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Strictly for the badassess that are ready to Kickass!

Customized music collections from my Music Producer DJ Zaddy...groove to these high energy tunes or chillax with kickass not your mama meditation sounds.

Which One Should I Purchase?

You can purchase 1 Album depending on the mood you're in...


Purchase the Entire Collection (Best Value!!) so you can jam out or chillax whenever!

Love Yourself Albums are Badass!!

If you loved the Book Trailer music for the, “It’s OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence”... (Buy this book directly from my website to receive Author Exclusive Bonuses)....

You’ll love the musical collection of DJ Zaddy, my official Musical Producer.

Enjoy out of the box high energy jams using fast paced dance beats & lyrics...great for inspiration, working out, being focused and getting your mind right for whatever task is at hand.

This Album Includes:

The 6th
Stone Rose
Squeaky Bunnie
Real Quick
Lonely (it's OK To Tell My Story Book Trailer Soundtrack)
Feeling It

The Mindful Meditation Albums are another great treat from DJ Zaddy!

If you loved the music from my Main Website...You're going to love this album!

These calming songs inspire gratitude, blessings & are great for meditation, relaxation, inspiration or just chilling on the patio, by a fire pit with a nice glass of vino.

This Album Includes:

Surfers Paradise
Island Mix
Amin 7 (Gwendolen Wilder Author Website Soundtrack)


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