10 Day Vulnerability Challenge

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10 Facebook live video Series + Bonus Video (It's OK to Not Be OK)...all the Inspiration, Support and Goodies you need to help you Face the Fear Together.....ENJOY SUPERSTAR!!

Day 1

I Believe There's a Wilder Future for My Life!

Day 2

I Could Care Less What You Think!

Day 3

I Got Money, But I Ain't Got No Money!

Day 4

Hello Sexy Badass!

Day 5

It's OK to Tell My Story!

Day 6

What is This Hot Ass Mess!

Day 7

My Success is Non-Negotiable!

Day 8

OK Smart Ass, What Now!

Day 9

Don't Freak-n Take Another Step!

Day 10

Do Something Wilder


Stop allowing your Fear (Limitations) to keep you from Attaining Your Wilder Success!


to Face the Fear Objections so you can Attain Wilder Success!

  • Face the Fear Objections. 
As a retired Behavioral Therapist, I find that fear is motivated by black and white thinking referred to as Cognitive Distortion that are typically used for basic survival, pain avoidance, etc. But, I also know fear is considered to be helpful because it helps you make decisions, gain clarity, etc. As a Certified Business Strategist, my clients typically deal with fear based upon abandonment or rejection because of our basic human need to belong. I find with especially new authors, they face the fear of upsetting someone, rejection, shame, humiliation, and being abandoned because they plan to reveal author content (their truth and reality). This is why I focus heavily on vulnerability as a point of support.

Thus, I recommend for my clients to instead of using basic black and white thinking about fear to engage Wilder and Creative thinking. Using Wilder and Creative thinking allows you to see all of the possibilities of attaining a specific goal and it can help you to get past the physical affects associated with triggers. Using this process initiates the process of you no longer allowing fear to control your life. First, you must identify what is your fear. Second, Identify triggers associated with your fear. And Third, ponder actions you can take to move past the fear such as doing something different, finding meaning out of the fear, talking to someone, etc.

Use this process to help you identify the limitations (fears) you perceive are keeping you from attaining Wilder Success. You are basically looking to answer [1] What stops you, [2] What do you want instead and [3] What will that do for you. Use the questions below to help you get the answers to these vital questions. Some of the questions will repeat until you have an identifiable answer. (don't skip it because it's a repeat question-trust the process!)

Most importantly, use this process to help you remember the benefits of attaining your goal rather than the goal itself. For instance, for me as an an Author the benefit of writing/publishing a book is freedom to travel, educating survivors, working with businesses, etc.
  • Uncover the Limitation and a New More Meaningful Goal. [1] What stops you from doing your goal, [2] What do you want instead of the limitation that's stopping you, [3] What stops you from doing your goal, and [4] Repeat answering these questions until you write down the same line or words 2-3 times. Only then are ready to move on to the next step of this process.
  • Step Up and Get Clear on WHY You Want the Goal. [1] If you got your goal, what will it do for you, [2] If you got the thing that your goal will do for you what will that do for you,and  [3] Repeat the questions until you get a consistent answer. Only then are ready to move on to the next step of this process.
  • Face the Fear with Wilder & Creative Thinking. [1] Suppose you already have your goal. What other options or ways are there of looking at your fear, [2] Think of someone you truly respect and admire. How might they look differently at the fear, [3] What other possibilities, explanations or ideas are there that you haven't thought of yet, [4] Underneath it all, what is it that you really, really want, [5] What do you think you're secretly afraid of, that's getting into the way of your goal, [6] What are you ready to change, what are you not ready to change yet, [7] What's the easiest way to move forward, [8] How important is this goal to you, and  [9] What would you suggest that I ask you to do to move forward. Answer these questions in order before moving to the next task.


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