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Learn how the author of, "It's OK to Tell My Story..." had the courage to face her fear, tell her story and build a business based on her book.

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It's OK to Tell My Story!

This is not just a tag line-it's a movement to help you write, tell and sell your story. This private coaching is where Gwendolen will be able to guide you during 6 weeks or 12 weeks of on-line classes and tailored processes to help you learn creative writing, entrepreneurship strategies and author mindset skills so you can write your book in 30 days and  build a business based on your book.

You will receive:

  • Private Coaching
  • Expert Consultants
  • Modules of Training
  • Workbooks
  • Private Members Portal
  • Community Support
  • Resources
  • And more!

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"It took me longer than I intended to finish this book. I had to put it down. It was heartwrenching. Too close to home. But I got it. I can see how the idea of love can allow you to completely lose yourself. I get how abuse can be so subtle, you don't even know it's happening. Until the end. Then I could NOT put it down. The author reached her breaking point. She became empowered! She took back her life. She forgave and she moved on. Stronger! Better! Smarter! Sometimes it takes going through your worst times to get to your best times. She has recovered, and now, through this book, she is reaching out to so many others and helping them through their healing. Thank you for sharing your story. It was a great read!"

Nadine Griffiths-Brooks
Amazon Reader

"I couldn't put this book down. It felt like I was having a conversation with a friend. I gained insight on how to respond if approached by a loved one in a similar situation."

Amazon Reader

"“This book is revolutionary, a game changer that is altering lives of domestic violence victims in the AF one day at a time…”"

Jerome Ellis
Seymour Johnson AFB, Family Advocacy Manager

""Having a friend in an abusive relationship, I often wondered "WHY"? Why does she stay? Why won't she leave? This book answered those questions for me. I never looked at it the way that things were presented in this book. It was an eye-opener…to the author, thank you. Thank you for giving me a way to look at domestic abuse in another way...” "

V Nunez (msluv2read)
Amazon Reader

"This book was just heartbreaking but also a good teaching to young women.. I've always wondered why people stay under these conditions. Maybe I've even judged but I hope after reading this I have a better understanding and empathy for the people in these situations. This was a very good look at domestic violence. I'm sorry the author went through this but also glad she may help with her story I was given this by Netgalley for an honest opinion"

Annette H
Amazon Reader

Let's Kickass and get rid of...

  • Allowing fear of what to write or who will read your book -keep you from writing your story
  • Pulling your hair out trying to narrow down what to write about
  • Wasting time and getting frustrated trying to make your story interesting, and getting nowhere
  • Fear of not having enough money, business degrees or not having the support of your family or friends

Don't let those fears keep you one more day from writing your story or building your business!

It's time to put your Big Girl/Big Boy undies on and create a detailed plan to attain your writing success-it's time to get wilder than you've ever done before!

In order for you to become a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur writing your story and selling your books, that will skyrocket your success- you need to create a process that's organized, fun and helps you attain the wilder success you want.

Writing a worthwhile book and building a business based on your book is not an unbelievable dream only accomplished by powerful business people, literary scholars or celebrities. It's a reality for so many Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneurs around the world...

Are you ready to join them?

If you are, then apply for my private 1:1 writing coaching program and get insight into what it REALLY takes to build a business based on your book.

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This will be the most important foundation to your writing career! I'm going to show you what you need to do and it's going to Kickstart results for you!


"It's OK to Tell My Story!"




Private 1:1 Author Coaching Author The Mastercourse

The Reality of Your Dream is Literally 1 Click Away...

Hi- I'm Gwendolen, I'm Super Stoked You're Here...

From the moment I decided I wanted to Tell My Story and Build a Business Based on my Book, I had without knowing it-created my now signature W.I.L.D.E.R. 6 POINT SUCCESS STRATEGY. Using that proven strategy, I started bringing in international readers, high-end clients and amazing testimonials.

Join me and other amazing Authors as I take you behind the scenes of my international writing community inside Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneurs where I lead my Wilder Authors...

"It's OK to Tell My Story!"

I have a reach of over 36,000 Entrepreneurs and Authors over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email, book tours, guest speaks, etc. and I'm a consistent source of inspiration, support, and resources for my serious writers.

Preparing for 2019, I'm reducing my group coaching footprint to focus more on private 1:1 coaching...And, I'm limiting the amount of clients I work with to 50 Authors. And, I'm not taking applications after January 31st. So, this is your time if you've ever wanted to work with me 1:1-join now!

Here's what you learn:

  • Develop a Wilder Author Mindset
  • Write Your Wilder Book in 30 Days
  • Build Your Wilder Tribe
  • Build a Business Based on Your Book
  • Become a Wilder Storyteller
  • How to Leverage Media
  • Become a Community Influencer
  • Design Wilder Book Tours
  • Turn Your Book into an Online Course
  • Make Wilder Money Now
  • Facebook to Find Readers
  • Bonus Week of Coaching

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"Gwendolen is a servant leader who is personally invested in the success of her community. No support is too big or too small. She took time out of her busy schedule to provide a solution to a tiny problem I had. Now, that's real leadership!!"

Kimberly Ann Elahab
Kimberly Elahab Coaching LLC

""Thank you showing me the sheer possibility of what I can achieve! The structure and layout of the course has been amazing and I look forward to moving into the next session. Thanks for being you and sharing your creative visions.""

Andrella Pusha
Power and Pathways, LLC

"Phenomenal coach and mentor, my performance in business has seen a great increase."

Guillermo Miller
New York Life Insurance

"“Gwendolen's ability to apply her mastery of effective listening during client engagement ensures she fully understands their needs, desires & ambitions...she accomplishes this in a way rarely encountered in business today”."

Erick Anderson
EEO Counselor, Captain (Ret) USAF

"Thank you for being an incredible ambassador to Family Violence Prevention Services! We are reaching more victims and changing lives because of you."

Linda Canizales
Director of External Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

"“Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves.”"

Laura Ann Campbell
Founder Truth Evolution, LLC

Here is the Oprah Aha Moment I Want You to Pay Attention To...

It's OK to Tell My Story!

  • You don't have to be a well known entrepreneur (working hard for years) before you publish a book
  • You don't need to set as side a ton of hours a day to write a book
  • And you for darn sure don't need Tens of Thousands of Dollars like the big publishers are trying to get you to pay; just for publishing only

You'll find that I do things a bit different from other coaches...

I'm trying to help you invest your money into yourself (I'm going to save you money) by not just teaching you, but connecting you to my direct resources that helped me become successful.

I'm going to show you the same exact strategies I used to write, fund, publish, market, sell and get featured in social and local media, blogs, articles, radio and more.

  • None of that hoping and wishing for the perfect publisher and business mentor to find you
  • None of that begging for people to feature you as a serious Author
  • None of that nickel and dime feel of searching for book tours and clients (especially, when you learn how to "Love yourself to Find Ideal Clients and Readers")
  • None of that wasting a ton of time doing sales pitches to a potential partner only to hear, "At this time we're not interested in Authors"

The phrase, "It's OK to Tell My Story" means this...

  • Know it's OK for you to share your experience with the world and get paid for it; because you are giving value to help someone live their best life!
  • Understand it's your right-to build your business based on your passion of writing; because you deserve to live your best life!

Is the goal clear now?

It's all about living your best life doing what you love and getting paid to do it.

I will share my wisdom and resources-to help you stay laser focused, create a solid writing foundation, generate ideas, start writing your first story draft, learn to love your characters as you write your chapters, how to create that roller coaster ride feel for readers, how to write non-fiction books, help reveal what inspires you to be creative and so much more.

LET ME BE CLEAR-This is not Group Coaching!!

This private 1:1 exclusive experience is uniquely designed for you and is based on your writing goal. 

However, I do give you access to my author group coaching  training modules as a supportive resource to mentor you during each week. We may or may not cover everything listed inside of each module- because my goal is to design a tailored strategy focused on what you need right now. But, because I know what authors need along the way; I give you the modules as support to help you continue your writing journey. And giving you access to my group coaching program is a great way for you to practice networking in a safe environment along side like-minded Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneurs.

Yeah, I know-cool right?!

These are all the things I wished I knew before becoming an author and entrepreneur-all the things I learned all the way-and all the new strategies I plan to implement for 2019. These strategies will guide you each day until we meet in our private coaching sessions.

Let me show you how to deal with writers block, author imagery, style and how I use research to support my writing, but more importantly how to not allow the fun side of research delay your writing process (I'm a nerd and love research lol so this one is for all my nerdy sista/brotha writers out there)

Do you know a writers #1 obstacle?

When people think of the #1 writer obstacle they typically say it's writers block-NOPE!

The #1 writer obstacles is FEAR!

This is why one of the first obstacles I help you face as a writer is how to attack your fear of success so you can start living your best life you dreamed of.

This exclusive coaching experience is designed to get you started writing, but it's more so designed to help you get your message to a wider audience and to make money from writing.

As a result, I will share as much information as possible from finding a publisher, publicist and how to deal with toxic readers/clients and everything in between.

I'll share all the business resources I can to help you become successful.

This is Your Year to Become a Wilder Author!

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"Absolutely the Kickass Survivor Challenge Saved the Day...

...Bomb leader and your vision is her vision. Already have been there done that, you can win with Gwendolen Wilder. I am grateful that someone else believes in my book..." Edith Joyce Hall


In Module 1 Learn to...

Develop a Wilder Author Mindset

This is all about YOU and how you can live your best life! It's time to stop feeling selfish, guilty and in fear because you decided to become an author.

Dream big.

If you're a people pleaser, then this week is for you. Give yourself permission to say NO to what you don't want so you can make room for what really matters to you in becoming an author and entrepreneur.

Face the Fear Together!

Uncover what's holding you back and learn to become not only a writer, but a business minded professional. Identify the fear that's holding you back, tell it to Kick Rocks, learn that it's OK to tell your story and discover healthier habits to face the fear to become a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur and Author!

If you're letting "shoulds" and "have tos" drain your energy, then it's time to set some boundaries...and that starts with YOU!

Ask any successful author and they will tell you that readers and clients will drain you if you let them. It's not their fault, though. It's yours for not having clear boundaries to protect yourself.

How much time do you waste each and every day doing things that are unimportant, not in your zone of genius, or just plain a waste of time and keeps you off target of writing? You might be surprised how much time and effort you can save just by identifying-and then eliminating-these time suckers.

Want to resent your readers or clients?

Keep doubting yourself and charging less than you're worth and you will. It's time to take a good hard look at what you're charging and how that compares to the value and outcome you provide.

We all have readers and clients that just don't click, and looking back, we almost always say,  "I knew this was a bad fit from the start." So, why do you keep working with them? In this week, we'll dig into that phenomenon and make a plan to avoid it in the future.

Here's how to accommodate those who need you, but can't afford you yet-Just like low-end rates, discounting your books and services as an author is a recipe for resentment. Here's how to accommodate those who need you, but can't afford your high-end guest speaks, book signing, etc. yet....and without offering discounts.

Practice Gratitude with ME Time isn't just for artists and zen yoga gurus. A solid practice of Gratitude which includes focusing on what I call the 4 Total Aspects of Self will help your writing business-and you- grow!

In this Module, Discover...

  • Practicing Gratitude with ME Time
  • What Fear (Limitations) are keeping you from your success
  • Decide what you really want
  • Be honest about what you don't want
  • Set boundaries with yourself first
  • Create boundaries (and stick to them)
  • Where are your time wasters
  • Consider your price points/rates
  • Learn to say No
  • Implement a "No Discount or No Refund" policy

In Module 2 Learn to...

Write Your Wilder Book in 30 Days

What on earth are you going to write about?

This can be a difficult question. There are, after all, probably hundreds of potential topics to consider. When writing your book, choosing your topic is the single most important step in the process.

You have your book title, so now it's time to start planning the book.

I'm going to show you how creating your outline should be completed in a day to leave time for you to write, polish and publish your book.

Creating and Writing are two different things.

Listen Luv, creating a book plan and choosing a topic is one thing, actually following through is a whole other story. And, this is why this is the module where all the work happens-the writing. You will learn how to get started writing, structure, story plot, narrative point of view, character development, scenes, editing and more.

After spending all that time and energy writing your book you may be ready for a vacation. But, not yet Superstar-there's still more work to accomplish. If you want to have your book stocked in Barnes & Nobles (like my books below) you gotta keep going Luv. Writing a book with this timeline can definitely be intense-but it doesn't have to be!

In this Module, Discover...

  • Identify Your Topic-discover your passion
  • Create Kickass Goals- identify your ideal reader/client, design author objectives, and discover power of a published book
  • Outline and Plan Your Book- learn to take your book from being a giant puzzle into one beautiful masterpiece
  • Creatively Write the Book-identify the first steps and start writing
  • Continue Writing- fine tune titles, covers, images, descriptions, character development, structures, scenes , create W.I.L.D.E.R. Chapters and learning to love editing
  • Know Your Next Steps-learn how to keep the momentum going to entice readers about your next book or business venture with press releases, advertisement kits, promotions, testimonials and more.

In Module 3 Learn to...

Build Your Wilder Team

This is Your Willie Wonka Golden Ticket!

Creating your own Wilder Team isn’t some far-off dream reserved for “other business owners” with a bigger budget or endless amounts of time to train people or a lengthy corporate background in managing massive teams.

My Wilder Tribe consists of Team members I outsource. You can't become a Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur/Author without a Kickass Team.

Building a dream team–whether it’s tiny-but-mighty or ridiculously robust–is arguably the most cost effective way to make your business more efficient…when you do it right.

Stick with me Kid...lol

I'm going to introduce you to my Wilder Tribe of experts that help me to Kickass like my Publisher, Publicist, Virtual Assistant, Business Coaches, Web Maintainers and Marketing Consultants.

And because I want to see you succeed-my lovely tribe of experts come bearing gifts-lol. They each bring to the table their expertise, freebies and/or super neat special offers to help you further Attain Wilder Success.

But Better Yet...

I'm going to show you how to design the Team you need (Not everyone needs a publicist, Publisher, Makeup Artist, etc...lol)

Uncover the critical differences between outsourcing and Team Building, and find out the one resource to easily keep everyone on the same page, all the time (freak-n easy-lol), why it pays sometimes to keep it local, and why it's highly-critical to build a culture of communication and trust from the gettie-up (yea, I make up words ...lol).

In this Module, Discover...

  • How to Figure Out What Kind of Support You Need-the simple formula to help you quickly decide whether hiring someone will save you money
  • Build a Team Ready Foundation-the 5 things every author needs in place before hiring help to avoid the most common outsourcing pitfalls
  • Where and How to Find Top Talent-where to start your search for your Wilder Team
  • Train & Manage Like a Boss-the secret to getting all of your Team members to work on your projects with the same enthusiasm you do
  • Build Your Wilder Resources- Find Your Publisher, Funding Your Book Business, Author Introduction Campaigns, Sponsor Campaign, Interview Campaign

In Module 4 Learn to...

Build a Business Based on Your Book

It is even easier now a days to write, publish, market, and sell your book..and then, turn the book into a more profitable business opportunity...even faster!

But there is one major flaw with this ingenious idea...most new writers have no idea of where or how to begin.

Look, I remember the feel and thrill of writing my first book and the thoughts of future success.

And, if you were like me...you're scratching your head thinking, "How in the heck am I going to make all this happen?"

Well Superstar, I'm About to Make Your World Kickass!

It's time to set yourself apart from other entrepreneurs and authors. Nothing establishes credibility like being able to show off a book with your name on the cover.

You'll start with the basics of learning how to sell books, increase your audience size, partner in joint ventures, grow your email list, get speaking engagements and increase your rates along the way.

Learn how to build your website, break down your website foundation page by page and brand yourself for visibility.

You'll achieve this by creating a high-converting landing page, creating Kickass offers to associate with your book, teasing your readers, creating awesome email promotions and leveraging your community influence.

Finally, you'll plan your advertisement campaigns, book tour, social media marketing strategy and learn how to keep the momentum going.

In this Module, Discover...

  • W.I.L.D.E.R. 6 Point Success Strategy
  • Lay the Foundation
  • Polish your Social Presence
  • Create a Landing Page
  • Create Kindle E-Books
  • Work Your List
  • Leverage Your Connections
  • Build a Buzz
  • Plan Your Book Tours
  • Advertise
  • Launch Day
  • Plan your Next Bestseller!

In Module 5 Learn...

Become a Wilder Storyteller

OK, so you were courageous and wrote your story, and you're now building a business based on your story...Now it's time to sell it right?

But first, we need to chat about pitching your story.

So, what’s your “why”?

That’s a pretty common question in business–but it’s also critical when it comes to storytelling. Just like a can’t-put-it-down novel, the protagonist’s “why” is the driving force behind every move she makes. Your “why” is what makes you go to work every single day. Learn how to incorporate that into your marketing and storytelling, and you’ll create an instant bond with your ideal clients!

Want to create real connections?

Your viewer, listener, client or reader needs to really “see” themselves in your story. But how do you create a relatable story they’ll actually read all the way through? You don’t have to share everything, but you do need to share the struggles and triumphs that will resonate with your ideal client.

This module is all about crafting a story that will hook your reader from the very first sentence and keep her scrolling right through to the end.

While it’s great to create a master version of your core story, you can’t tell the exact same story verbatim every time you’re infusing it into your marketing.

But what you can do?

Learn the specific (and preferred) storytelling format specially-suited to each marketing situation, audience or platform. Knowing how to “adapt” your story across different mediums to do this help you feel crazy-confident about sharing it–no matter how, where or when you do it!

Connecting with your audience isn’t just about telling your own stories–it’s about telling your client’s stories, too! This module is all about getting to know your ideal client in-depth, so you can craft stories that get the right people hanging on your every word and feeling majorly moved.

In this Module, Discover...

  • The importance of story-especially your own!
  • How to Discovery Your True Why-and why it's fundamental to figuring out your reader/client's journey and what their next steps ought to be
  • Why Your Stories Need to be Relatable-and how to dig right into your reader/client's pain points and emotional needs
  • 21 Questions to Help You Dig Deep-and identify key moments in your life with absolute honesty
  • Why Meaningful Research Can Help You Define Your Own "Why" Moments and Values-and create an instant bond with your ideal readers/clients

In Module 6 Learn to...

Social Media Finds Readers

While my mailing list is still my primary business asset, it’s clear that Facebook groups often have better reach and participation, so for that reason I’ve decided to add groups to my overall marketing strategy.

But as my business grew, I quickly realized my tribe of faithful interacting followers was on Instagram-so I had to figure out how to reach more of them and convert them into paying clients and loving readers.

Are you trying to build a solid following or spread your message on multiple social media platforms–to no avail?

Are you whipping up copious amounts of (really good) content, but still hearing crickets?

Do you pour your heart into your content but still cross your fingers every time you hit ‘post’ that somebody–anybody!–will respond?

There IS another way…

Showing up on EVERY social media platform EVERY DAY is exhausting. It’s time-consuming. And worst of all, it doesn’t even work!

I've got you covered.

Think of this module as your mini Social Media Bootcamp or secret Facebok Helper...lol. I'll show you hush-hush tools social media experts use to stay on top of an industry that's forever in flux, best practices for creating your own Facebook group and attracting the people you want, how to create content focused on your book with a purpose and learn the one thing you should be (but probably aren't) doing in your social posts.

In this Module, Discover...

  • Find Your Tribe-learn proven ways to identify your ideal reader/client online
  • Build Your Foundation-learn the hidden dangers of looking for readers/clients in large "public" Facebook groups
  • Plan Your Content-finally figure out what content performs best on which platforms
  • Engage Your Followers-how to create a fun 5 day Facebook Challenge form start to finish that hooks in a responsive audience with a specific, desirable goal to increase book sales
  • Kickass on Facebook-Set SMART Kickass Goals and Infrasture, Group Growth Strategies, Encouraging Participation, Create Influential Livestreams, Promote Your Book with Facebook and Create Kickass Content Plans

In Module 7 Learn...

How to Leverage Media

One of the best ways to build a business and drive traffic to a website is to get lots of media attention, and getting booked for interviews is the key. These can be podcasts or radio shows, YouTube channels or video blogs, or even television.

Maybe the most important part of being a “Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneur” is to have a recognizable Kickass brand. And for most authors who built their business based on a book with nothing more than passion, branding is an afterthought.

Got a Kickass—if not perfect—brand? Good! Now you’re ready to create your media pitch. As you might imagine, this is more involved than a one-off press release you hope lands into the right hands.

You might know in your heart what your sweet spot is when it comes to your passion, purpose, clients and readers, but until you can fully articulate it to a prospective media outlet, it’s not good enough.

This is where it's time to become Wilder—it’s time to actually start approaching the media with your offer to showcase your book and business.

In this Module, Discover...

  • Build Your Influential Brand-understanding the difference between perfect and presentable because one is absolutely necessary, but the other will hold you back
  • How to Create Your Irresistible Pitch-6 Questions to ask yourself about your book and readers/clients that set you apart from competition
  • Find and Leverage Your Sweet Spot-4 questions you must be able to answer when pitching a publication
  • Deliver Your Sizzling Pitch- discover 10 places to begin your search for press coverage

In Module 8 Learn to...

Become a Community Influencer

Now is the time to shine Superstar!

Create a Kickass Book Marketing Campaign to set you up as a community influencer so you can sell more books, grow your mailing list, increase your social media following, introduce you to key community leaders and help you give more value to a larger audience.

Discover how to bring together all you've learned as an author and entrepreneur to showcase your expertise.

You'll learn how to identify your zone of genius, and compare your business model with your competitors-I refer to it as lovingly stalking your competitor-lol.

Learn how to tell your story, create your ideal reader avatar, create or update your professional bio, and how to become what I call-sexy professional by organizing your photos and brainstorm what type of photos to take and share.

Finally, discover that loving on yourself and bragging (in a good way) is essential to Attain Wilder Success.

I'll show you how to find podcasts to be featured on, get featured on TV, radio, find local and national events, how to automate your testimonials and become informed on how to use social media.

In this Module, Discover...

  • Identify Your Zone of Genius
  • Challenge Your Own Assumptions
  • Your Story Brand
  • Update Your Bio with Specifics
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Brag a Little
  • Speak Your Piece
  • Gather Testimonials
  • There's More to Life than Business

In Module 9 Learn...

Wilder Virtual Book Tours

While publishing a book is a fantastic way to bring your message to the masses, the masses won’t know you exist unless you do some marketing. And what better way to market than to use the power of the internet?

I'll hare strategies on how to prepare for a launch, outreach in your community, actually launch and how to appropriately follow-up.

Add a Wilder Virtual Book Tour to the mix and you’ll create buzz and excitement, either before your book launches or even after it’s been out for a few months. People crave excitement and they want to take part in the fun.

Create a website as your homebase, determine your book tour goal, create tools and describe your ideal reader.

Finally, ensure you cover the important factors to mention in a pitch, brainstorm blogs, posts, interview topics, find out how to get interviewed, how to go wilder on Facebook and the fun stuff of planning your appearances, promotions and Attaining Wilder Success.

In this Module, Discover...

  • Build a Solid Foundation
  • Determine Your Book Tour Goal
  • Identify Your Ideal Reader
  • Plan Your Pitch
  • Research Blogs
  • Get Ready to Spice Up the Mic
  • Go Live on Facebook
  • Create a Kickass Plan

Turn Your Book into a Wilder Online Course

I'm literally creating a course based on one of my books and I'm so freak-n excited about it- that I want to show you how to do the same.

Video, audio, interactive PDFs, Live Q&A’sthe possibilities are endless when it comes to building your online course! I will  will walk you through the vital first step: choosing the form, format and software for your course. By the end, you’ll know the perfect way to present your knowledge that’s perfect for your ideal client.

Want to know the secrets of converting a complex book into an actionable course? I’ve got you in this module. The truth is, creating a course from your book is a wonderful way to maximize your book profits. But it’s not just a case of packaging your chapters into lessons. Books and courses are very different–and this module will teach you everything you need to know about packing your book’s killer content into an effective, successful course.

Your epic online course might be based on your e-book, but it shouldn’t be an exact replica. It’s no secret course participants expect a little more value than e-book readers–and that’s totally okay! This module is packed with unique, creative ways to add that value–without adding a ton of work to your plate.

Want to know the secret to creating a course people actually complete? It’s called interactivity–and this module is ALL about it. Interactive courses make for happier customers, and In this module, I cover the various ways you can add a layer of interactivity that’ll keep your participants excited about–and engaged in–your course, from start to finish.

In this Module, Discover...

  • Fantastic Formats for Online Courses-the one thing you should never assume about turning your book into a course
  • Course Buyers Love a Step-By-Step Plan-why you shouldn't just break your course chapters into modules
  • Beef Up Your Course with Added Value & Insights-How to discover and use the "gaps" in your book to create valuable course content
  • Get Your Members Involved-an insider's look at the most, rich and easy-to-use platform for creating a community

In Module 11 Learn...

Make Wilder Money Now

Time to plan and strategize your business. It’s also a fabulous complementary tool for you to use during meetings with your high-level team members, or your assistant.

It’s the nature of business that our cash flow is not always smooth. We all have great months and not-so-great months. To protect all our incomes from the inevitable down times, I want to develop a system for creating a quick cash flow boost when it’s needed.

I'm going to show you how to purchase needed tools and upgrades, hire additional team members when needed, reward team members with bonuses and additional training and learn hwy why attending conferences and networking events can grow your business.

In this Module, Discover...

  • Collaborate to Make Wilder Money- how to use affiliate marketing and joint ventures
  • Make Wilder Money Now- discover how to make money right now before the book is published
  • Time to be Sexy Professional-design your information pages to explode with interest
  • Create Compelling Actions-with promotions, links, call to actions, etc.
  • Give Me More- learn to excite your audience with upsells and downsells
  • Learn to Love Your Members-discover how to use memberships to generate more clients
  • Build Your Wilder Tribe-learn to create informative FAQs, offers and images


  • How to use my Top Sales Secrets to discover specifics of how to develop the traits that will make you successful in sales and how to build positive, long lasting relationships with your  customers!
  • How to use Social Media to understand different social media platforms such as Facebook Livestreams, identify your audience and ideal client, monitor and measure performance, consider the pros and cons before making a decision on social media, learn to create your own social media strategies, and create email engagement sequences to reach current and potential customers.  

Honestly, there is no way I'd be as successful today, if it had not been for the amazing collaborations, supporters, mentors and experts that assisted me along my journey and gave me a leg up with increased Author and Entrepreneurship opportunities.

A huge part of my success has been due to joint venture efforts I sought after. That's exactly how I ended up gaining so many client and readers.

So when you join the Author Coaching Programs, I'm giving you LIFETME ACCESS  to mentors and industry experts via 2 Exclusive Members Clubs + 3 BONUS Packages: KICKASS LEADS Members Club, VIP BOOK CLUB, Bookfuel Publisher Package, Kajabi Website Package and more.


Inside the Publisher Bonus, I literally give you direct access to my publishing team to help you kickstart your success. Let the Publisher assist you with Book Cover Design, Print Interior Layout, E-Book Conversions, Printed Books, Global Distribution and more.

I searched around for Publishers and a lot of them just want your money and really don't care about your book, its' value or impact on your community...Bookfuel is different! What I loved the most of this Publisher is they meet and fit the needs of each Author and don't try to sell you a pre-made package..LOVE THAT! And this is why I'm so confident in your mission in becoming an Author; I want you to share that same amazing experience I had (at a lesser cost).

Receive $500 credit towards publisher consultation services. You can split up the consultation services as you see fit to assist with your progress. Here is what's available for you to select to use your credit on:

  • Publishing Profile ($100 value): Work with the Publisher for 1 hour to complete a 7-8 Page Personalized Publishing Plan and Strategy document which outlines the overall plan for your book. This helps you get the big picture view of how you are going to be a rockstar Author. The Publisher covers everything from editing, publishing, marketing, cost to expected achievements and more.
  • 5 Hours of Marketing Assistance Services ($300 Value): My direct publishing sales expert Builds a Package based on You...helping you with the following as needed so you can properly position your book for success; check out some of the options available to help you accomplish your goals and turn your book dream into a reality: Custom 10-20 page marketing plan with SMART goals, budget, resources, etc., Tasked projects,Set up book signings, Arrange for your book to be sold in bookstores,Reach out to radio/blog interviewers, Generate positive reviews for your book, Assist with Social Media; including Facebook advertising which is very effective and more!
  • Copyediting Services ($300 Value): This service applies to 15, 000 words. The Publisher will put that final shine on your manuscript with a copyedit performed by professional editors. They will check for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar to be sure that your readers are never taken out of your story.
  • Editorial Assessment ($200 Value): The editorial team reviews/edits any 1500 words in your manuscript; during any stage of development beginning, middle or end. They will estimate costs for any additional editing to help you budget and give you constructive feedback to set you up for success.

And it all starts with a FREE 30 minute custom plan based on you, your book and your goals; which includes discussing your ISBNs and everything that involves the publishing process.


I give you the opportunity to receive a 15% special rate on any plan you choose if you work with my website developer that helped me to create my coaching website. In less than 1 hour you could be rocking a super fantastic and professional website- just like mine or better.

Included in this program, you will receive the opportunity to work with my website developer directly so you can rock out and start collecting money immediately in less than 1 hour. And if you need for me to help you along the way with setup, testing, etc. I offer you private 1:1 coaching to help with that as well.

  • My website developer makes it push-button easy to set up your products and site with complete customization on design and content.
  • No more need for multiple services... my Website Developer has all the tools you need in one place.
  • Easily build beautiful online courses, membership sites, training portals, simple file downloads, or any other type of digital product you can imagine.
  • You’re not just selling your content, but the entire learning experience and aesthetic your content is packaged in. Choose the right fully-customizable theme for each of your products and they’ll exude value to your customers.
  • We live in a mobile world and your products should be easy to consume and look great on any device. All of our product themes are fully mobile responsive and are beautiful on computers, tablets, and phones.
  • Upload your video content right to my website developer platform and you’ll have the encoding and delivery of your videos powered by Wistia. Your customers will get flawless and speedy viewing on any device, anywhere, anytime, and you don’t need anything else besides my absolute #1 recommended website developer in the industry.
  • Easily add file downloads to your products. Upload documents, presentations, images, and audio files to really make your content valuable to all types of customers.
  • With interactive in-course discussions, your customers can actively engage with you and other customers. Your customers will get notified by email if someone replies to their comments, bringing them back into the discussion.
  • Increase retention and prevent overwhelm by setting your content to drip out to users on a schedule based on when they bought the product. They’ll automatically receive an email when new content is released to them.
  • There are lots of ways to get your videos, images, and downloads into my website developer platform. Simply drag-and-drop files from your computer, provide a URL to your content, or even pick files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to have them copied to my website developer platform lightning-fast.


I created this opportunity for serious entrepreneurs like you to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, grow your business, make money, save money, boost your ROI, save time and avoid a ton of frustrations.

I will give you tools to help you work on your personal and professional goals, get clear on what you do and who you work with, learn how to reach high level planning and milestones and achieve daily organization and time management....and I'm giving you the templates and team to help you Kickstart your success.

This is YOUR Exclusive opportunity to receive Tailored Social Media Strategies, and Virtual Assistance resources from my personal Kickass Team Sandi Griffiths, Virtual Assistant.

Use these strategies to reach more potential clients, increase your brand visibility, promote existing items, establish rapport within the community and to scale the heck out of your business.

The program is all about helping you to accelerate your social media by creating a business media marketing and social media plan that helps you increase leads which you can turn into clients.

  • 1 Tailored Social Media Strategy (Marketing + Facebook Plans)
  • 2 Virtual Assistant Consulting Hours (learn about document keeping, social media posting, scheduling, finding clients, email marketing and more)
  • 1 Business Booster Pack (10 Business Management Boosters + 20 Social Media Templates)

Are You Ready to Become a Wilder Author

Tell Your Story & Build a Business Based on Your Book to Positively Impact Lives... Click any button to submit your FREE application to be considered for Private 1:1 Author Coaching




What's Included:

  • 1 Tailored Author Strategy
  • 12 Weeks Private Coaching
  • 12 Interactive Workbooks
  • Private Client Portal
  • Lifetime Access

Standard Bonus Collection:

  • $500 BookFuel Publisher Credit
  • 15% Kajabi Special Offer
  • Unlimited access during active coaching to reach me and my Team
  • Unlimited Access to Group Coaching + Replays
  • Private Facebook Groups
  • Guest Expert Resource
  • 1 Music Collection (2 Albums)
  • Kickass LEADS Members Club
  • VIP Book Club
  • Success Begins with ME Challenge Group
  • Masterclass Collection
  • Autographed Copy: It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence
  • Copy: Stand Up & Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying, Your Guide to Survival & Victory Through 23 Real Life Testimonies




What's Included:

  • Standard Package
  • Standard Bonus

Package Upgrade:

  • Access to Author Mastermind (Coming Soon)
  • 13 Weeks Private Coaching




What's Included:

  • Premium Package
  • Premium Bonus

Package Upgrade:

  • 1 Chapter Referral in my upcoming business book "Kickass LEADS, Leading Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success"
  • 14 Weeks Private Coaching
  • Access to Author Mastermind (Coming Soon)
  • Access to Entrepreneur Mastermind (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the usual questions I get asked about private coaching...

Hey you...YEAH YOU...stop living in fear, shame and guilt!!

  • Do you like making others happy-this is perfect for you!
  • Do you like writing-perfect fit!
  • Do you like making money to pay your bills-you better join now!
  • Do you enjoy learning from other people that have already failed and succeeded at what you're trying to do?

Come on man you know what I'm going to say...this is your new life waiting right now...lol!!

This is totally for you if you're done with letting other people or situations control your life success...this is so for you right now!

That's awesome that you've not written anything yet...you don't need a single word written yet or even if you're already published your book...I meet you where you are!

I'm here to help you learn "It's OK to Tell My Story" and how to "Build a Business Based on Your Book" which means it's a journey and you hop on from where you are...

All are welcomed...

Except those not willing to work for their success..you're not welcomed!

You don't have to take my word on this...all I'm going to say is...read the "About Gwendolen" section of my website to see how the strategies I'm going to teach you helped me and take a look at the reviews on my Facebook Fan Page or ask any happy client inside my Wilder, Successful & Non-Negotiable Entrepreneurs Facebook Group how the information I've shared with them has helped them to Kickass to success.

You know I love you right? Just keep in mind; I'm a business owner, author, speaker, consultant, coach, mother, etc....just like you and because of that...I have to limit my time with you my luv.

You'll get to see me weekly during the private coaching sessions, inside the group coaching programs and when when I'm jumping inside the Facebook groups.

After the program ends (12 weeks) I'll still be popping in the Facebook Group to motivate you.

That's your Ass Mr. Postman...lol. No I'm just kidding...lol.

I'm willing to work with you (within reason). This is why I work with you on coaching dates, you receive reminders, emails, texts, I post your schedule inside the private client portal and you have access to past recorded private coaching sessions.

Here's the thing about these private coaching sessions; these are your opportunities to engage with me and ask questions....if you continually don't show up-that's on you and only impacts your success!

You are so lucky right now!

I have 3 options for you to select from to help you Kickass to become a Wilder Author:

  • Standard: $1000 X 3 Monthly Payments
  • Premium: $2500 One Time Payment
  • VIP: $3000 One Time Payment

Please don't ask me to create any special payment options for you-I have to be fair to everyone and limit access to the options above.

If you can't afford to work with me privately at one of these payment structures-I recommend for you to join instead my Kickass LEADS Members Club for $47 where you can still receive group coaching on how to become an Author and Entrepreneur.

Super easy and automated Luv!

If you choose to sign up through the Monthly Payments, then your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled.

Please note, It's your responsibility to cancel flex plan or you'll still be charged.

If you chose either of the One-Time Payment options, you will make a one time payment and be set for the 12 week coaching (and receive extra bonuses too!). 

Nope! Let me repeat that...Nope!

I'm sure this might frighten some of you away...if so...Bye Felicia...lol. I only want to work with secure, serious entrepreneurs and authors that are ready to make grown folks decisions. 

Here's the reason I say Nope.

Ordinarily, I have a refund policy. But here's my thought process on this...if you're serious about making a change...you'll make serious adult decisions and take risks to Attain Wilder Success.

I'm taking a risk just like you giving you access to so much information, privately coaching you and bringing in all these kickass experts for you that you get to interact with a week of enrollment.

You're also going to receive a ton of valuable content instantly upon purchase; even before the private coaching begins.

And I'm pouring in serious original content, my secret sauce tips and processes my 8 Figure business coaches have shared with me.

That's a lot of proven success strategies you're receiving so you can rock out and start achieving success right away.

And I can't get a lot of that intellectual property back-I gotta charge for that homeslice!

That's cool...just book a Kickass Discovery Session and let's chat about your future success.


50% Complete Superstar!

Still Got Questions?

Complete the form below to book a FREE Kickass Discovery Session with me so I can answer questions.

In the interim,

Take a look at the 3 ways you can work with me privately and help boost your book sales and business...

Standard Package Offer ($1000 X 3 Monthly Payment):

  • 1 Tailored Author Strategy
  • 12 Weeks Private Coaching
  • 12 Interactive Workbooks
  • $500 BookFuel Publisher Credit
  • 15% Kajabi Special Offer
  • Unlimited access during active coaching to reach me and my Team
  • Private Client Portal
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus Collection

Premium Package Upgrade Offer ($2500 One-Time Payment):

  • Standard Package
  • Access to Author Mastermind (Coming Soon)

VIP Package Upgrade Offer ($3000 One-Time Payment)

  • Premium Package
  • 1 Wilder Livestream Media Pack
  • 1 Chapter Referral in my upcoming business book
  • Access to Author Mastermind (Coming Soon)