It's OK to Tell My Story with Gwendolen!

These are the official Full Episodes of Past Shows ...Take a look at what's to come...Scroll all the way to the bottom for bonus episodes. Check back frequently as this list is updated frequently.

Episode #7 How to Balance Your Life with Some Good Juju

Gwendolen introduces you to her good friend Juju Rafii, Mindset Coach and Founder of Boss Babes New Braunfels so you can Learn how to balance your life with some good Juju. And she introduces her newest segment Dating with Intentions which discusses how to keep Christ at the center of dating

Episode #6 Why Your Business Needs (Deserves) Professional Branding Photos

Gwendolen interviews her personal Branding Photographers Hayward and Shannon Gaude, from Hayward Gaude Photography to get the insider secrets of why every entrepreneur needs (deserves) to have professional branding images.

Episode #5 Build a Business Based on Passion

Gwendolen introduces you to her #1 business success secret... The founder of the It Girl Academy and her PERSONAL business coach...Jessica Nazarali Jessica shares the keys to becoming an in demand consultant and how everyone has the opportunity to create a successful business for them and their family.

Episode #4 You're Not Alone

Gwendolen interviews her personal Virtual Assistant, Sandi Griffith to help you find out how a Virtual Assistant can help you scale your business. If you do nothing tomorrow you'll wake up with zero traffic coming into your site. Instead, tune in to hear what Sandi Griffith, Virtual Assistant has to say on how to increase business growth.

Episode #3 Become a Community Influencer

Gwendolen interviews Marta Palae'z CEO, Family Violence Prevention Services on the programs and services available at the Battered Women and Children's Shelter, how the community can get involved, upcoming events such as the Honoring Mothers Luncheon and more.

Episode #2 You Are a Kickass Survivor

Gwendolen Wilder shares her overview of why she decided to create the show, purpose of various show segments such as the Book Reading, Wilder Wisdom, etc. and she shares her inner thoughts of why she created the show, her signature programs, how to win FREEBIES, how you can become a guest, benefits of being a paid sponsor and more.

Episode #1 Become a Kickass Business Survivor

Gwendolen discusses why she's so determined about teaching others, "It's OK to Tell My Story to Build a Business Based on Passion" by sharing segments on, "Reporting on the Other Side of Abuse" with Camilla Rambaldi, News 4 Fox 29 Reporter, "Where to Get Help with Abuse" with Marta Pelae'z, Family Violence Prevention Services, "Innovative Ways to Sell Your Knowledge, Have Fun and Make Money in the Process" with her personal eCommerce Platform Digital Expert, Kajabi and "How to Publish a Book" with her personal Publisher, BookFuel Senior Sales Manager, Trent Herrera Click any image to learn more about a specific segment.

Episode Bonus Videos

These are videos of Gwendolen guest speaking at various events to promote entrepreneurship, abuse awareness and community engagement.


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