Gratitude Journals

The Living, Laughing & Loving Gratitude Journal

The Living, Laughing & Loving Gratitude Journal is an excellent accompaniment to the fictional books and Self-Management series. I realized first-hand, the pathway to self-awareness is challenging.

So, in the journal I incorporated information on: Health and Wellness, mindfulness, gratitude practices, goal achievement, relaxation practices and original inspirational messages I created and quotes from other generational leaders to inspire a well-rounded lifestyle.

To cultivate higher level performance emotions, the journal allows individuals to focus on the four total aspects of self-awareness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What's Inside?

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Blank lined pages to express your thoughts
  • Time to Travel inspiration
  • Fun Time ideas
  • Achievement Time to set SMART Goals
  • Where Am I to discover activities in your city
  • ME Time to relax and live stress free
  • Being Grateful practices for mindfulness
  • Self Awareness education
  • Health & Wellness education
  • Gratitude Center for appreciation practices

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