching calls anytime.


Impossible to Possible Women Strategies + Freebies

We already publish amazing blog articles sharing tips and advice for Attaining Wilder Success. But now we spotlight our Fab female community on an platform we lovingly refer to as, "She Made it Possible" which supports Our #1 goal to motivate & empower you (and your biz with FREE marketing). This platform is where you can view LIVE guest speakers + watch replays that will guide you step-by-step through creating, launching and scaling your biz; while leaving you feeling more self-confident and inspired. When you hear from the ladies how they made the impossible possible- you'll want to make that happen for you! And you'll also see that we add lots of freebies to help you even more.

Note: We are accepting guest speaker applications starting January 2021


Membership Support + Weekly Motivation + Live Q&As + Monthly Masterclasses + Promotions + Resources

If you’re looking for more live + in-person support then join our sistahood. You’ll get access to all of our pre-recorded masterclasses, and you get to connect with your fantabulous guest expert sistas during LIVE Q&A sessions after the masterclass event and receive all of the special offers they will promote inside our private sista sale community!

But the connection doesn't stop there.

Gwendolen challenged the guest experts to go the extra mile- when ever you post on a guest speakers video replay they will personally reach out to you and offer more personalized assistance to help you reach your success- that's what makes our membership different.


Spiritual Journey + Challenges + Livestreams + Inspiration

The Impossible to Possible Membership experience is more than just business corresponds back to various sermons Gwendolen heard ministered by her own spiritual leaders and others she'd heard over time. 

Gwendolen's had memberships previously, but none to this degree and they always seemed to lack one key element- which she felt was the true source of all of her success...Spiritual Foundation that explores what Peace is, how to attain it (keep it) and use it to support your biz growth. Gwendolen's belief, faith and action in God is why she feels she's been so successful whether it was making $5 to scoring a $5M client.

For Gwendolen, hearing sermons focused on, "Unshakeable Hope, Purpose and Faith" were the confirmations she'd been praying for from God to help her with launching the 2021 Impossible to Possible membership experience. As gratitude, she's sharing with you her personal strategy of how she attracts an abundance of clients using spiritual gratitude based on a Peace-Purpose-Profits. She calls it her, "Love My Life Framework."

You Are Designed to Be Abundantly Blessed Beautiful! Click Below👇🏽 to grab my  "Facebook Content" Love My Life Planner FREE.

It's time to learn the specific skills and mindset techniques you need to create a successful, 6-figure business that serves you, your family and customers deeply and makes you generous amounts of money.

This is the Framework to Help You Believe in Yourself, Trust Your Spiritual Source, Live in Peace and Attract Abundance with Gratitude!



You Sistas are Cheering for You...What are YOU waiting for? Here's the Breakdown of Everything You'll Receive to Help You Become an Impossible to Possible Woman

🥳 A Vault of Goodies Waiting to Support You!

We Have several Membership Levels: ranging from FREE to MONTHLY, ANNUAL (Best Value) and we even have a ONE-TIME payment for our intensives

Depending on the Membership Level your select; you could experience any or all of these awesome goodies


What's Included:

  • Signature Wilder Success Coaching with Challenges + Masterclasses + Masterminds (All coaching is based on Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility, Lifestyle. Success Strategies focused on using biz fear, client struggles and your brand story to boost  marketing and sales campaigns so you can  attract a wider audience)
  • 1 Private Strategy Sessions (60 min private strategy session to chat with Gwendolen about your #1 fear and receive clarity "strategic steps" on how to move forward)
  • 1 Wilder Client Atrraction System Blueprint (Tailored Marketing + Sales + Client Strategies based on your business journey)
  • 1 WILDER Success Strategy Blueprint (Personalized outline of your business strategy, fears, goals -homework to work at your own pace)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Twice a month Chat live with Gwendolen about the featured mastermind or whatever is going on in your biz) 


  • World Class Support (Unlimited Access to Connect Directly with Gwendolen and Team Wilder)
  • Access Membership Levels 1-6 (Receive weekly planners + monthly challenges + monthly masterclasses  + masterminds and more)
  • She Made it Possible Guest Speaker (Access to attend live guest speaks and become a featured)
  • Access FREE: Facebook Group (and all included inside that membership)
  • Wilder Success Quizzes (Quick quizzes to help you gain a better understanding of where your fear falls. If you're still not sure, don't stress. We'll narrow it down together in the your FREE Private Strategy Session)
  • Private Online Training Portal (Supportive access to replay all training 24/7 and access download pdfs, reach Gwendolen and more)
  • Private Community (Online Supportive Facebook Group)
  • Special Offers to Join Impossible to Possible Women Exclusive online events and memberships
  • Music (2 Music Albums designed to re-energize and motivate you as you live your best blessed life)

FEEL GOOD ABOUT BECOMING A MEMBER: The Monthly and Annual Memberships directly support our female empowerment outreach program. For each lady that joins one of these levels; we will donate 1 free private coaching session to another sista in need that you select to help her jumpstart her biz dream. That's right- you make the difference by telling us who should receive the free session (not you though lol) how cool is that? You get to see an immediate return on your investment.

"Woohooo! 🎉🎉 Day 1 of the Impossible to Possible Women Training Series! Rocked out today's workbook questions! So ready! I'm turning what seems impossible to possible this week! 💪💪 Thanks so much Gwendolen Wilder for creating this free training series! ❤💋"

Brittany Taylor
5 Day Impossible to Possible Challenge Member

"Girl you are an answer to my prayers. I have done so much training and it has never seen success. I signed up a new Market Partner today and I have another thinking about it. I also have some customers that are trying the product and I will check back with them tomorrow. You made me break through my fear and to reach out in person. What's funny, is I never realized it was a fear."

Kelly King LeBeouf
Impossible to Possible Women Member

"I met Gwendolen 2 years ago at a book publishing event. Since then, I have followed her work online and met her a few times in person and she is as authentic and as personable in both environments. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses utilizing proven strategies that have worked in her business. Apply what she works!!!!"

Flozzie Joe
Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur Member

"Gwendolen helped me focus on what I truly wanted to do with my writing. She had detailed user-friendly resources for everything related to book publishing. Her one on one coaching held me accountable and helped me to find my voice in front of the camera. She's a dynamic heart centered coach that gives 110 percent."

Barbara Ali
Private Author Coaching Client

"Gwendolen came to speak to our networking group and did a phenomenal job! She gave a very informative training that the female entrepreneurs in our group were greatly impacted by. I highly recommend working with Gwendolen because she's super friendly and highly knowledgeable about growing your business successfully or becoming an author - great to work with! We can't wait to book Gwendolen again to speak to our group soon! She's truly a gem."

Juju Rafii
Founder, Empowered Boss Babes

Check Out How Our Members Club Helped Sistas Like You Become Impossible to Possible Women

"She Made it Possible" is where  we showcase each member of our community to help boost her brand using our social media and email marketing efforts...we love sharing how our ladies Made the Impossible -Possible in record time. Read our past blog articles to motivate you to take inspired action to make things happen in your biz. Features are FREE for any members of our Impossible to Possible Women Facebook GroupYou'll hear stories from all types of ladies, from various industries and from around the world. We've featured women in our past blog issues about what they've been up to, but not like this. These ladies will come in and GUEST SPEAK to share their knowledge, resources and offers with you. These Impossible to Possible Women all are Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable when it came to being Kickass to Face their Fears so they could achieve their goals and FINALLY start Living Their Best Life! I pray they inspire you to Make the Impossible-Possible! 

Check out what each featured applicant receives:

  • 7 Day Promotion Marketing Campaign to Spotlight your Feature, Speak, Business and Offers inside of our blog, email, and social media 
  • Blog Article (Inside the article you will showcase your biz, one offer, your #1 biz fear and which Wilder Success Strategy helped you to kickass past the fear)
  • Facebook Livestream Opportunities (Hop onto a Livestream 1-5 times inside our FREE Facebook group "Great way to introduce your brand + offers + practice your lives")
  • Monthly Access to Private Membership Club- Interact with our Impossible to Possible Women, the Most Awesome and Lovefilled Sistahood that Gives You the Accountability and Support You Need. Have Limited Access to All of Our Masterclasses + Challenges + Bonuses + Special Offers and more.
  • Monthly Access to Private  Speaker Portal (Guest Speak in our Group Coaching, Support in Group Coaching Calls, Answer member questions anytime directly inside the portal and show these ladies why I selected you to support their journey)
  • Special Offer to Join our Sistahood Receive a Special Offer for you and your community to Join our Impossible to Possible Women Members Club at $297/Month (Reg $997) so you can Face the Fear Together!!
  • + So Much More: Free Masterclasses, Special Mastermind, Speaker Offers, etc.

What's Up Sista, I'm Gwendolen 

Founder of the Impossible to Possible Women movement, Certified Business Strategist and Author of, "It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence", Christian, Mom and obsessed with gummy bears, olives and lakes. I've been learning the art of colorfully surviving entrepreneurship since 2010 when I started my first business. Even though that business was wildly successful (awarded $5M contract + 187 staff + $1M revenue)- my journey was not always as smooth without obstacles, full of clients, cooperative staff, supportive spouse, confidence or even fulfillment- you know what I'm saying sista? No? How about this? I closed my first business due to a nervous breakdown due to domestic violence and to deal with a past sexual assault (yea, people thought I was crazy giving up all that money). After taking 4 years off to drink margaritas by the pool, heal and recover - I heard God tell me to "Tell Your Story". After ignoring him for about a year-I went back to university to receive my third degree in Psychology (not that I needed another one) and I finally rebranded myself as a Certified Business Strategist and Published my first book (getting paid $2500/hr to guest speak, sold 400+ books, etc.). Helping female entrepreneurs like you to create, launch and scale your dream biz so you can become self-confident, financially independent and FINALLY Live Your Best Life! My Mission is to support you professionally, guide you spiritually and inspire you to Face the Fear Together and Become Impossible to Possible Women!

What Do You Perceive As Impossible & We Can Help You Make Possible?

We're here to support you inside our membership with all of these goodies...

Choose YOUR Membership Level

Only you know what you're dealing with right now (until we speak that Check out the various ways we can help you Kickass past your biz fears...there are various price levels so NO MORE EXCUSES!! NOTE: I'm not going to let you sit inside the FREE Level forever...I'm going to empower you but, YOU will be excited to move to the next level in our sistahood- so that won't be a problem!🤩


50% Complete Superstar!


Register for the upcoming 1 Hour LIVE training session and receive replay access and a free blueprint to guide you to further success.

Explore how to endear yourself to your audience and your peers by sharing your story authentically while building up your expertise and credibility.