LET'S WORK TOGETHER! Every step of the way you will be working with myself and my amazing team of industry experts as we create the most immersive learning experience possible online.

Have you dreamed of starting a business that's authentic and a true representation of your passion and inner journey?

Do you crave the chance to finally get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper for others to read in your first book?

Are you ready to start living your life with greater self-confidence, strength and productivity; so you can say..."I'm Kickass!"

Well Guess What?

You hit the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket! This is exactly where you need to be!

I'm Gwendolen Wilder, I'm a Published Author, Certified Business Strategist & Consultant. And, it's my absolute pleasure and passion to help you attain Wilder Success. As a Certified Business Strategist, I help smart business professionals such as yourself from all industries, regardless if they have experienced abuse or not.

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My private 1:1 coaching packages range from FREE to $20K as coaching days ranging from 1 hour-12 weeks. I specifically designed my business pricing model that way to afford everyone the opportunity to Attain Wilder Success. All coaching sessions are created to help entrepreneurs learn to Attain Wilder Success thru using my signature...

4 Point Foundational Framework:

  • "Success Begins with ME", this guided blueprint is used in all frameworks, regardless of whether you're a business mover and shaker, entrepreneurs, writer, survivor, etc. I help you to understand that all positive changes must begin with you. It forces you to take accountability for your actions and processes so you will attain Wilder Success.
  • It's OK To Tell My Story", with this guided blueprint, I help entrepreneurs understand how to gain independence, self-confidence and self-awareness by learning to craft their story to make it profitable and valuable opportunity for them, their family and community. It empowers entrepreneurs to transform into Kickass Business Survivors by sharing their truths, perceptions and ability to regain control of their lives by properly positioning their vulnerability.
  • "Build a Business Based on Passion", with this guided blueprint, I teach entrepreneurs how to build a business based on what they enjoy. Entrepreneurs can experience unbelievable amounts of freedom and wilder prosperity in their finances and personal lives- finally achieve that illusive work life balance. It allows you to work doing what you enjoy, give amazing value and in turn; it will lead to increased happiness and fulfillment.
  • "Turn Domestic Violence into an Opportunity", with this guided blueprint, I help not only individuals, but Key Decision Makers develop Positive Corporate Behaviors by using awareness, prevention and intervention strategies. It ensures ownership and increased community action.

Even though I work with traditional entrepreneurs.

My love is working with those suffering from abuse such as bullying, workplace harassment, domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc.But, the goal is the same whether it be for an entrepreneur or abuse survivor; gain self-confidence, more assertiveness, financial independence and more through entrepreneurship.

I believe Kickass Survivors have that something extra which is needed to forge forward in have a strong heart and now I want to help you create a strong business. I will help you to move past focusing on fear, anxiety, safety, etc. to focusing on financial stability for you and your family so you can become a Kickass Business Survivor that positively impacts your community with massive value.

So, What's a Kickass Business Survivor?

A Kickass Survivor is a term I use for "Anyone" abuse or non-abuse related that decided to Properly Position themselves for Success by aligning with those doing better than themselves (not monetarily) to secure a more positive future for themselves, their family and their community.

A Kickass Business Survivor possesses those qualities and more!

They are learning as I say, "The Art of Colorfully Surviving Entrepreneurship!" And, while they are on this journey; I Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Desired Success!

Working together, gone will be the days of stressing, worrying, and trying to figure it all out alone...but instead, Welcome the days ahead with learning how to deal with mental focus and win at the game of business. You will no longer just function in your life, but you will thrive in your life. No more worry of being controlled in your personal or business relationships, but now you will DOMINATE in both your personal and professional brands.



Success is not easy- but when you align yourself with the right support, experts and makes the journey less challenging and a lot more exciting.

So, how did I get to this point?

I became a Published Author and Certified Business Strategist after going thru an absolutely horrific situation dealing with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; it almost ruined me. I'm sharing this story with you because it's key in helping you understand that...

I've been where you've been and I learned not only how to, "Turn Domestic Violence into an Opportunity", but I share with you how to become a Kickass Boss, Author and general Badass at Life!

My business journey started in 1990 when I first joined the United States Air Force (USAF). My primary duty was serving as an Installation Director for the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Alternate Dispute Resolution Program. Basically, I counseled, investigated and training on all things dealing with EEO and Conflict Management.

I loved that job so much, I decided to start working part-time investigating EEO Complaints, Mediation and Compliance Training. Well, I kicked butt and after 6 months of being in business for myself working nights out of extra bedroom; I was awarded a $5M joint venture government contract. So, I told the USAF to, "Kick Rocks" lol and I retired after 21 years of honorable service so I could focus full time on my new business.

That business really took off.

I hired 187 people to help me facilitate that business and I was awarded another $2M individual government contract, multiple civilian contracts, was identified as the fastest growing small business in San Antonio at the time and life from the outside was fantastic i.e. nice cars, big home, etc.

But, what a lot of people didn't realize was, I was also dealing with domestic violence at the same time; both at home and bullying by my abuser in my physical sucked. Eventually, it all took its toll and I closed the business so I could focus on leaving my abuser, self-healing, recovery, etc.

Well, that turned out to be the best decision I could've ever made for myself. I decided to not work in the Conflict Resolution world any longer, but to focus on domestic violence and helping to bridge the gap between individuals and businesses. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it all happen; I just had a dream, passion and wanted to make it happen.

The smart decision I made that changed my life was hiring a business mastermind. literally, within 2 months of hiring my multi-millionaire mastermind (whose a true sweetheart), my life immediately shifted.  I started my second business, published my first book (sold 100 copies before printing) and raised money in charity donations for two domestic violence shelters.

Since that time...

I was named a San Antonio Women of Influence (only 8), the Family Violence Prevention Services Survivor Ambassador, guest speak with my city's Mayor and District Attorney, get paid $1800 for key note speaking for 1 hour, hold 2-3 book tours a month, in TV appearances 2-3 times per month and I launched my own TV Show...freak-n awesome right?

Now, don't get me wrong...I love the money, attention, etc. that I was making when I was working in the Conflict Resolution was really great money.

But, bridging the gap between abuse and business is way better!

For me, it's really all about the opportunity to positively affect change and it not feeling like work. I often tell people how I love working by the pool, on the beach or somewhere chillaxn....and it's so true.

That's where I do my best As a matter of fact, that's how I built my signature coaching programs.


Are You a Business Owner, Writer or Survivor of Abuse Looking to Reclaim Control?

Get the strategies, support and clarity to attain wilder success in your industry and life. All you have to do is select a program and Book a Kickass Discovery Session to begin your new success journey. Click an image to learn more about that specific coaching program...

You Learn What I Learn!

I use the exact same successful strategies I personally developed for my personal and professional brands; as well as strategies I learned from my mentors...all to help you become an industry influencer, leverage media and change the direction for both of your brands.

Using Business Management, I'll help you Welcome and orientate new managers, Learn ways to successfully coach and mentor, Learn ways to measure and evaluate performance, How to handle complications, Communicate between employees and managers, Conduct a personal inventory, Create an action plan, Establish personal goals and more.

Facilitating Entrepreneurship, I help you Get clear on mission & visions, Review current situations for pitfalls, Make the business more effective with SMART Goals & tracking systems, Use problem solving & decision-making, Become more effective with personal productivity, priority & time management, Understand the connection between personal & professional effectiveness, Create a work life balance using self-management, Motivate yourself to success using life balance & energy and more!

Through Self-Management you'll learn how to Achieve goals to stay energized, Keep moving forward & get things done, Enjoy spending more time with people who inspire & support you, Do more of what you love & less of what you don't, Be more effective & successful with purposeful planning & supportive daily habits, Learn to take stock of where you are in life, Stop procrastinating & learn to Manage the "Hot Ass Mess", Learn to brainstorm ideas to become unstuck in life and more!

Engaging my Consulting Management, you'll be able to Create Kickass client programs, Learn to Love Yourself with Self Management, Create super easy email marketing systems, Feel like a superstar about your work, Learn how to manage your brand during a "Hot Ass Mess" crisis, Sell $7-$5000 programs, Overcome self esteem barriers, Consistently attain high monthly income, Attract your ideal clients, Review Sales Marketing, Identify target audience/ideal clients, Overcoming objections, Break the crystal ball & get the answers about what to charge and more!

Can I Guarantee Results?

I do not have a magic wand! I will put in my 150% effort with assisting you to achieve your goals. But, this is what I know for sure...your success begins and ends with you!!

Your transformation is going to be hard initially, because it's new to you. But, I will be there with you each step of the way; helping you create a life you seek and deserve. I will give you every took inside my tool kit I feel will help you attain Wilder Success. But...

And, listen closely...

You have to trust the process and do the work. I absolutely can not guarantee a specific result or a specific dollar amount income increase.


What's Included in Every Mastercourse...

As a foundational baseline, regardless which program you select; each coaching experience will consist of these factors as a minimum. Even though you will receive a tailored experience, in every package I include Business Management strategies to help you learn the basics of entrepreneurship, how to become a better leader and turn your story into a profitable opportunity. I go further by teaching you Self-Management to discover the keys to personal happiness to build a successful empire, and Consulting so you can become the new sought-after expert in your industry.

Private 1:1 Coaching

  • 1 Discovery Session (60 Mins)
  • Weekly 60 Minute Tailored Coaching (2-12 Sessions)
  • 1 Tailored Strategy Plan
  • 1 Mastery Coaching Program 
  • Module Training (8-12 Time Released)
  • Interactive Workbooks (1-12)
  • Well Defined Outcomes 
  • Pay in full or payment options

Wilder Community

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly affirmations & boosters
  • Unlimited email support and feedback to attain success
  • Inspirational information, personal stories, motivating mantras
  • celebration upon completion of program
  • Freedom to live, laugh & love knowing I'm with you on this journey

Bonus Collection

  • Unlimited Access to Kickass LEADS Members Club
  • Unlimited Access to VIP Book Club
  • Unlimited Access to Wilder Entrepreneurs Academy
  • Access to every new 2018 business training bundle
  • Access to Guest Expert Consultations and Training sessions
  • Wilder Livestream Media Bonus pack (Publisher Credits, Social Media Marketing, TV Interview & TV Commercial)

Check Out What My Clients Have to Say...

To see more testimonials from my Superstar Clients and Joint Venture Besties...[Click Here]

Laura Ann Campbell, Founder Truth Evolution, LLC "Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves.

Linda Marie Canizales, Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. “Domestic Violence is an issue that is at the core of our community. As a domestic violence advocate in San Antonio, Texas, it is important to me to help raise awareness about domestic violence and help support programs that are in place who serve victims of abuse.
I have read many articles and cases about domestic violence and have attended countless trainings. However, after reading " It's OK To Tell My Story," I was able to live vicariously through the eyes of a true survivor who shared all her accounts of abuse. I cried, I laughed, and then I was angry.  Once I completed the book, I  felt a sense of calmness knowing that she made it out alive and is spending her time " telling her story" and combating domestic violence with the rest of the community. The piece of the book that I most enjoyed was learning about the helpful tips a bystander, friend or family member can help with if a loved one is experiencing abuse in their life.
It is very important that we stop the silence to help others break away from the cycle of violence. I think " It's OK To Tell My Story" is a beautiful personal testimonial that will give others the motivation and courage to reach out and tell their story too.”

Erick EEO counselor, Captain (Ret) USAF “Gwendolen's ability to apply her mastery of effective listening during client engagement ensures she fully understands their needs, desires & ambitions...she accomplishes this in a way rarely encountered in business today”.

Jerome Ellis, Seymour Johnson AFB, Family Advocacy Manager, "This book is revolutionary...a game changer that is altering lives of domestic violence victims in the AF one day at a time. It connects one perfectly to their "past" and helps one to better understand that most of us had no control over what we are exposed to as children.

It teaches us that those experiences, negative or positive become a part of who we are as adults, but should not determine who we become as adults. It educates us regarding our "present" in that most people enter into relationships with good intentions, making it even more difficult for one to accept when things begin going badly.

The book offers insight into the thought that every thing we love is not necessarily good for us. Most importantly it provides victims with the concept of "choices" regarding their "future" and educates one about accessing resources that empower. A must read for many of our DV victims...therapeutic and enlightening!"

Amazon reader- Vnunez-msluv2read "Having a friend in an abusive relationship, I often wondered "WHY"? Why does she stay? Why won't she leave? This book answered those questions for me. I never looked at it the way that things were presented in this book. It was an eye-opener. At times, it made me mad, angry, etc, but I kept on reading, but I must admit it was not due to the writing, but the situations. That question popped up again, "WHY"? To the author, thank you. Thank you for giving me a way to look at domestic abuse in another way. No, I still do not feel it is right, but I can look at things a bit differently now and understand the WHY question better than before..."


Still Have Questions?

Review the most commonly asked questions...and if you still have more questions feel free to book a Kickass Discovery Session so we can chat...

You Make This Program Different!

I listen to you explain your goals, challenges and vision; I build your program around you. Yes, you are going to receive modules of training. But, what sets my private 1:1 coaching experience apart from other coaches is how I help you get laser focused on balancing your personal and professional brands so you can spend more time doing what you love, with whom you love and make money doing it. Note: Prices vary between programs.

Come As You Are!

This is a pleasant very casual experience; think of me as your soon to be You don't need to know everything coming into this program. I will show you exactly how to implement; but taking the actionable steps will all be up to you. I will be right there supporting you every step of the way. Note: Every experience and result will be different and success listed is not guaranteed.

This is a Limited Opportunity!

Working together is a precious experience. I don't work with just anybody; I value my time. While in session, I give a ton of energy, value and time to each of my Private Clients. Because of that, I try to be selective to whom I give my value. I love working with those that can see and appreciate my worth, their worth and are willing to put in the time and work needed. Hence, why I ask for all applicants to submit a Mastercourse Discovery Session Application. It allows both you and I see if we will be a good fit for each other. Note: Some programs are only available as live or pre-recorded sessions; read the individual sales pages before purchase.


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