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What is Kickass LEADS?

It's a Freak-n Awesome online "Family" of international entrepreneurs of all races, genders, religions, experiences, and industries i.e. Authors, Consultants, Chefs, Physical Fitness, Photographers, Builders, Event Management, etc.

The goal is simple...Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success!

In this online forum, I bridge the gap between abuse and business. I help entrepreneurs suffering from abuse to transform into Kickass Survivors by developing financial independence, self-worth, self-confidence & business acumen.

But, I also mentor existing business professionals not affected by abuse with starting, running & growing successful businesses while developing positive corporate behaviors.

You learn topics ranging from Business Sales, Personal Branding, Soft Skills, Social Media and Networking, to Corporate Behaviors, Domestic Violence, Becoming an Author, Stress, Happiness, Personal Productivity, Work Life Balance, Goal Setting and more.

1 Create a Kickass Goal

Whether your Goal is Personal or Professional; I'm here to help you get clear with discovering and achieving it.

You will fall back in love with yourself as the bundles are focused on achieving a balance in overall well-being and I use my "4 Total Aspects of Self" concept to achieve this. There's a bundle for each area...Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional.

I'll help you identify your professional mission, vision, audience and strategies to achieve success.

For Personal goals, I'll help you identify your passion, obstacles  and how to turn your crisis into an opportunity.

2 Tell Your Story

Your success regardless if Personal or Professional, begins with a story...I help you craft your story in a way that will help you to move past barriers, grow as a individual and learn to use it to help you succeed in life.

3 Receive Support

You'll receive LIVE training, Module Release information, challenges, quizzes, 24/7 support from me, industry experts & your new Family for all your questions and more to help you build your resource arsenal so you can Kickass in life and work.

Look who've I've helped thus far:

" "Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves."

Laura Ann Campbell
Founder Truth Evolution, LLC

"I have read many articles and cases about domestic violence and have attended countless trainings. However, after reading " It's OK To Tell My Story," I was able to live vicariously through the eyes of a true survivor who shared all her accounts of abuse. I cried, I laughed, and then I was angry. Once I completed the book, I felt a sense of calmness knowing that she made it out alive and is spending her time " telling her story" and combating domestic violence with the rest of the community. The piece of the book that I most enjoyed was learning about the helpful tips a bystander, friend or family member can help with if a loved one is experiencing abuse in their life... "

Linda Marie Canizales
Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

"You have definitely cracked the code. I loved the Masterclass! It explained how to increase followers, the importance and value of being able to increase followers as well as conversions to paid customers!! No one is sharing how to grow Social Media followers..."

Andrella Pusha
Power and Pathways, LLC


Monthly Bundles

Strategies from industry experts. When you join, you'll receive immediate access to my Kickass Products library full of Business, Self-Awareness & Domestic Violence step-by-step training, challenges, interviews, receive my autographed book & more. You'll receive a brand new bundle of Awesomeness each month!!

Live Q&A

This is where all the Fun Happens! Each week you can submit your questions on various work & life obstacles and you'll receive answers, feedback and resources to help you Kickass in your 4 Total Aspects of Life (Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional)

Kickass Member

Each month, I will select 1 super amazing member that has made significant strides in their Personal & Professional lives to be highlighted, receive 1 FREE 90 minute 1:1 Coaching Session and 1 FREE LIVE Interview on my upcoming TV Series to help you further Attain Wilder Success!

Here's a sneak peak in random order of what's waiting for you ...Join Now!

Plus We'll Get to Kickass More...

I'll be with you each and every step of the way inside Kickass LEADS, always ready to help you tell your obstacles to, "Kick Rocks!" Feel free to ask me anything...because I feel the best way to grow is by helping others grow!

I'm extremely serious and dedicated to helping you succeed, so much so, that I'll connect you to my resources, show you how I've built my Facebook group to over 35K,  how I'm building my 7 Figure business, why I published my 1st book, how the process is different for the 2nd book, how I turned my book into a TV Series and how I get "Asked" monthly to be featured on various TV, Newspaper and Online platforms.

My mission, as I understand it from God; is to show you how I Kickass in my personal and professional life so you can see that you can do it as well.

My goal for 2018 is to actually offer the opportunity for us to meet in person via my Livestream TV Series, "It's OK to Tell My Story with Gwendolen". It's a great way for me to feature my awesome clients, for you to receive a much needed "ME Time" Retreat and for you to show the you're Kickass as an Author, Entrepreneur and/or Survivor.

And More...


I'm Going to Challenge You to Attain Wilder Success!

If you’re committed to following your dreams to success, when you join I'm going to challenge you with 2 Kickass Goals to help you reveal amazing results within 30 days.


Create a SMART Goal. Decide what your largest most massive goal to date for yourself will be. Then, post it in the Members Club and as a family...we'll help you rock your success with our tracking and measurement systems to help you make it happen.


Be a Sponge! Go through everything available within the Members Club and soak it all up to help you succeed...all the trainings, challenges, experts, etc...and watch what happens.

If you've not made any major progress by the end of the 30 days; I'll happily refund you after you validate how you tried to succeed.

This is a Win-Win situation-so get ready to Attain Wilder Success!

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