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Watch this really super TV interview as I share insight into why I love being a Certified Business Strategist working with my amazing individual and corporate clients...


Why I love Volunteering with the Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. and Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence organizations


Have you ever experienced a traumatic event and wondered: Where do I go from here?

Our guest this week, Gwendolen Wilder, can relate. Gwendolen is a domestic violence survivor who used her life experiences to uplift others. When I first connected with Gwendolen, she was a client in our Business Mastery program. She had written a captivating book, It’s OK To Tell My Story, and was seeking guidance on how to move forward.

With the help of the Business Mastery program, this domestic violence survivor and retired United States Air Force veteran used her book about how she overcame trauma as a launching pad for her consulting business and has joined us to discuss her process and share tips for other women who may identify with her journey.

Check out this week’s episode of It Girl Radio about turning trauma into triumph!


[2:43] Gwendolen talks about how she got started
[5:37] Gwendolen discusses how Business Mastery transformed her business
[9:22] The major pivot in Gwendolen’s business
[16:06] Gwendolen shares her perspective on the power of media networking
[17:05] Gwendolen talks about how to build relationships with corporate clients
[25:10] Gwendolen talks about what’s next for her
[27:02] Gwendolen discusses the power of finding the right coach
[30:53] Gwendolen gives advice to women that have experienced a setback

Key Insights Shared on this episode

“I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew I wanted to do it.”

“I was very passionate about getting the story out and working with corporations but sending individual emails manually was draining the life out of me. You taught me about email sequences and it changed my life. I was shocked!”

“I decided to go out and volunteer because of the Business Mastery program… I used volunteering to position myself with my potential ideal client…and was able to get more familiar with what my client really needed.”

“By working with big corporations, coming in and doing filmed guest speaking opportunities, I’m able to take that media footage and put it on my website.”

“The key [in finding a coach] is to find someone that really understands what you want to do and why you want to do it, and then can say ‘okay you need to do A, B, C, and D’.”

“Don’t quit! God gives us all very unique talents and gifts and it’s up to us to engage them.”

“Surround yourself with people who are doing well…not necessarily financially, but mentally and emotionally as well.”

Gwendolen joined the Family Violence and Prevention Services program as a guest speaker for an event benefiting the Battered Women and Children's Shelter along with Mayor Ron Nirenberg and other distinguished guests at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio for a luncheon celebrating strength and resiliency of women and mothers. Click the image to listen to Gwendolen speak

Domestic Violence is an ever rising problem in San Antonio TX and in this short interview with Fox 29, Gwendolen shares a few tips on how to hopefully make a change for the better.

Gwendolen had a ton of fun writing this article for Memoirs of a Good Thing as she  shared her strategies to become a Kickass Survivor.

Listen to this powerful Jake Nicolle Novel Podcast as Gwendolen speaks to why she wrote the book, started the business and why she's passionate about bridging the gap between abuse and business.

Watch this video with KSAT 12 as Gwendolen demonstrates how she partners with  Family Violence Prevention Services to conduct her Domestic Violence Training for Key Corporate Decision Makers and Employees; in the hopes of saving lives and creating community change.

San Antonio TX District Attorney (DA) Candidate Forum, Listen as Gwendolen challenges DA Candidates with tough questions on domestic violence from herself and her readers. She holds no punches as she seeks answers on how to improve the quality of life for victims and survivors of abuse.

Watch Gwendolen's interview with News 4 San Antonio during her interview with April Molina's piece on, "Boyfriends and Babies are a Bad Combination". Gwendolen share's her experience of how she tried to protect her child from the domestic violence abuse she endured and how the Family Violence Prevention Services Program helped save her life.

Gwendolen shares her 3 Step Blueprint to Kickass & Become an Author.

Discover the foundations for her upcoming Author Mastery Program where she shares how to build a business based off a book; writing essentials, business strategies and how it all starts with self-management. She covers in-depth information in the areas of self-awareness, crisis management, goal setting, research, planning, writing, publishing, funding, marketing and more. Gwendolen shares her actual experiences (good and bad) and the differences she learned in writing gratitude journals, fiction book, non-fiction book and a non-fiction chapter in an Anthology.

Gwendolen is a contributing author inside the coalition's new book, "STAND UP, SPEAK OUT AGAINST WORKPLACE BULLYING, Your Guide to Survival & Victory Through 22 Real Life Testimonies". Her chapter, "How to Manage Your Brand During a 'Hot Ass Mess' Crisis" discusses the connection to workplace bullying and domestic violence. Order now... the book is due to release is early 2018.

Gwendolen is a Spotlight Speaker for this amazing event and will discuss the connection between virtual workplaces, workplace bullying and domestic violence.

Gwendolen is a private mentor for military students at Syracuse University. She provides 1:1 Coaching full of guidance, advice, tools and successful action plans to start, run and grow a business.

Gwendolen was one of the Family Violence Prevention Services Survivor Guest Speakers at UT Health Institute discussing the connection between domestic violence and physician care. Promoting awareness with other amazing Kickass Author Survivors such as Spicee Gray.

Gwendolen Guest Speaking to the Family Violence Prevention Services Staff during a United Way Campaign to help encourage participation to support this worthy cause.

Gwendolen joint venturing with United Way and Family Violence Prevention Services to help increase support during the United Way campaign.

LA Wave Newspaper Book Corner

Focus on South Texas

SAN ANTONIO- Gwendolen Wilder, Author and Business Strategist, discussed how survivors of abuse can use entrepreneurship strategies such as her Wilder Mastermind, or W.I.L.D.E.R., 6-point business strategy to turn crisis into an opportunity for financial independence, self-confidence, and assertiveness.

KSAT 12 with Courtnery Freidman

Focus on South Texas Episode 2

Launch SA, Gwendolen was 1 of 5 City Wide Finalist for the Small Business Administration Innovate HER 2017 Challenge

Gwendolen is spotlighted as 1 of 8 San Antonio Women of Power 

PUBLISH A BOOK PODCAST, with Adam Ashton, Australia






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