8 Creative Ways to Write a Book [Author Masterclass]

The Secrets Behind Building a Business Based Off a Book

Hello Future Author!

I'm so happy to see you made it over to my Author Masterclass!
Best decision-I promise!!
Are you wondering how I got started writing my first book?
Blown away at how fast I stared writing my second book?

Curious how I market my books as foundation to serve my clients?

Do you have a book inside of you-yearning to be read?

Need a little nudge in the right direction?


May I share a secret with you? Writing my first book was hard as hell! For obvious reasons based upon the subject matter, it was emotionally and spiritually draining.

It took me three years to write and publish that book-it was not an easy task.

But, for my second book, I was very well prepared and had an amazing family (my publishers) to guide, support and correct me when necessary along the journey.

But, wait...

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In this FREE Masterclass, I will introduce you to my publishing team and strategies I used to write, market and publish my books and journals.

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Author Kickstart Guide

So yeah!!

I often say...

"Your TRIBE contributes to your success or failure!"

This is why I surround myself with successful like minded people that are uplifting and purposeful.

I'm Happy You will be in my Author Masterclass!

In this Masterclass, I'll share with you all the inner secrets of how I got started, what I learned, what I wish I knew going into all of this and where I'm headed now.

In the Masterclass and Mastery Program, I'll introduce you to my publisher-a fabulous Team of Kickass Professionals!

My team is phenomenal and will help you discover how to use your book as a marketing tool and income accelerator.



*How to write your book in less than a month (I know crazy right-but yeah it can be done!)

*1:1 Coaching sessions with a live person that is solely dedicated to you

*6 week Author Mastery Program to learn writing, speaking, marketing, mindset, money and more to build a business around your book.

*Design killer marketing materials to get the buzz out about your book

*Learn how to sell your book with public speaking

and more!


I can't wait to introduce you to my awesome Publicity, Publishing, Event Management, etc. and the rest of my Kickass Team!

They are caring, professional and truly have your best interest at heart!

This amazing publishing team will encourage you to write that book, achieve success and financial gains beyond your previous imagination and aspirations!

Enjoy all the goodies until class begins!

Live, Laugh & Love,


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