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It's OK To Be Happy

Register now and receive an opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching. This 3 Day training series on Happiness which challenges you to spend more time with people that energize your life.

Discover ways to break free from draining or toxic relationships. Identify what you spend your time with, understanding the affects of different relationships and action steps to escape the energy vampires.

Is fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment, etc. keeping you from leaving a relationship?

Did you recently end a relationship with your bestie and you're not really sure why or how to move on?

Do you feel like hiding, sleeping all day and just not doing anything but crying?

Here's a will get past this and...

"It's OK to Be Happy!"

The reasons why others do what they do is NOT your responsibility...they are unhappy in some area of their are only responsible for your happiness.

It's time to say, "Kick Rocks" and it's time for you to run on full speed away from what has been keeping you in that locked box of sadness, guilt, fear, shame,'s time to run away from that which is keeping you from living your happiest life.

Do you often say to yourself... If I can just do this, it'll be OK or Someday things will be different or We just need a minute and it'll work itself out....

Newsflash...that's fear and unhappiness talking.

I invented the term Kickass Survivor because I used to live in all those negatives and then one day I realized...yeah enough of that, "Hot Ass Mess". I realized it was time to tell my abuser and negative friends to "Kick Rocks" because I wanted to get out of anxiety and live in happiness, love, peace and calm.

So, my question to you is this...Is it OK for You to be happy?

For a limited time, I'm offering my FREE 3 Day Challenge It's OK To Be Happy which discusses one very important aspect..."Letting Go!"

Whether you're in an intimate relationship, abusive relationship or a friendship which went off the rails...I've been there and what I learned was this...There's that very scary real moment when you know...

It's Time to Let Go!

For 3 Days, inside this Free training I cover patterns of bearing grudges, holding onto the past or resisting change.

This 3 day training series on  Happiness challenges you to spend more time with people that energize your life.

Discover ways to break free from draining or toxic relationships. Identify what you spend your time with, understanding the affects of different relationships and action steps to escape the energy vampires.

I know exactly what it is like to hold onto the past...because it's familiar and comfortable.

Trust me, I was in an abusive relationship for over 20 years and had some pretty awkward relationships with my friends because of I know the affects of holding

Here's how you will tell negative vibes to Kick Rocks:

Day 1: Explores WHY you are holding on and the benefits of Letting Go. People often hang onto things which cloud their minds and drain them of energy-preventing them from moving forward.

Day 2: Set boundaries by learning to say NO so you don't spend time getting derailed or dealing with other people's problems.

Day 3: Engage in unique and helpful ways to choose happiness which will have a robust effect on your personal and professional lives. It will improve your communication, productivity and and work life balance.

The 3 Day Free training Includes:

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What People Are Saying:

““Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves.””

Laura Ann Campbell, Founder Truth Evolution, LLC

““This book is revolutionary, a game changer that is altering lives of domestic violence victims in the AF one day at a time…””

Jerome L. Ellis, Family Advocacy Program Manager, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

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However, this process does not replace legal counsel, individual counseling, etc. You attended this Program because you are tired of the same results and you are looking for something new, so, I ask for you to please; “Trust the Process”.

The Success center will challenge all four areas of your life: Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. This is in an effort to help you reach that total person concept, center of well-being and high functioning level of self-awareness so you can attain success.

Give yourself time to effectively implement the strategies and do something different. If you continue to use the same routines in-conjunction with the center recommendations; the process will not be as effective. You have to be all in or nothing at all.

Understand, weekly goals will be set and expected to be followed. The program requires dedication and hard work to affect change. By purchasing this program you agree to make a concerted effort and understand that it takes time to initiate change into daily habits of thinking and acting.

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