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One of the fastest ways to scale your business (and increase your income) is to become a Wilder Affiliate. There are unlimited opportunities to promote, receive high-end products and increase your brand credibility and visibility.

Unforgettable Client Experience

I know you don't have a ton of time or money to invest into various coaches, programs or marketing efforts. Partnering as my Affiliate will lead to a great return on your investment which will result in an unforgettable client experience and increased brand exposure.

If we're like-minded entrepreneurs, we have similar audiences...we need to collaborate!

This is an excellent way to increase both our brand visibility and credibility which will drive traffic to your site, generate pre-qualified leads, and more.

Attain Wilder Sales

Let's use money wisely (together!) and get a solid return on our investment by using my automated advertising campaigns combined with your marketing efforts.

Grab the attention immediately of your audience using my sexy professional pre-scripted marketing campaigns, graphics, articles, sales copy, etc.- insert, promote and start connecting with your target market audience (globally) to boost your sales.

This is the fastest way to get in front of your ideal client, grab referrals, follow-up on leads, etc. and of course-make money.

Receive Kickass Rewards

Sign up new clients to my program using our Kickass links, images, receive weekly Affiliate motivation, and receive a Commission ($50- $1000 or FREE Coaching Sessions) for each registered client and crazy rewards i.e. extra bonus, group mastermind, special offers and best of all COLD HARD CASH!

Join other powerhouse Affiliates who are industry influencers that have the ability to refer my program to "our" target market audience...with all of our combined efforts- we will reach a larger market base.

About Me

I "Tell My Story" to help non-profits, businesses and entrepreneurs to create healthier workplace environments and to Live, Laugh and Love! I help entrepreneurs, authors and corporate key decision makers develop their skills in Business, Writing & Self-Management so they can scale their business growth, increase financial profits, gain self-awareness, become assertive and develop positive corporate behaviors. [CLICK HERE] to learn more about my signature coaching programs, products and services.

Wilder Affiliate Process

This program is best suited for Entrepreneurs and Authors who are looking to market to their ideal clients and readers.

Affiliate Details & Requirements

Complete a quick application. It'll take me about 5 business days to review the information. You will be notified of acceptance or decline of submission via email. If accepted you'll receive marketing information about the program.

Wilder Affiliates are required to actively promote the program for increased attendance using designated affiliate links as to track client registration (directly tracks Affiliate promotion efforts, Contest status and Sales.)

This includes promoting the program to their audience, email list, social media, etc. all with the intent of registering attendees


Affiliate Benefits

After you register your 1st paid client, you'll receive a copy of my business book [Kickass LEADS, Leading Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success],  you'll be interviewed as a Guest Expert inside my exclusive Kickass LEADS Members Club (great way to promote your business.)

Your business will be promoted using social media marketing as soon as you register your first client.

And you'll receive Unlimited Lifetime Access to engage with my clients, and access to the Exclusive Affiliate Mastermind.

Affiliate Contest

Affiliates will participate in a monthly contest to acquire the highest number of client registrations.

On the last calendar day of the month, the Affiliate identified as having registered the highest number of clients during the month will receive an extra $500 Cash Reward and special recognition as our Top Wilder Affiliate.

Featured Coaching Program

Affiliates can promote any of these program which they find most interesting i.e. Group Coaching, Private Coaching or Mastermind Retreats.

All of the coaching experiences and retreat masterminds are designed to help clients make money doing what they love so they can FINALLY live their best life. They learn strategies ranging from how to stop wasting time chasing after clients, find out what really works based on industry updates and how to build a solid following to understanding how to spread their message on multiple social media platforms.

Programs include: 8 Modules of Training, 8 Workbooks, 8 Videos, 8 Live Q&A Sessions with you're truly, Guest Experts, Bonus Collection & Resources.

Affiliate Investment, Commission & Bonus Collection

You have two Kickass ways to add value to my community as well as increase visibility for your brand. And, this Bonus Bundle is sooo freak-n cool...it's the result you'd get if Wonder Woman and Willie Wonka had a super babe'...lol.

Affiliate Investement $0

It cost $0 to become a Wilder Affiliate. If approved, all I ask is a commitment from you that you'll actively promote the indicated Coaching program.

Commission Option & Contest

Coaching Commission. Receive $50, $500-$1000 or FREE Coaching Sessions for each paid client registered for a coaching program.

Payment: Commission payments are issued automatically each  month to your Paypal account.

Contest: On the last calendar day of the month, the stats will be posted to indicate who was the Top Wilder Affiliate. That person will receive public accolades along with a cashier check for $500.

Wilder Affiliate Mastermind

This exclusive Bonus is only available to Wilder Affiliates and will be released May 2019. This is the fastest way to increase your brand visibility, credibility and sales-No more trying to figure it out all by yourself.

I've designed this 5 Week Coaching program exclusively for my Affiliate Community to teach my partners How to Become a Media Sweetheart with Wilder Publicity by learning everything from building your influential brand, how to create an irresistible pitch, finding and leveraging your wilder side, to delivering sexy sizzling professional pitches. 

You'll also receive my signature 7 Steps to Face the Fear Together Masterclass program so you can stop loosing sleep from anxiety and finally get the help you need to face your fears so you can get paid to do what you love and become successful in your business.

Check out my past client testimonials

These are but a few of the wonderful comments from my extremely satisfied clients based on my books and coaching services in business, abuse, self-awareness. Now, I want you to imagine receiving similar praises of your own because you properly positioned yourself for success by becoming a Wilder Affiliate! I'm accepting members until September 15th!!

"Thank you for being an incredible ambassador to Family Violence Prevention Services! We are reaching more victims and changing lives because of you."

Linda Marie Canizales,
Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

"Gwendolen is a servant leader who is personally invested in the success of her community. No support is too big or too small. She took time out of her busy schedule to provide a solution to a tiny problem I had. Now, that's real leadership!!"

Kimberly Ann Elahab
Kimberly Elahab Coaching, LLC

"You have definitely cracked the code. I loved the Masterclass! It explained how to increase followers, the importance and value of being able to increase followers as well as conversions to paid customers!! No one is sharing how to grow Social Media followers..."

Andrella Pusha
Power and Pathways, LLC

""Gwendolen is nothing short of amazing, inspiring & a catalyst for positive change. She has an infectious love for life, is an aggressive supporter & champion of those unable to advocate for themselves." "

Laura Ann Campbell
Truth Evolution LLC

""Absolutely the Kickass Survivor Challenge Saved the Day...Bomb leader and your vision is her vision. Already have been there done that, you can win with Gwendolen Wilder. I am grateful that someone else believes in my book..."

Edith Joyce Hall
Job Title

"“Gwendolen's ability to apply her mastery of effective listening during client engagement ensures she fully understands their needs, desires & ambitions...she accomplishes this in a way rarely encountered in business today”."

Erick Anderson
EEO Counselor, Captain (Ret) USAF

"Phenomenal coach and mentor, my performance in business has seen a great increase."

Guillermo Miller
New York Life Insurance

"It took me longer than I intended to finish this book. I had to put it down. It was heartwrenching. Too close to home. But I got it. I can see how the idea of love can allow you to completely lose yourself. I get how abuse can be so subtle, you don't even know it's happening. Until the end. Then I could NOT put it down. The author reached her breaking point. She became empowered! She took back her life. She forgave and she moved on. Stronger! Better! Smarter! Sometimes it takes going through your worst times to get to your best times. She has recovered, and now, through this book, she is reaching out to so many others and helping them through their healing. Thank you for sharing your story. It was a great read!"

Nadine Griffiths-Brooks
Amazon Reader

"“This book is revolutionary, a game changer that is altering lives of domestic violence victims in the AF one day at a time…”"

Jerome Ellis
Seymour Johnson AFB, Family Advocacy Manager

""Having a friend in an abusive relationship, I often wondered "WHY"? Why does she stay? Why won't she leave? This book answered those questions for me. I never looked at it the way that things were presented in this book. It was an eye-opener…to the author, thank you. Thank you for giving me a way to look at domestic abuse in another way...” "

V Nunez (msluv2read)
Amazon Reader

"This book was just heartbreaking but also a good teaching to young women.. I've always wondered why people stay under these conditions. Maybe I've even judged but I hope after reading this I have a better understanding and empathy for the people in these situations. This was a very good look at domestic violence. I'm sorry the author went through this but also glad she may help with her story I was given this by Netgalley for an honest opinion"

Annette H
Amazon Reader

"I couldn't put this book down. It felt like I was having a conversation with a friend. I gained insight on how to respond if approached by a loved one in a similar situation."

Amazon Reader

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