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“Domestic Violence is an issue that is at the core of our community. As a domestic violence advocate in San Antonio, Texas, it is important to me to help raise awareness about domestic violence and help support programs that are in place who serve victims of abuse.
I have read many articles and cases about domestic violence and have attended countless trainings. However, after reading " It's Ok To Tell My Story," I was able to live vicariously through the eyes of a true survivor who shared all her accounts of abuse. I cried, I laughed, and then I was angry.  Once I completed the book, I  felt a sense of calmness knowing that she made it out alive and is spending her time " telling her story" and combating domestic violence with the rest of the community. The piece of the book that I most enjoyed was learning about the helpful tips a bystander, friend or family member can help with if a loved one is experiencing abuse in their life.
It is very important that we stop the silence to help others break away from the cycle of violence. I think " It's Ok To Tell My Story" is a beautiful personal testimonial that will give others the motivation and courage to reach out and tell their story too.”
— Linda Marie Canizales, Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

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