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IT'S OK TO TELL MY STORY with GWENDOLEN Episode #1 received 29, 076 Views

Yep...You Read Correctly...lol. Click the image below to Watch Episode#1 where Gwendolen discussed why she's so determined about teaching others, "It's OK to Tell My Story to Build a Business Based on Passion" by sharing segments on, "Reporting on the Other Side of Abuse" with Camilla Rambaldi, News 4 Fox 29 Reporter, "Where to Get Help with Abuse" with Marta Pelae'z, Family Violence Prevention Services, "Innovative Ways to Sell Your Knowledge, Have Fun and Make Money in the Process" with her personal eCommerce Platform Digital Expert, Kajabi and "How to Publish a Book" with her personal Publisher, BookFuel Senior Sales Manager, Trent Herrera.

Hi Ya Future Guest Sponsor!

Here's the short version of this proposal...I’m currently looking to boost the amount of content I distribute to my audience and was wondering if you’d like to be an ongoing sponsor and join me as a guest on one of my upcoming TV Series Episodes? Check out the show-Click Here [IT’S OK TO TELL MY STORY with GWENDOLEN]

I know that you currently have an audience of entrepreneurs, authors and individuals affected by abuse such as domestic violence and I think you would be a good fit for my own audience.

It seems like we have similar interests that would mutually benefit both our audiences. I’m planning on having weekly guests come into my studio LIVE or via SKYPE to interview them so they can share information about their business, how they overcame obstacles, positively impact the community and share their thoughts on how to bridge the gap between abuse and business to STOP ABUSE!

The episodes are centered around abuse, entrepreneurship and community engagement. I was hoping you could join me for the episodes on self-management, business, or writing. Or if you have a related topic you’d like to share with my audience, I’m open to suggestions.

It would also be a great way to expand your reach and get in front of a new group of people! My 1st Episode which was on eCommerce Knowledge, Becoming an Author and Reporting on Abuse received 29K+ Views as of today [people are watching this new series].

Please review this proposal and take action to let me know if you’re interested.


Gwendolen Wilder

Published Author, Certified Business Strategist & Consultant

CHECK OUT THE SERIES [Click image below]...

About the TV Series

This series is based upon Gwendolen's first fictional novel, "It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence" and her actionable concept, "BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ABUSE AND BUSINESS!"


The series is based upon Gwendolen's first fictional novel, "It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence [click here to learn more]" which discusses the relationship between childhood abandonment, domestic violence, sexual assault and workplace violence. It's not a male bashing book in any manner and neither is the show. Instead, it's a resource tool to help all parties such as  individuals and businesses understand domestic violence and how to use awareness, prevention and intervention strategies to STOP ABUSE!

The TV Series takes the book concept further by encouraging the use of community engagement and entrepreneurship by allowing guests to, 'Tell Their Story' of how abuse and entrepreneurship has impacted their lives and community; how they overcame the struggle and are helping others. Gwendolen brings in businesses that support awareness, prevention and intervention, and individuals that are surviving abuse using entrepreneurship.

But, the show is not all about abuse...Gwendolen brings in spice, and what she calls, "Sexy Professional" to help provide much needed business strategies and resources to help struggling entrepreneurs/authors...she's all about giving as much value as possible...just go watch Episode #1.


This TV Series will be LIVESTREAMED via Instagram [Gwendolen Wilder] and Facebook Fan Page [Gwendolen Wilder Author] where Gwendolen motivates, inspires and supports her 34K+ Amazing Followers.

The Series is produced by Livestream Media Network which was established in 2017 with the help of social media platforms like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Livestream, and many more. This Kickass Team of Media Experts strives to be the best and combined have over 44+ years of expertise in Professional Live Stream, Live Broadcasting, Video Production, Commercial Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Website Design and more.

Having gained much success, the founder, Adam Ortiz, created a system which allows his Team to act and operate like a Television Network on Social Media Platforms. Beyond that, Livestream Media Network offers Website Features, Graphic Design, Multi-Media, Livestream Campaigns, Tailored Project Specifications and more.

This dynamic Team of Media Experts are able to livestream directly from my Facebook Pages and make it look as professional as what you see on CNN or Saturday Night Live. They insert graphic overlays like lowerthirds, logos, animations and more.

And, they utilize video commercials, and graphic ads to help the series create revenues for future episode productions.

This Kickass Media Production Team will be able to make not only Gwendolen's brand name into an EMPIRE...they will provide the tools that give your TV commercials that professional look and feel as if appearing on a TV Network.


International Male and Female entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-60, Organizations who mission is to aid in the awareness, prevention and intervention of stopping all forms of abuse, key corporate decision makers, organization subject matter experts, managers at all levels, employees at all levels,  and By standers, perpetrators victims and survivors of abuse.


The series covers both personal and professional matters ranging from how to talk with your children, loved ones, and life partner about abuse to how to create more efficient communication strategies and crystal-clear management programs to positively affect corporate behaviors in business. Not to mention the tons of actions plans, warning signs, etc.

And since the show is not just about abuse, but how entrepreneurship can be the key to escaping abuse the show highlights business entrepreneur strategies for building businesses, scaling their businesses and more such as..

  • Promote self-management awareness
  • Promote abuse awareness, prevention and intervention
  • Promote entrepreneurship and networking strategies
  • Promote writing and building a business based on a book
  • Promote joint venture relationships using community engagement


Provide insights, inspiration, and clear, actionable blueprints for viewers...

  • Highlight individuals and industry leaders that are living Gwendolen's passionate mission of ending abuse using awareness, entrepreneurship and community engagement.
  • Opportunity for local and international entrepreneurs to share their business mission, offers and how they support awareness to STOP ABUSE.
  • A supportive avenue for entrepreneurs of abuse to learn how to become self-confident, self-aware and financially independent,
  • Unique space for Key Decision Makers to learn how to Turn Domestic Violence into an Opportunity by developing positive corporate behaviors
  • Chance for entrepreneurs, writers, corporate and survivors to uncover the value of how increased community interactions will support positive relationships.
  • Immerses viewers weekly with mind, body and soul fulfillment conversations between Gwendolen and leading thinkers, industry go-getters, physical fitness gurus, authors, and spiritual advisors who provide insight on thought provoking initiatives.
  • Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success by telling their stories of how they, "BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ABUSE AND BUSINESS!

Benefits to Becoming a Sponsor

You get to feel good by doing good, help spread awareness about abuse and advertise your business...it's a win-win!

Whether you're a large corporation or a brand new small business owner...you want to impact the world otherwise you wouldn't have started a business...

Or maybe you're an existing business owner looking to become your city's leading influencer by showcasing your last creation...

Or perhaps you want to find a way to give value on a grander scale using local, national and international media (i.e. Livestreams)

Or possibly you are looking for opportunities for wilder collaborations with serious like-minded industry go-getters so you can team up for larger ventures...

...This Series is the Platform to Make that Happen!

IT'S OK TO TELL MY STORY with GWENDOLEN is a unique family which consists of Gwendolen and her Kickass Team of experts [Virtual Assistant, Media Consultant, Publisher, Website Host and support staff].

This dedicated Team of industry professionals will work closely with your company to help your entire Team understand the  target audience that comes from watching your commercials from during weekly episodes. Using the outcomes from our detailed company analysis, we will put together a plan for the most effective marketing strategy to ensure your commercials receive the best results for viewing which generates increased leads.

Oh and let me rest your mind on something; your business doesn't have to be in Texas. This amazing Media Production Team will create high quality commercials for you, create Kickass commercials from LIVE interviews with me and can even take your existing videos and create amazing commercials for you...WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Here's a Few Ways Being a Sponsor Works to Your Benefit:

  • Access to my faithful Wilder Tribe inside my 2 Members club + Academy + Email list (2K Plus)
  • 30 Min Guest Speak During Upcoming Wilder Mastermind
  • Virtual Assistant coordination and social media strategy
  • Media Producer advertising marketing strategy
  • Logo + Brand Placement
  • Flyers, Graphic Ads, Online Banner Design, Brand Identity Packs (not all included)
  • Website Landing Page Customization
  • Company Video Reel Series 
  • Online or In Studio Production
  • Affiliate Sponsor License
  • Commercial Concept & Format
  • Segment Air & Share Rights
  • and more!

But, It Gets Better

In Gwendolen's upcoming book [3rd Book-Non-Fiction], Kickass LEADS, Leading Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success, Gwendolen is adding a “Resources I Recommend” section included in the back of her book (due to release 2019). Her forward will be written by her personal business coach; a multi-millionaire that has worked with Gwendolen from the conception of her book to the birth of the series. This non-fiction entrepreneur based book will be in the hands of many new business professionals, key decision makers and community leaders...You want to be featured inside!

AND....Gwendolen keeps adding to the sponsor experience to help you and your clients. She will provide you with a workshop on powerful, purposeful communication in day-to-day and business life; a motivational, inspirational, practical self-help event which covers various topics such as ways to become a better leader, how to create profitable joint ventures and more ...great info to help you rise to the next level in your industry.

Available for those top sponsors, on a limited number of pages within the book; Gwendolen continues to support companies such as yours by allowing the opportunity to utilize a full page in the book to expound upon an advertise their business. She is limiting one page per industry niche. Our Team will offer increased exposure that results from our upcoming media and publicity campaign; depending upon which package you select. 

As the exclusive advertiser in your category, you will gain the benefit of differentiating your business while leveraging our third-party referral as a means of attracting new business. I cannot think of a more targeted, more affordable, more widespread approach to promoting your business. 

And, Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better...

When you become a Sponsor; regardless of Sponsor Level..I will donate 5 books in your name to a domestic violence shelter in your local area or you can do it yourself.

Now tell me how that WON'T help your business...I'm just saying?!

You get to feel good by doing good, help spread awareness about abuse and advertise your business...it's a win-win!!

CHECK OUT THE SERIES [Click image below]...

Meet Your Host

Gwendolen Wilder is a published author, certified business strategist and consultant who helps entrepreneurs, authors, and corporate key decision makers to attain destined success and develop positive corporate behaviors. 

Gwendolen is committed to ensuring that the show is in line with basic dignity, human rights and EEOC guidelines. She strives to migrate audiences from other series to become her viewer using industry experts, local guest knowledge, innovation, creativity and sheer enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Her clients generally kickass past their industry competitors with more in-depth knowledge and foundations to counteract obstacles faster.


Gwendolen's philosophy is founded upon building strong community relationships using her signature W.I.L.D.E.R. 6 Point Success Strategy™ which focuses on Value and Volunteering.  

Using this process, Gwendolen's been able to be featured in local, national and international media, and recognized as an international influencer by international Multi-Millionaire business owners and local city officials.

She was named one of San Antonio's Top Female Influencers, Small Business Administration Innovate HER 2017 Challenge Top 5 Finalist, Family Violence Prevention Services (FVPS) Program Ambassador, FVPS Survivor Speakers bureau Chair, Texas Senator Blue Ribbon Task Force Child Abuse Mentor, National Workplace Bullying Coalition Speaker and Co-author, Syracuse University Business Mentor, Domestic Violence Survivor Key Note Speaker with San Antonio Mayor, San Antonio District Attorney Candidate Forum Speaker, Heart Fire Media Badass of the Week, IT GIRL Founder featured Business Mastery Member and Female Entrepreneur Association Featured Spotlight Member for shared networking strategies.

Curious about how Gwendolen went from “abuse survivor” to becoming a Kickass Author, Entrepreneur and Influencer with key decision makers as her besties, mentors, and clients?





The Battered Women and Children's Shelter along with Mayor Ron Nirenberg and author Gwendolen Wilder were at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio for a luncheon celebrating strength and resiliency of women and mothers.


Watch this video with KSAT 12 as Gwendolen demonstrates how she partners with Family Violence Prevention Services to conduct her Domestic Violence Training for Key Corporate Decision Makers and Employees; in the hopes of saving lives and creating community change.

NBWC Guest Speaker

Gwendolen is a Co-Author for and was a spotlight speaker with the National Workplace Bullying Coalition amazing annual conference. She discussed the connection between virtual workplaces, workplace bullying and domestic violence. Watch the replay and order thier book, "Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying" [CLICK HERE]


Besides the fact that the series and YOUR commercials will be professionally managed and produced by my Virtual Assistant and Media Production Experts [Click images to learn more about my Kickass Team]...

Yes, you're going to receive promotion, commercials, additional advertisement and super cool bonuses from Gwendolen...

But it all starts from the inner passion of being able to give the most value and positive impact in this world...we have to tell our story.

Livestreaming is a major financial source for business owners as more and more entrepreneurs are learning Facebook videos is a massive marketing tool.

When you become one of my sponsors, our Team will help you to build upon and strengthen your professional brand using visibility strategies; which is one of the foundations I teach as a Certified Business Strategist. Regardless if you're a small business or corporate owner; everyone can use a little boost.

Partnering with our Team will

  • Serve the best interest of our show, guests and viewers
  • Serve your business interest as our sponsor
  • Have a positive impact upon your direct target audience
  • And benefit both of our ideal clients

Think About This for a Minute...

If Episode #1 received 29, 076 and Episode #2 received 300+ views within the first hour...what do you think that will do for your brand awareness?

We will properly position your brand for success in all of your video and printed materials pertaining to the show and on Gwendolen's coaching business website.

You will have all rights afforded to your business to utilize the videos and materials as you see fit to promote your business even further in other venues.

Here are a Few More Benefits...

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Highlighting our new brand to your market
  • Spotlighting your community engagement
  • Generating fresh new leads
  • Establishing new joint venture collaboration leads
  • Introduce new products, programs or services
  • Keep general public aware of trending news from your business to improve visibility
  • Fresh way to spice up attendance for upcoming offers, events, etc.

CHECK OUT THE SERIES [Click image below]...

Got Some Questions?

If you still require any clarification and would like to discuss this proposal in more detail; simply submit the "TV Series Discovery Session" button below.

After you submit the questions, our staff will coordinate an appointment to discuss your questions, Become a Kickass Sponsor!

Schedule TV Discovery Session


Become a Sponsor TODAY!! Get the branding, visibility and strategies to become an influencer in your industry, leverage media (and joint venture with key leaders)

Pricing Options

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$197 One-Time Payment

  • 30 Min Live Interview
  • 1 Week Advert Marketing
  • 2 Members Club
  • 1 Private Online Community
  • 1 Autographed Book
  • 1 Music Collection
  • Guest Speak in Wilder Mastermind




$497 One-Time Payment

  • 120 Min Live Interview
  • 1 Week Advert Marketing
  • 2 Members Club
  • 1 Private Online Community
  • 1 Autographed Book
  • 1 Paragraph Referral in my upcoming book
  • 1 Music Collection
  • Guest Speak in Mastermind




$297 One-Time Payment

  • 60 Min Live Interview
  • 1 Week Advert Marketing
  • 2 Members Club
  • 1 Private Online Community
  • 1 Autographed Book
  • 1 Music Collection
  • Guest Speak in Mastermind

Financial Terms & Agreements

As soon as you commit to becoming a sponsor by purchasing a sponsor package; we will begin to promote you as one of our amazing partnering sponsors; we'll immediately start advertising and pushing your name out to your audience (yeah, we're serious like that...lol). We'll create your very own landing page where we can promote your business, value and sponsorship so we can direct people back to your website.

Payment Terms

Gwendolen works directly with Livestream Media Network and cannot risk any broadcasting incidents. Therefore, we ask for 100% payment in advance or as arranged by the host.

Please note, if you are on a flex-payment, no promotion will begin until final payment has been made.

After you select your package, you will be contacted by Livestream Media Network to facilitate the actual contract signing process on behalf of Ms. Gwendolen Wilder.

All rights reserved by Gwendolen Wilder and Livestream Media Network

Investment Interest

If you are serious about utilizing one of the available sponsorship packages; we are super stoked and ready to have you on our Team! You will see an immediate Return On Investment! Simply select a package and click purchase below.

This proposal is not etched in stone and is a living proposal as the series continues to grow and meets the needs of its' viewers. We welcome, inputs and considerations (just email us).


Still Have Questions?

If you still require any clarification and would like to discuss this proposal in more detail; simply submit the "TV Series Discovery Session" button below.

After you submit the questions, our staff will coordinate an appointment to discuss your questions.

Please allow up to 5 business days for the review, assessment and follow-up before we book your appointment.

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Get the branding, visibility and strategies to become an influencer in your industry, leverage media (and joint venture with key leaders)

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I'm happy to answer any questions you might have; just click below to book a FREE consultation so we can chat...

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