Wilder Entrepreneurs Academy™

Coming April 23rd 2018


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  • 9 Ways to Find Clients
  • 12 Days of Project Management Training


Get the strategies to become an influencer in your industry, leverage media (and joint venture with key leaders)

Become an Industry Influencer with Entrepreneur, Author, Media & Marketing Strategies to Attract Readers, High-End Clients & Joint Ventures that Scale Your Success & Business Growth.

The Wilder Entrepreneurs Academy is Exclusive private access to me as your personal Certified Business Strategist and availability to my personal Kickass Team of experts [Virtual Assistant, Media Consultant, Publisher, etc.].

Receive monthly time released training modules, monthly coaching, resource list, tools, bonuses and upgrades. Learn to market your first book and build your own Kickass business based on your passion.

Ready to Create and Provide Unique Products, Programs and Services in a Unique Way that Can Only Be Done By You...

Whether you're trying to sell a few hundred or a few thousands of your items...so you can positively impact the world...

Or become your city's leading Author with guest speaks, and joint ventures...

Or give value on a grander scale using local, national and international media (i.e. Livestreams, TV, Podcasts, Newspaper, etc.)

Or create wilder collaborations with serious like-minded industry go-getters who become your new bestie...

...I'll Show You Exactly How 

Yes, I'm going to coach you on Business, Writing, Social Media, Marketing and Corporate Behavior Strategies.

But it all starts from the inner passion of being able to give the most value and positive impact in this world...we have to tell our story.

  • If you want to attract your ideal clients and readers, you need to draw them in with your story and connecting your item value.
  • If you want to become a recognized resource in your industry, you'll get there way faster by being prepared ahead of time for obstacles, and properly positioning yourself for success with those doing better than you (and I'm not talking monetarily).
  • If you want local TV news reporters asking you to appear on a segment as their #1 resource, featured on podcasts, guest speaking in conferences, you need to understand how to use strategies in business, writing, social media and marketing to build know, like and trust.
These authentic relationships and precise strategies helped me to propel my success as an Author and Consultant in a short period of time.
Using my exact strategies, myself and my clients have experienced immediate increases in mindset, attitude, readers, clients and yes, profits; all while properly positioning ourselves as industry influencers.

Benefits of Joining

  • Enjoy direct interaction with my Kickass Team of Industry Experts
  • Receive monthly LIVE support
  • Learn to love automation
  • Stop the busy work and get laser focused
  • Make your business "A" priority, not the priority
  • Gain more time and freedom
  • Plan and delegate without stress or worry
  • Enjoy your dream lifestyle
  • Spend time with people you enjoy and boost your energy
  • and more!

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You have to do 2 things:

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Are you Ready to Kickass?

There's only one way to work with me on this level.

I normally only work with private clients during a specific coaching program experience...[see available coaching]

But, I remember what it was like when I first started as an Entrepreneur/Author; it sucked! There were haters left and right that wanted to see me fail, and others that wanted to help me;  but only specialized in one area. So, I decided to create the "Wilder Entrepreneurs  Academy" as an affordable way for serious entrepreneurs and authors to work with me and my team directly.

The doors for this program will remain open for a limited time [introductory offer automatically closes May 7th]. If you find you're interested, you better join now before seats fill up [and we know they will]. I will not open the doors for enrollment again until later in the year.

12 [FREE] Days to Kickass in Project Management

During the introductory period, I'm giving away 12 FREE Days to learn Project Management. These introductory prices will increase automatically May 7th...this is the time to join the wait list to get notified when this program launches!

Discover how to manage the planning, set-up and on-going maintenance for systems. 

12 Days to learn an entire project management process, as well as key project management tools that you can use every day.

Define projects, project management, project managers, identify systems, tools, assessments, goals and more to help you build a project with scheduled estimates, costs, time, resources and more.

All so you can attract your ideal client/reader, plan, schedule and build effortless teams that help you attain wilder profits and better serve your target audience.

Modules of Training Cover:

  • Project Management Key Concepts
  • Systems & Tools
  • Statement of Work
  • Team Creation
  • Tasks & Expectations
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Consistent Projects
  • Build Relationships
  • Maintenance & Control
  • Closing Out
  • Project Challenges
  • Scope Verification

But, I don't stop there...

After your FREE 12 Day Trial, Annual members also receive access to an extra goodie package I call... 

Business Boosters

  • Monthly Bonus Workbook
  • Quick Reference Sheet
  • Interactive Workbook
  • E-Book
  • Reading List

For example, inside the Project Management Business Booster Package, you'll receive information designed to help support how to Define projects, project management, and project managers, Identify the five process groups and nine knowledge areas as defined by the PMI, Describe the triple constraint, Perform a project needs assessment and write goals, requirements, and deliverables, Create key project documents.

As well as help you understand how to Build a project schedule by estimating time, costs, and resources, Understand and use the work breakdown structure, Create project planning documents, such as a schedule, risk management plan, and communication plan. Use planning tools, including the Gantt chart, network diagram, and RACI chart, Establish and use baselines, Monitor and maintain the project and Perform basic management tasks, including leading status meetings and ensuring all documents are complete at the end of the project.

What's Inside the Wilder Entrepreneurs Academy


BUSINESS EXPERT COACHING: Each month receive a new juicy training bundle comes with...

  • 12 Day Training Modules
  • Interactive Workbooks
  • Business Boosters
  • 2 Live Group Q&A Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Replays
  • Autographed Author Books 
  • and more!

SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY: You will never be alone, surround yourself with other like-minded serious entrepreneurs, authors and influencers that make it happen in their industry. Receive weekly inspiration...

  • Weekly Wilder Wisdom Articles
  • Access to Industry Expert FREEBIES
  • Unlimited Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to Kickass LEADS Members Club
  • Lifetime Access to VIP Book Club
  • and more!


The Wilder Entrepreneurs Academy comes with 3 Kickass Bonuses [#1] Publisher, [#2] Website and [#3] Social Media Bonus Packages come with the Academy. But I don't stop there...I create a NEW Bonus each month and offer you the opportunity to Grab it with a special offer code. Bonuses are not accessible during the 12 Day Trial Offer.

Lock in your rate; once you join you seal in the rate despite price increases. Receive instant bonuses that will help boost your business, special offer codes to save HUGE on my signature coaching programs, additional monthly bonus offers offered at a very low price and all program upgrades...

  • 60 Second TV Commercial
  • Media Producer Consultation
  • Virtual Assistant Consultation
  • Website 15% Special Rate Offer
  • Publishing Profile
  • Publisher Consultation
  • Personalized Publishing Plan
  • Complete Publishing Strategy Report
  • Headline Converting Guide
  • Blogging Ideas Guide
  • Twitter/LinkedIn Posting Guide
  • Facebook/Instagram Posting Guide
  • and more!

These introductory prices will increase automatically May 7th...this is the time to join the wait list so you can receive early bird specials!

Coming Mid April 2018 [Join the wait list now & Receive a FREEBIE: 9 Ways to Find Clients]

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