2018 Is Your Time to Say My Business Success is #NON-NEGOTIABLE!

FREE 5 DAY LIVESTREAM...Download FREE My Success is Non-Negotiable Workbook after registration. Hosted by Gwendolen Wilder, Published Author, Certified Business Strategist & Founder of the Kickass LEADS Members Club and Wilder Mastermind. This training will help you understand how to get laser focused, how to stay motivated and attain wilder prosperity while positively impacting your community.

DAY 1: 5 Ways Vulnerability is Key to Success

5 simple steps to make your brand more appealing to customers with the power of  vulnerability and platforms.

DAY 2: 3 Foundations to Attract Ideal Clients

Why you need to get laser focused on values, mission and commitment to create the right opportunities which leads to attracting your ideal clients. .

DAY 3: 3 Engagement Secrets to Build a Successful Business

Learn how vital the order of business engagement leads to success when creating unique items, lasting joint ventures and sizzling campaigns.

Day 4: 7 Figure Business Owner Mindset

How to overcome the wrong mindset, fear, procrastination, etc. that keeps you from being a Kickass Entrepreneur.


Day 5: My Business Success is #Non-Negotiable

The exact framework I used to Build a Business Based on a Book which transformed into a highly successful profitable international brand.

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About Gwendolen

Click below to find out how the Published Author, Certified Business Strategist, and Consultant went from being awarded a $5M Joint Venture Government Contract in her first successful small business, to experiencing abuse and almost loosing it all, before becoming a Kickass Survivor, re-branding herself and achieving Wilder Prosperity such as being named a San Antonio Women of Influence in 2017, Texas Family Violence Prevention Services appointed Ambassador, Texas Senator appointed Child Abuse Mentor, starting a television series based on her 1st book and more...


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