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Everything you need to live a well-balanced life to positively affect your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual self.

Fiction & Non-Fiction Books

Discover fiction novels which demonstrates the relationship between childhood abandonment, workplace violence, sexual assault and the struggles against domestic violence.

Up level your knowledge with Non-Fiction books full of definitions, resources and exercises, used to help writers to become Kickass Authors, guide victims to transform into survivors to break the domestic violence abuse cycle and support businesses to develop positive corporate behaviors.

Kickass Business Survivors, The Art of Colorfully Surviving Entrepreneurship!

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This booklet gives you real-actionable strategies on how to Build a Business Based on Passion. I don't hold back! I give you the exact steps I used for business growth, marketing, hiring, outsourcing, increasing profits, optimization, my client successes as well as my own.

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Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journals are an excellent way to improve Health & Wellness, mindfulness, gratitude practices, goal achievement, relaxation practices & it has original inspirational messages.

I offer basic self-awareness and abuse gratitude journals.

Cultivate higher level performance emotions by focusing on the four total aspects of self-awareness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

Business Success Journal

This assistant is for the busy professional embarking on a journey to start, manage & grow a successful business. These tools inspire & encourage lasting Business & Self Management which results in a more positive work-life balances.

There's great space to take notes, but also invaluable information on mission statements, networking pitches, goal setting, business basics, time management, work life balance, how to talk to clients & more.


Music Collection

If you loved the Book Trailer music for my 1st book, “It’s OK to Tell My Story” or the Soundtrack for my main website...you’ll love the musical collection of DJ Zaddy, my official Musical Producer.

"Love Yourself" with out of the box high energy jams using fast paced dance beats & lyrics...great for inspiration, working out, being focused and getting your mind right for whatever task is at hand.

"Mindful Meditations" are calming songs inspire gratitude, blessings & are great for meditation, relaxation, inspiration or just chilling on the patio, by a fire pit with a nice glass of vino.



Check out my NEWEST FEATURED BLUEPRINT, Special Offers and Find out how you can work with me further to dive deeper into this subject.

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  • Do you ever feel as if you are just existing and you can't find what makes you happy?
  • Not sure how to boost yourself out of that funk...not even sure why you're in the funk?
  • Tired of not feeling good enough, berated and having unhealthy arguments?
  • Have you thought about writing a book, but not sure how to get started?
  • Got an awesome idea for a business, but not sure where to begin?

I've created FREE Kickass Challenges & Masterclasses to help you out!

I have a series of challenges ranging from 5-28 Days; you select which one works best for you. Each challenge comes with what you see here and more to help you stay focused and motivated to achieve the success you crave!:

  • Private Facebook Group with Facebook Lives to encourage and answer questions
  • Video's to support you along the way
  • Kickass Goals with proven strategies for success
  • Guest Expert pop-ins (7 & 28 Day Challenges)
  • Chance to win a 1 month FREE Membership, other goodies
  • and more



These are short, but powerful experiences to learn my actual strategies I use in my personal and professional brands; most are accompanied with workbooks, books, etc.. My Masterclass experiences range from $0-14. I specifically designed my business pricing model that way to afford everyone the opportunity to Attain Wilder Success. All of the Masterclasses are group coaching programs created to help entrepreneurs learn to Attain Wilder Success.

LET'S WORK TOGETHER-BUT ON YOUR TIME! Check out these Masterclasses to find out how every step of the way you will be supported by myself and my amazing team of industry experts as you use the most immersive group learning experience possible online.



These are 2-12 Week group experiences focused on Business, Writing, Self-Awareness and Abuse. The courses are on a module release system and you control the process. I give you information and you decided when you want to use it.

If you have been thinking of starting a business, trying to figure out how to grow a business or what tools you need to manage a business...the Mastery Group Coaching Program is for you!

If you are trying to figure out how to get started writing that book, balance your work and your life without going crazy, want to learn how to deal with stress, anxiety and find happiness...the Mastery Group Coaching Program is for you!


Mastercourse Collection

1:1 Private Coaching services based on Business management, Writing, Self-Awareness, and Abuse. These are 2-12 Week Experiences where I help my clients based upon my signature 4 Point Foundational Framework:

  • "Success Begins with ME", this guided blueprint is used in all frameworks, regardless of whether you're a business mover and shaker, entrepreneurs, writer, survivor, etc. I help you to understand that all positive changes must begin with you. It forces you to take accountability for your actions and processes so you will attain Wilder Success.
  • It's OK To Tell My Story", with this guided blueprint, I help entrepreneurs understand how to gain independence, self-confidence and self-awareness by learning to craft their story to make it profitable and valuable opportunity for them, their family and community. It empowers entrepreneurs to transform into Kickass Business Survivors by sharing their truths, perceptions and ability to regain control of their lives by properly positioning their vulnerability.
  • "Build a Business Based on Passion", with this guided blueprint, I teach entrepreneurs how to build a business based on what they enjoy. Entrepreneurs can experience unbelievable amounts of freedom and wilder prosperity in their finances and personal lives- finally achieve that illusive work life balance. It allows you to work doing what you enjoy, give amazing value and in turn; it will lead to increased happiness and fulfillment.
  • "Turn Domestic Violence into an Opportunity", with this guided blueprint, I help not only individuals, but Key Decision Makers develop Positive Corporate Behaviors by using awareness, prevention and intervention strategies. It ensures ownership and increased community action.

Members Club

It's a Freak-n Awesome online "Family" of international entrepreneurs of all races, genders, religions, experiences, and industries i.e. Authors, Consultants, Chefs, Physical Fitness, Photographers, Builders, Event Management, etc.

The goal is simple...Lead Entrepreneurs to Attain Destined Success!

In this online forum, I bridge the gap between abuse and business. I help entrepreneurs suffering from abuse to transform into Kickass Survivors by developing financial independence, self-worth, self-confidence & business acumen.

I also mentor existing business professionals not affected by abuse with starting, running & growing successful businesses while developing positive corporate behaviors.

As well as guide new writers along the journey of becoming a successful author and how to build a business based upon a book.

You learn topics ranging from Business Sales, Personal Branding, Soft Skills, Social Media and Networking, to Corporate Behaviors, Domestic Violence, Becoming an Author, Stress, Happiness, Personal Productivity, Work Life Balance, Goal Setting and more.


Wilder Swag

Coming Soon...the Wilder Luxury Collection that every lady and gentlemen will want to sport around town. T-Shirts, Accessories & other cool gear to let the world know you are a Kickass Sexy Survivor, Badass Boss Entrepreneur and advocate against abuse!

“Domestic Violence is an issue that is at the core of our community. As a domestic violence advocate in San Antonio, Texas, it is important to me to help raise awareness about domestic violence and help support programs that are in place who serve victims of abuse.
I have read many articles and cases about domestic violence and have attended countless trainings. However, after reading " It's Ok To Tell My Story," I was able to live vicariously through the eyes of a true survivor who shared all her accounts of abuse. I cried, I laughed, and then I was angry.  Once I completed the book, I  felt a sense of calmness knowing that she made it out alive and is spending her time " telling her story" and combating domestic violence with the rest of the community. The piece of the book that I most enjoyed was learning about the helpful tips a bystander, friend or family member can help with if a loved one is experiencing abuse in their life.
It is very important that we stop the silence to help others break away from the cycle of violence. I think " It's Ok To Tell My Story" is a beautiful personal testimonial that will give others the motivation and courage to reach out and tell their story too.”
— Linda Marie Canizales, Director of External Affairs & Volunteer Relations, Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.

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