Kickass Business Survivors, The Art of Colorfully Surviving Entrepreneurship!

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This booklet is for you, IF you're an entrepreneur or an author and you've felt as lost as a star in the universe along with other superstars launching similar businesses or writing about the same topic...IF you're ready to Kickass and stand out...IF you've owned a business for years, but aren't attracting the ideal clients you want...IF you know your product, program or service is Kickass; but you don't know how to market it properly...IF you're an established business professional with a vision of guest speaking, being on TV, Launching your own TV Series and being seen as your industry Go-To-Expert...

Then, the Kickass Business Survivor Booklet is perfect for you!

Discover where to start your entrepreneurial journey, how to build a business based on a book, creative ways to write a book, how to harness the power of a published book and how to give back to your community.

This booklet gives you real-actionable strategies on how to Build a Business Based on Passion. I don't hold back! I give you the exact steps I used for business growth, marketing, hiring, outsourcing, increasing profits, optimization, my client successes as well as my own. For example, I share the process I used to be awarded a $5M Joint Venture Government Contract in my first business; and why I gave it all up to write on the beach.

Learn how successful business owners manage personal and professional brands as they learn to survive the entrepreneurial journey.


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