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Join this FREE 5 Day Challenge where I teach you to say I'm a, "Kickass Business Survivor!" so you can start to receive quick wins in writing your first book, creating a business, finding clients and more.

During the Challenge, I will support you using quick 10 min videos inside a Private Facebook Community. This allows me to really get into deep conversations after and help you with solving that BIG problem which is keeping you from being a Kickass Author or Entrepreneur.

As your accountability partner, I will provide you with 1 quick, super simple, but effective daily Kickass Goals (Action Step) and Prizes i.e. cash, coaching, and more... which will help bring you closer to Attain Wilder Success!

Come join me as I inspire and motivate you to create that first manuscript draft, product, program or service so you can say to the world I'm a, "Kickass Business Survivor!"

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Gwendolen Wilder

Published Author, Certified Business Strategist & Consultant

Hi I’m Gwendolen, a Certified Business Strategist and lover of all things writing, creating and business. I’ve had a journal in my hands since I was about 11 years old growing up on the dirt roads of North Carolina; which I believed actually primed my writing

I’ve been coaching, counseling and consulting since I received my 3 degrees in Business Management, Social Services, and Psychology; Applied Behavioral Analysis while at the same time serving 21 honorable years in the United States Air Force…and a total of 30+ years if you include my first successful business after retirement where I was awarded a $5M joint venture government contract.

Before becoming a Published Author and Consultant for San Antonio Texas’ key corporate leaders…teaching and helping others craft their messages has always been apart of my life DNA and the more I work with my freak-n awesome clients and 35K+ Facebook Followers…the more I appreciate giving value to help writers and entrepreneur’s dreams come true.

But because I’m a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and a believer in Christ; I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of each day and the opportunity to help others learn from my journey, resources, etc. In an effort to help them learn to tell their stories and build a successful business based off their “Hot Ass Mess” crisis as I say…lol I launched my New 2 Week Intensive Kickass Business Survivors.

I am 100% committed saying, “My Success is Non-Negotiable”, I’m super stoked to hear you say it and even more excited to show you inside my FREE 5 Day Challenge how to Tell Your Story to Become an Entrepreneur that Gives Community Value…which are the elements of becoming a Kickass Business Survivor!

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