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Hi Ya Superstar...Welcome to the Success Center Consultation Process!

Thank you very much for requesting information about my services...

Are you ready to benefit from better organization, improved decision skills and even boosted confidence?

I can help you establish goals and create a strategic plan to help you reach those goals.

Let me help you explore your current stress levels, determine your stress threshold and identify specific stress triggers.

We can do that and more using creative problem solving processes and tools inside the programs and services between myself and my Partner Referrals.

Here's just a few objectives I achieve with you:

  • Help you understand the real root cause of your problem
  • Develop a SMART creative problem solving process
  • Generate SMART ideas for solutions
  • Connect you to unbelievable resources to implement solutions
  • Evaluate and adapt solutions to your reality
  • and more!

Consulting Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual Assault (Awareness, Prevention & Intervention)
  • Workplace Violence (Awareness, Prevention & Intervention)
  • Domestic Violence Management (Awareness, Prevention & Intervention)
  • Self-Management (Communication & creativity to address general life matters)
  • Image consulting (Transform appearances & portray positive reflections)
  • Business Management (Create work strategies for business success)
  • Spiritual Guidance (Change how you think & view inner-self)
  • Family & Parenting (Designed to encourage & empower healthy balance between parents and children)
  • Health & Fitness (Establish health goals & action plans)
  • Relationship & Dating (Discover relationship wants, joint goals & ambitions)


Mastercourse 1:1 Coaching Discovery Application

Use this form when you are certain that you want to work with me in a 1:1 coaching session, but you are not sure which one to use. I will help you better understand which of my 1:1 coaching programs is the best fit for you at this time.

I will contact you as soon as I receive the request and will coordinate a visit or video call.

Please note: All Consultation Sessions are conducted via recorded video sessions.

In the interim, listen to my latest interview when I was the featured guest on an episode of Novel Podcast with millennial business guru @Jake Nicolle. We discussed how to manage domestic violence in the workplace, the basic concepts, warning signs and action items to help the victims. We even talked about my book, It's OK to Tell My Story and Gratitude Journal that helps the victim break the cycle of abuse. Very excited about what Jake is doing and even more excited to hear how our conversation helps all the #NovelNation listeners to recover from an abusive relationship

Wondering What the Success Center is all about?

Take a

The Success Center is a Private Community for individuals on a mission...

individuals ready to Properly Position themselves for Success!

The Success Center library is only accessible to those that joined a Wilder Members Club.

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What's Inside...

Find the Wilder Success App...which is what I call the professional sexy cousin to It's a great way to capture free information on the go (you can still use it on desktop as well...just easier on a smart

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I am so excited for this wonderful new adventure we will embark upon together! Thank you in advance for the opportunity to speak with you...visit your location...and/or interact with your staff and customers.

As a small token of gratitude for contacting me...

and while you wait...

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As an Author, Certified Business Strategist and Consultant...

I will utilize my all of personal, business & educational experiences...

to provide you the best recommendations to ensure you receive services...

and information to promote a more positive and healthy environment.

For book signing and guest speaking appearances...

I’m a high energy speaker, I love engaging audiences and I’m not shy...

to public speaking in front of large crowds of hundreds.

I have a combination technique where I’m a little bit of a humorist...

motivational speaker and industry expert, all rolled into one.

Whether you’re looking for a book signing or a guest speaker...

You will not be disappointed!

I consider myself an authority on the topic of sexual assault, domestic and workplace violence...

because I not only trained on it, educated and counseled others...


This makes me the perfect guest for book signings or guest speaking...

because I can set the right mood for the occasion.

Domestic Violence is an intense and scary subject...

so I deliver a strong, fantastic presentation and keep people laughing. 

Learn more (Click HERE) about Domestic Violence in my FREE Masterclass on Gaslighting


This is your time! Your Success Begins with You!

Starting a business can be scary as Heck...let me prepare you and walk with you...

you don't have to recreate the wheel...

you don't have to go at it alone!

Request a Discovery Session or Join one of My Kickass Programs Today! 

Make yourself a priority...

Properly position yourself, your business and...

holla back at me proudly professing...


Live, Laugh & Love,



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