Author Coaching Collection Offers™

7 Ways to Determine if You're Ready to Build a Business Based Off a Book...

  • You're currently an Author (in progress) and have no clue where to begin
  • Excited to start a business, but nervous because you haven't written the book yet
  • Scared to death of learning business basics to market your book
  • Currently posting ideas from your book, but they are not receiving positive interaction
  • Efforts to sale your book have turned into creepy, scary email marketing
  • Running yourself silly and bananas trying to micromanage everything
  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed and need a step-by-step process with guidance

If this sounds like you...I want you to breath (do it now!!)...You are in the right place, everything is going to be amazing and you are READY!

How Can I Tell?

Because, I was once you...freaking out and wondering if I wasted all my money for no good A** reason.

In this program, I show you what works and doesn't work so you can jumpstart your entrepreneurship to build a business based off a book.

I help you to make sense of the incomplete writing picture. But moreover, I show you how something beautiful can come from something tragic (your story). I work with you to process the pain and transform it into an opportunity to spread value to your ideal readers.

The goal of this program is to help writers to take the pain  or that incredibly valuable idea and combine it with their hidden writing skills to be able to share value to the world in a way that only they can do through their writings as an author.

The best part...You don't have to figure this out alone.

When I first started this was just me and my took me 3 years to write the first book. But, once I aligned myself with the right success skyrocketed and I even became a better writer because I realized how to harness the power of my God gifted skill.

If you're righting about something magnificent and joyous...awesome! That's easy stuff to work with you on. But, if you are writing about something deep, dark and tragic...that's my specialty.

I help you to turn the "Hot Ass Mess" into an Opportunity...I teach you to embrace it and how NOT to let the darkness to consume you. Instead, I teach you how to look at the future and write the heck out of that story to build a more successful and happy future.

I just ask for you to "Trust the Process!"

Because my team and I will be with you each step of the way. All I ask of you is to start writing and keep writing until you are Living, Laughing and Loving. This will not be a one and done purchase and you're left to your own devices to figure things out...OH NO! I'm LIVE and in action with you each week to figure out where you are, what you need and how to help you Attain Wilder Success to Become a Kickass Author.

What's inside the Program Modules...

Week 1 Review & Set Goals

Welcome. This is the orientation to familiarize you with the way ahead. This is where you discover your program objectives, content layout and resources. Trust me that's enough to keep you

Shush...Quiet, The Expert's in Session. Access to guest experts which elaborate on their subject matter expertise, offer wisdom, insight and goodies.

Kickstart ToolKit. This is your Bonus Collection where you learn to appreciate your past and current situations before creating your future. Use these resources to help you get clear on your mission, vision, and goals to Understanding Self so you can Become an Author to Build a Business Based on Your Book!

Develop an Author Mindset. Understand the foundation of mindset and how to control fears to become a focused author. This is where you understand the power of a published book and learn to build a relationship with the Team and I so we can help you grow.

Kickass Goal-Setting. Determine writing goals, schedules, locations and how to attack procrastination for both your brands (professional and personal) so you can have time to successfully write.

Loving Yourself Leads to Readers. Discover how understanding your self-worth will help you identify and describe your ideal reader, and more.

Story Development Part I. This is the fun and not so fun stuff of starting to write your book...the brainstorming and building an outline for your book. This is where all the creativity happens...creating a message, idea, characters, the story, etc.

Week 2 Time to Write

Story Development Part II. Continuing the brainstorming and writing process. Fine tune character development, themes, locations, etc.

Week 3-4 No Foundation No Success

Author Framework. Learn the tiers to create a solid structure to write a book, Organize book layout, Evidence & Market Research and how to become an expert on your subject matter. Discover what writing tools, funding, systems, structures, platforms are required to support your journey as an author/business professional.

Week 5 Let's Take a First Look

Write, Review & Edit. Create Your First Chapter using 7 key basic elements, learn which chapters to write first and Discover the difference between reviewing and editing.

Week 6 Where's My Tribe

Team Design. Understand the necessary facets to create an amazing Team of your own. Meet and work with my funding team, publisher, event management and website development Team directly for insight, guidance and use my exclusive Bonus Special Offers.

Week 7 Pop the Question to Campaign

Book Proposals. Learn the blueprint to writing book proposals and learn launching campaigns.

Week 8 Build a Business Based on a Book

Become a Kickass Entrepreneur. Discover successful book branding, marketing, sales fundamentals/objections, platforms, systems, structures, social media marketing, email campaigns, virtual book tours, etc. so you can learn how to organize events, book tours, guest speaks, etc.

You'll receive lifetime access to all you see listed here and future updates

I'll share a secret with you from the course...I teach you how to make your book about value instead of judgment. Use my book for example, I could've used it as a male bashing book, but I chose to use it as a tool of value to affect positive change in my environment...which led to self-healing...that's what I teach you. I teach you how to get past being broken to being Kickass!

Inside of this unique one of a kind program, I help you to stand proud in your new role as an author and accept all of the responsibilities that come along with it (good and bad).  Which means, if you're holding onto toxic relationships...I'll teach you how to forgive to achieve success.

Look, I'm not a super technical person and I don't know everything about publishing, publicity, marketing, etc...this is why I connect you with proven successful industry experts...My goal for this program is to help you to enjoy the journey of being an author. I know you will require different team members at various stages...this is why you will receive lifetime access to the program.

Here's another bit of information you might find interesting, you don't need to do everything alone or even know how to do it...

Just learn to write the story, trust the process and start the journey so you can Live, Laugh and Love.

There is something inside of you the world needs to hear, but only in the way you can say it...let me show you how to harness that gift.

Course Options

In the Author Coaching Program I will:

  • Help you get clear on your vision
  • Be your friend & stick out the scary stuff with you
  • Keep you on task achieve Kickass goals
  • Challenge you with a new way of thinking to succeed
  • Create standards & motivate you to want to exceed them
  • Help you love yourself & yourself-worth
  • Show you how to live in Wilder Prosperity (work less/make more)
  • Keep you thriving in your authenticity

Does This Really Work?

I'm talking to you, aren't I? You arrived here via Kickass Marketing campaigns I created. The short version looks like this...I wrote a book (several), started a business based upon the book and created kickass marketing strategies to drive traffic to this page...hence, now I'm speaking with you.

I learned to Build a Business Based on a Book and now I get to travel, guest speak and enjoy life stress free!

Look, I'm a realist and I tell you like it is...writing a book and starting a business are not as simple as you might think.

The Author Coaching Program 3 Tier Strategy to Success:

  • Learning to Write with Intent
  • Using Self Management to Love Yourself into Success
  • Building a Book Empire with Structured Business Acumen

Here's what I know

Anyone can write a story, but not everyone can sell it; much less build an empire on it.

Question for you..Have you ever had an idea about writing a book?

But, you get freaked out at the thought of everything that it entails and you're not sure where to begin?

Trust me, I was there! 

But, what I really understood along the way was...It's not the writing process which was the scariest was the business side.

Here's What I Learned

Either you control your book success or someone else will control it for you...and it may not become as successful as you wished.


This is where Author Coaching Program comes into the control the process!

I realized in order to be the most successful Author possible and to ensure my message was portrayed in the light I wanted...I had to control the process.

The Author Coaching Program focuses on what's important to you as well as your readers and clients.

The benefits of the Author Coaching Program has no's a few awesome things you learn:

  • 8 Creative Ways to Write a Book (Picks up after the Masterclass)
  • Learn how to present your book to the correct target audience
  • Find out how to gain reader trust thru building a relationship
  • How to connect with the reader and have them continue to invest in you
  • Discover the role and value of Branding, Marketing, Sales, Objections, etc.
  • Develop Author Goals for your professional and personal lives
  • Understand the value of applying 4 Key Self Awareness Strategies

But wait there's so much more, Let's talk Bonuses...

I link you with industry leaders to ensure you are set for success! I introduce you to my Team which propelled me to success, but more importantly, I help you to create your own circle of influence! The guest experts will help you to motivate your readers and help you overcome objections.

The Author Coaching Program takes all the guess work out of building a business based off of a'll forever be apart of the Wilder Community (Family). These  bonuses will be included also inside the Mastercourse.

Bonus#1 Publisher Pack ($1000 Value):

Inside the Publisher Bonus, I literally give you direct access to my publishing team to help you kickstart your success. Let the Publisher assist you with Book Cover Design, Print Interior Layout, E-Book Conversions, Printed Books, Global Distribution and more.

I searched around for Publishers and a lot of them just want you money and really don't care about your book, its' value or impact on your community...Bookfuel is different! What I loved the most of this Publisher is they meet and fit the needs of each Author and don't try to sell you a pre-made package..LOVE THAT! And this is why I'm so confident in your mission in becoming an Author; I want you to share that same amazing experience I had (at a lesser cost).

8 Week Mastery Clients receive a $500 credit, 8 Week Mastercourse  Clients receive a $1000 credit and 16 Week Mastercourse Clients receive $1200 credit towards publisher consultation services. You can split up the consultation services as you see fit to assist with your progress. Click Here to Learn More

Bonus#2 Website Pack (15% Special Rate Value):

I give you the opportunity to receive a 15% special rate on any plan you choose if you work with my website developer that helped me to create my coaching website. In less than 1 hour you could be rocking a super fantastic and professional website- just like mine or better.

Included in this program, you will receive the opportunity to work with my website developer directly so you can rock out and start collecting money immediately in less than 1 hour. And if you need for me to help you along the way with setup, testing, etc. I offer you private 1:1 coaching to help with that as well. Click Here to Learn More

Bonus#3 Wilder Media Pack ($500 Value)

I created this 7 Day Online Bootcamp for hardworking entrepreneurs to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, grow your business, make money, save money, boost your ROI, save time and avoid a ton of frustrations.

I will personally work with you on your personal and professional goals, get clear on what you do and who you work with, learn how to reach high level planning and milestones and achieve daily organization and time management.

This is YOUR Exclusive opportunity to provide a Live Sales Pitch during one of my Livestream Events, receive Tailored Social Media Strategies, Virtual Assistance resource and Professional Media Promotion from my personal Kickass Team Sandi Griffiths, Virtual Assistant and Adam Ortiz, Livestream Media Network. Click their names to learn more about this fabulous people.

Use these strategies to reach more potential clients, increase your brand visibility, promote existing items, establish rapport within the community and to scale the heck out of your business.

The program is all about helping you to accelerate your social media by creating a business media marketing and social media plan that helps you increase leads which you can turn into clients.

The 2 Week Bootcamp Clients do not receive this package, 8 Week Mastery Clients receive 1 package and the 16 Week Mastercourse Clients receive 2 packages

The results are more consistent income, confirmed book tours, paid guest speaking, etc. using the systems inside the Author Mastery Program...and it works even if you're just starting out.

If you have the passion...I'll show you how to accomplish it!



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