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I'm Gwendolen and I'm ready to help your Non-Profit, business & community Kickass in Domestic Violence Awareness! In addition to being an Author, Certified Business Strategist & Consulting Coach; I'm also a 21 year honorable USAF veteran which served as an Equal Opportunity & Alternate Dispute Resolution Installation Director.

And it gets better for you,

I'm a Certified Compliance Trainer, which means you can hire me to fulfill your annual organization training requirements. I'm qualified to train on Sexual Harassment, Conflict Resolution, Diversity & Inclusion, Substance Abuse Awareness, and Violence in the Workplace for thousands of employees for employers of all sizes throughout North America. My training expertise helps reduce the risk and expense caused by unethical, illegal or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace.

But, those that work with me know me as a Kickass survivor of sexual assault & domestic violence that's on a mission to bridge the gap between abuse and business. When you work with me, buy my books, use my programs or ask for me to guest will quickly find out that I do things a bit different and I don't hold back the punches!

Non-profit organizations

Non-profits receive a standard special rate to experience my guest speaking appearances and packages. I also offer their guest attendees a special price points for all my coaching, books, etc.

I like to keep it real, but factual!

I utilize my 36+ years of professional expertise, personal experience & education in Psychology, Social Services, Conflict Management & Business Management to motivate change in the way people think about business and abuse. I love giving guest speaks about transitioning from a veteran to a business owner.


My aim is to bridge the gap in awareness between individuals and businesses..simply put. I help survivors gain independence with self confidence, assertiveness, self-awareness and teach them how to become Kickass Business Survivors which gain financial independence using entrepreneurship...which leads to them being able to Live, Laugh & Love again.

But, I don't leave out the businesses.

I assist key corporate decision makers and small business owners with developing positive corporate behaviors, assess the work place for possible abuse and violence matters, provide compliance training and more.

Guest Speaking Objectives

Even though I tailor each Guest Speak to my client's request. I always cover the following:

  • Abuse Definitions, Terms, Categories, Resources, etc.
  • Detailed individual processes to Identify and Monitor Workplace Environments
  • Specific Management Strategies for Awareness, Prevention and Intervention
  • Common Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

What Else Can I Speak To?

You are in for a treat! I can intelligently speak to over 200+ topics...

Yeah, I said 200!

If you can think of it, I can speak to it based upon 30+ years of professional expertise, personal experience, training and certifications.

  • Domestic Violence,
  • Sexual Harassment,
  • Sexual Assault,
  • Equal Opportunity,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Substance Abuse Awareness,
  • Violence in the Workplace,
  • Workplace Bullying.

How Does it All Come Together?

I'm going to give you a fabulous guest speak, books, training and a ton of other goodies...all designed to help you improve your workplace environments. While working with me, you may feel a bit pressured to understand the basics of domestic violence before moving forward to learning awareness, prevention and intervention strategies... (That's because... I'm intentionally pressuring!

Click an image to learn more.

Are you looking to hire me just to talk about domestic violence solely?

Well lucky for you I'm also a representative from the National Non-Profit Break the Silence? This organization's mission is to provide community resources and support services to victims, survivors and families affected by domestic violence.

I'm honored to be exclusively selected for the National Speakers Bureau and I travel the world on behalf of the organization to educate your team on the dangers of abuse?

Break the Silence generates over 3 million daily visitors to their online platforms and their efforts have been featured on prominent national platforms such as: People, Glamour Magazine, HuffPost, Investigation Discovery, ESPN and more.

Click the image above or here to go directly to the sight to request myself and/or other amazing exclusive speakers.

What's my Goal?

My goal is to help you uncover why the heck domestic violence is negatively impacting your community and workplace environments. I want to do more than just train; I want to motivate, inspire and help your team transform into more productive employees which let's be frank...Happier employees leads to increased profits.

In order for that to happen...You must first, comprehend what domestic violence is comprised of. Therefore, I help you "Hear the Voice of Domestic Violence" using my signature 3 tier approach from the the victim, survivor and business owner's perspectives.

What Can I Do for You?

It took me years to arrive at all this greatness you see before you today!

Here's what you need to know...the skinny version!

I spent 20+ combined years between a traditional and common law marriage experiencing  domestic violence ranging from mental, physical, financial and psychological (emotional/verbal). During that time, I also was the victim of a sexual assault during a military deployment.

And, Why do you need to know this?

Because, I kicked Ass and stopped being a victim and transformed into a Survivor. I realized to successfully live my life, to live my dreams as a business owner and to positively affect my community...I had to comprehend "one" really important thing...

It's OK to Tell My Story!

By understanding it was OK, it allowed me to Kickass and leap head first out of shame, guilt and all that other self-loathing "Hot Ass Mess", and I became the best version of my self with increased self-awareness.

After I realized this secret...the world began to open up for me.

But, more importantly...

God helped to me to realize that I had a mission...telling the story from the victim, survivor and business angles to better assist in the war on domestic violence.

I then found out, the battle field of entrepreneurship as an abuse survivor and business owner was just as tough but, not unattainable!

To be fight this evil beast of need the inside scoop!

This why I'm giving you everything I got when I perform a guest will receive my upcoming FREE Booklet...

Kickass Business Survivors, The Art of Colorfully Surviving Entrepreneurship!

Sign up below [CLICK HERE] to get notified when I launch the FREE booklet with detailed business coaching strategies, author writing processes, entrepreneur mindset practices, and daily habit to Build a Business Based on Book.

This booklet is a sneak peak into my upcoming 2nd book, "Kickass LEADS, Leading Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success!" where I help entrepreneurs discover where to start your entrepreneurial journey, how to build a business based on a book, creative ways to write a book, how to harness the power of a published book, how to give back to your community and more.

This FREE booklet gives you real-actionable strategies on how to Build a Business Based on Passion. I share the steps I used to be awarded a $5M Joint Venture Government Contract in my first business; and why I gave it all up to write on the beach.

This is the must have 2018 resource to help key corporate decision makers and serious small business entrepreneurs learn how successful business owners manage personal and professional brands as they learn to survive the entrepreneurial journey.

How Does My Guest Speaking Packages Benefit Your Organization?

Turn a Domestic Violence Crisis into an Opportunity!

Inside each Guest Speaker Package you will receive a Corporate Solution [click here to learn more] designed for business owners, directors, human relations, etc. which want to improve or assess their environments. We all are faced with a “Hot Ass Mess” abuse situation either directly or indirectly and most people don’t know how to deal with it, help others or how to turn it into an opportunity to better your life and workplace.

I’ll show you how to use awareness, prevention and intervention to develop more positive corporate behaviors, how to support your employees to tell their story to develop positive corporate behaviors, and how to empower your Team and bridge the gap between between your organization and the community so you can learn to increase morale, cohesion, engagement, productivity, and profits.

Corporate Solutions provides three distinct interactive and statistical management tools to assist key decision makers to discourage and correct negative workplace behaviors. The programs are  conducted in several phases, assess the Organizational Climate and repairs workplace relationships. I go above and beyond just offering guest speaking. Varying packages are accompanied with on-line surveys, briefings, status updates and a series of reports. 

Available Corporate Solutions Management programs:

  • Domestic Violence Management Program-focuses strictly on domestic violence
  • Corporate Behavior Management Program-focuses on the entire workplace culture
  • Corporate Solution Surveys-focuses on individual improvements

Why Do I include Corporate Solutions with my Guest Speaker Packages?

Because I want you to know how to prepare your organization for success against domestic violence.

It's a combination of online training modules, references, DV experts , E-books and more to help combat domestic violence. Not only do I share a ton of great resources, definitions, statistics, and bring in my guest experts, etc.

I also provide insight as a victim, survivor and business owner on how to increase awareness, prevention and intervention...

Those perspectives are priceless!

I want to show your team of Kickass employees how to trust your organization, seek help (use it) as an individual, keep the crap together, not loose the company profits, stay gainfully employed, functional and not fall apart crying every 5 seconds while at work.

Because these are serious topics with a ton of possible triggers...I try to keep my presentations as light-hearted as possible.

Trust me..You will not be disappointed!

I Have Goodies!!

These are the amazing basic items which are included in each package. To learn more contact us for more details! (Offer items/quantities vary according to package selection)

  • Guest Speaking
  • Author Reading/Book Signing
  • Author Article
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Promotional Email Scripts
  • Autographed books
  • Program Discounts
  • Author Partner Referrals
  • Gratitude Giveaways
  • DV Mastercourse
  • Author PR Marketing
  • Local Media Marketing
  • Author Accommodations
  • and more!

And, with that...Now it's time to get booking!

Please note: Add an additional $2K to each package for international requests.


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